Bare patches on lawn

Wollongong, Australia

So my Mum's lawn has patches of bare soil which I'd like to try fix up so I can learn something (I don't know much but am as willing to absorb as a sponge)

I've taken a couple pictures and would like advice on what I should do, as well as what type of grass she has.

It looks like there are 2 types of grass growing in the lawn, possibly couch and kikuyu? I don't know, should I aerate it and spread some seeds, and if so what type of seeds? Would appreciate any help or even a shove in the right direction!

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Clifton Springs, Australia

If you want to cover the bare spaces quickly, stick with the broadleaf grass that's already there.....
Aerate the bare patches and take some pieces of the broadleaf with roots and plant it in those spots...
Fine grasses need preparation and a lot of care...the broadleaf will take over anyway.
Your grass could be Buffalo/ Kikuyu......couch runners are thinner with smaller leaves...

Wollongong, Australia

Oh ok that's convenient, I'll stick with the broadleaf one then.

And thanks for the reply, I wouldn't have thought to simply plant the some of the roots, I don't know how that skipped my mind but it did, cheers

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