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Cut Flower Vases

June Park, FL

Hi All, I hope you all are doing well. I had a question that I would like to get some feedback on before I proceed on a project to much further. Over the years whenever I buy my wife flowers, especially roses, I find that they seem to die pretty quickly and that the water in the vase gets pretty rancid. I know you are supposed to chnge the water often, but we rarely do.

Being that I am an inventor at heart, I decided to try to solve my problem. I have come up with a vase that filters the water through a media that prevents microbial growth and therefore the water stays clear throughout the life of the flowers. THe flowers also live longer. In tests that I have run, roses live up to 2-3 days longer.

The question I have is does anyone think that this is a marketable product. Would you be willing to purchase a vase like this? How much would you pay? Also, at this point it is plugged into an AC adapter. If you would consider buying a product like this, would it have to be battery operated?

I appreciate any feedback that anyone can give.


Grantville, GA

Sorry Craig, I would change the water...

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