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Systemic does not kill Spider Mites

Portage, WI(Zone 5a)

Just learned this. Guess I assumed it killed everything including children and pets. I kinda hate using Systemic anyways but I do have a few plants with Scale. Rubbing alcohol just isn't enough against Scale it seems. I have been using Safer Insect Soap for Spider Mites and it does a good job. Need a little more control though. Just ordered some Azamax. Sounds good. I have been using rubbing alcohol for Mealybugs. Perhaps Azamax will help with all of these critters. I will let you know after I use it for awhile. Anyone here with any experience?

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Danville, IN

I've had great results using Bayer's systemic containing Imidacloprid. No spider mites, whitefly, scale, etc.
You can get it at most big box stores.

Portage, WI(Zone 5a)

Ok, good. My new fav. spray will be Azamax which I just got today. If it is 1/2 as good as it sounds on paper, it will be wonderful. "Can be applied at day of harvest." Every insect I ever heard of is listed in the control section.

Helena, MT

I have had some problems with spider mites in my grape, raspberry and gooseberry plants. I don't like using chemical spays even though I tried it on the gooseberry bushes with no success. When the problem spread to my other berry bushes I used high pressure spray from my garden hose and carefully sprayed each of the rows of bushes last season and that took care of the problems. I repeated the process several times early in the spring and in the fall I did some serious trimming and thinning as well.

Portage, WI(Zone 5a)

Azamax might be the answer. Certified organic, can be used up to day of harvest.

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