Dendrosicyos socotrana

Decatur, GA

I have only gotten a few new plants in the last year or so trying to be more reasonable in the numbers and to better keep up with the care of my collection of plants. I have lost a number of specimens during this time so in fact have reduced my plant numbers. So.. all that to say I came across this plant and decided to get it! Its been on my 'want' list for a long time but they were aways too pricey ($75ish) for me. But this little one was a price I could handle.
Anyone here familiar with it culture? I have read a bit and it seems it likes water when its growing... plenty of sun... warmth. So I have the basics but I would like to hear from someone who may have kept one.
If nothing else wish me luck. It is a small plant and I would consider it vulnerable.

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Baja California, Mexico(Zone 11)

I have no experience with the plant but have admired it from a distance. They are supposed to be pretty fast when young. The Pachyforms book says they can grow to 2 feet tall in 2 years. The high price on the market probably more reflects shortage of seed rather than difficulty of cultivation, at least once you've found their sweet spot (which it sounds like you've sorted out pretty well). Good luck! Your plant looks like it's doing great.

Decatur, GA

Thanks Baja for your comments.

Sun Lakes, AZ(Zone 9b)

I've never heard of it before but I do wish you luck with it. Let us know how it goes.

Decatur, GA

It succumbed. Just lost on leaf at a time and then sort of dried out. The roots just didn't grow. Possibly the s/h was too deep to keep the roots continually able to get water. I think possible the clay balls I get from a local hydroponics store are too big and don't allow as much of the capillary action the type supplied at this site:
The shipping was prohibitive so I stopped getting from this site.
This is just a guess.
Some plants just don't make it.

Sun Lakes, AZ(Zone 9b)

I don't think it was the S-H. It sounds from reading on Bihrmann site it should do fine in it. Sorry you lost the plant Helen. The mysteries of life!

Baja California, Mexico(Zone 11)

I did some more reading and the recipe for success in conventional media seems to be a mix of mostly pumice, regular water (every 2-3 days in summer), strong light, an ample pot, and intermittent fertilizer. It could be that you have to water the clay balls from above every so often this time of year, even though they're supposed to wick moisture up. I think this is one of those plants that tolerates extreme drought as an adult but craves moisture as a seedling.

Decatur, GA

I think thats a reasonable speculation Baja.

la chaize le vicomte, France


Just sharing with you my short experience with Dendrosicyos cultivation: This one, even there is remarkable specimens in USA, is not so easy to grow!
I I have lost several plants in the past,both during dormancy and in growth.Now, i get 2 seedlings which I am growing in pure pumice.They seem to be rooted with some leaves, but no vigor signs in their growth...Even i feeding them 2 times per month.
It is good to watering them one time per month during winter for a better growth the next spring.
I am growing a wide range of Cucurbits,but this one is realy a challenge to grow for me...

Decatur, GA

Thanks for your input cana. I don't feel like such lonely looser! ^_^
I hope your newest attempts are successful. Good Luck.

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