CLOSED: What kind of spider is this?

Yucaipa, CA(Zone 10a)

This is a photo of a spider, golden brown in color, that I found attached to a web hanging from a tree. If I hadn't seen it with a flashlight, I would have walked into it. I was about 2 feet away when I took this photo. Any help will be appreciated!! Thank you!!

Thumbnail by Fleur_2011
Minot, ND

Harmless orb weaver; maybe a Neoscona sp. -

Arroyo Grande, CA(Zone 9a)

Wow, that's a scary looking hairy spider! Do you have tarantulas where you are? We think we spotted one running across the road yesterday. It might have been something else as it was moving kinda fast for a tarantula but it was black, could have been a rodent of some kind.

Yucaipa, CA(Zone 10a)

Hey there Flapdoodle! ~~ Many thanks for the identification on this spider! I appreciate it much. I clicked onto the link that you supplied and lo & behold ~ it's the same spider that I posted the picture of. Now I can go back onto my photo and put the correct name. The link shows the name of "Neoscona Crucifera" as the official name.

@ Domehomedee ~~ No, this wasn't a Tarantula, although I have seen tarantulas more up in the mountains than down in a city location. Tarantulas are much bigger than this spider is. He just looks big because I was close to him when I took the picture. When I posted it to my Facebook page, my daughter asked me why I didn't "smash" it b/4 I took the picture. She doesn't like bugs or insects of any kind!

Thanks again Flapdoodle!! :)

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