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ID please

springfield area, MO(Zone 5b)

I have this NOID in my garden collection and I have had several people tell me it is Cleo.
However the AHS says Cleo is orange with an eye. Obviously incorrect. So that only leaves Miss Jessie?
Does anyone Know what it is? I suspect it is an older varriety and I have had it myself for 7 or 8 years. It gets rather tall, has thin scapes and blooms alot, but does not rebloom. I think it is fragrant, but I can't remember right off.

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Concord, NC

My sons 'Cleo' looks 100% identical to you photo, with the nice tall scapes and faint midribs. He recieved his from Robin Calderon at Earlybird Daylilies in Kansas which is not far from your regional area where I understand quite alot of Cleo plants have been blooming for many decades especially Kansas. I believe the AHS registration to be an error as Miss Jessie is more purply lavender, more of a Early bloomer and is supposed to have stockier shorter scapes although still fairly tall at 42". my son's Cleo was 48" the first year it bloomed and second year a couples scapes tended to lean over as yours appear too. I think you agree with me that your pic is Cleo too as you have a neat Cleo font on your pic in the lower right corner :-) Cleo is Awesome! Also, Cleo does have a faint fragrance which is stronger in the evenings for some reason.

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springfield area, MO(Zone 5b)

Cleo (Hayward, 1938)
height 48", season MLa, Evergreen, Diploid, ORL2-S-P: Orange red light polychrome with spot or eyezone.

I don't consider it to be anywhere even faintly orange by any stretch of the imagination, and there is no eye? It has color on the petals, but not really an eye? Maybe some darker shading of the same color toward the throat side of the petals, but is it enough to say it's an eye, I guess in 1938 it was a splendid eye for that time?

I'm not sure if mine in EV or not, but I do not think that is a factor to use when IDing, because I have noticed that many EV go dormant for me. Your photo looks like mine.
So how is Miss Jessie different?

Concord, NC

yeah i know I saw that ahs description too, check out what i typed on the Cleo plantfiles page a few weeks back, i was wondering if that is an error as like you state, their is no orange on either of our Cleo plants and i pointed out the supposed similarities and disimilarities to Miss Jessie, too me photos of Miss Jessie appear more purply than pink like ours and again Miss Jessie is only supposed to get 42'' and be an EM bloomer not a Mid bloomer, but then again maybe its the sun intensity making it look more purple and it is the same color. im beginning to wonder how many Cleo plants are Miss Jessie's or sold as such and vice versus and if the Ahs registration as orange is correct or incorrect. no one may ever know except Hayward. Im content with the plants Robin sold to my son from Mr. Reinke as Cleo though :-)

Melvindale, MI(Zone 5a)

Could be Miss Jessie. Cleo and Miss Jessie often get mistaken a lot. There was a discussion on here last year about these two plants constantly being misidentified. Here is what I thought was Cleo and was told it is Miss Jessie.

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Melvindale, MI(Zone 5a)

Miss Jessie

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Concord, NC

heres the links for both Cleo and Miss Jessie for easy reference/ viewing with this thread :-)
'Cleo' 'Miss Jessie'

2 pics of what we have as Cleo in my sons garden 2011

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Melvindale, MI(Zone 5a)

Good comparison. Miss Jessie has more lavender tones and Cleo has more red tones.

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