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Please help identify

Pordenone, Italy

Found in my kitchen several days after my one year old was found smashing a spider with my 3 year old daughter laughing. I walked up to find long legs and no body on the scene after asking my daughter what happened and she replies brother ate the spider!!! It got me sick to my stomach.....Today while cookin breakfast as I opened the freezer I found a big spider that matched the spider legs I had found several days after my sons run in with big unknown spider. Please help me identify this spider I'm hoping it is not a recluse!!!!

Thumbnail by Dburns
Madison, WI

Looks like a brown recluse!! Harmless if eaten, but leaves a really, REALLY nasty bite!! Note the "fiddle" pattern on its back. That's a sure identifier.

Pordenone, Italy

Not what I wanted to hear!!! What should I do spray EVERYWHERE around the house or buy traps and place EVERYWHERE?!?!

Minot, ND

This is not, repeat NOT a recluse spider of any kind. This male spider is either a wolf or a grass spider, both of which are not dangerous to humans.

Palm Coast, FL(Zone 9a)

I agree with Flapdoodle -- this is a Wolf Spider. I have quite a few of them around my home here. They can get quite large (comparatively speaking). When they find a way into my house, they tend to hang out in my kitchen and bathrooms. We just scoop them up in a cup or jar and relocate them outside in the garden :). We don't handle them with bare hands as they can and do bite, it's painful, but not all that harmful.

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