New Guinea Bean (gourd)

Sydney, Australia

Hi everyone, I got a big shock to find this New Guinea Bean growing after I had given up on it months ago. I have no experience with it at all, any clues as to how to treat it ?The white flowers are really pretty and fragrant too.Lagenaria siceraria id the correct name. It has grown about a yard almost overnight.

Treat it like a Chayote ? (chocko vine)
I see we treat it like a zucchini except we peel it ...or let it grow to maturity to uses it as a gourd.

Recipes and experiences gratefully accepted please. ^_^


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Irving, TX(Zone 8a)

That is so beautiful. I never heard of this bean ..
Do you have a picture of the fruit?

Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

This gourd has many names depending on location. Most of us know it as Cucuzzi or Italian edible gourd. It is a variety of bottle gourd. Italian edible gourd, gourd cucuzzi, Indian squash, bottle gourd, calabash gourd, doodhi, lowki. Another name is Tasmanian bean. More photos here. They are used like zucchini (C. pepo) when 6-8 inches as craft gourds when full grown. This type of gourd is most popular in India, but widely used throughout south east Asia. Here are some Indian recipes.

Sydney, Australia

Thankyou Farmerdill ! ^_^

Much appreciated !


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