Just added a Bird birdhouse to my yard

Edinburg, TX

Saw this $6.00 resin bird decoration at one of the dollar stores so I bought it and drilled a hole in it for a bird to hopefully make use of it. Also added a wooden peg perch and hanging hook - although I ended up glueing it to the top of one of a fence post.

Will say drilling the opening took some time and elbow grease...and it stunk really bad while the hole drill bit I used cut through the resin. Have no idea what chemicals China uses in their resin but UGH!!! It was a n-a-a-a-a-a-sty stench!!! The bad odor went away once I was done.

I thought of painting the bird a different color - like a mocking bird or cardinal since we don't get blue jays here but left it as is. I've bought another one and am hoping to paint it like a Green Jay or perhaps a Great Kiskadee as those birds are both abundant!

Am thinking I'll take a drive to a nearby ceramic shop soon to see what I can find that would be suitable for a bird house. Figured I can have the greenware fired and just paint the bisque to my liking. Could go the whole nine yards (where did that phrase come from?) and paint the greenware and glaze it but painting on bisque is more versatile. Just need to find a good sealant that will withstand the elements. It doesn't rain here much...but the sun does beat down on us unmercifully most of the year.

PLEEEEEEASE post photos of birdhouse you've made from decorations. I'd love to see something new I can make!!!

~ Cat

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