What are these 2 plants, please?

Staten Island, NY(Zone 7b)

I took these 2 photos from the same page.
First is the ruffled tall green and pink plant.
Second in the green bulbous plant in the lower part of the picture.
I copied the picture from the Spring 2013 issue of East Weekend Backyard Retreat Magazine.
Thanks for all help! Carol. =^.^=__?

Thumbnail by Sailstheseas Thumbnail by Sailstheseas
Wheaton, IL(Zone 5b)

In the bottom of the picture are the seed heads from poppies. I think the tall plant is some variety of a corn plant.

(Zone 7a)

#1 is maybe Zea mays, an ornamental corn.

I can't see #2 well enough to get an ID.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

The plant with the dark leaf / yellow flower is Dahlia, the tall one looks like ornamental Mullet /grass, both my named plants are in the same pot so don't know IF that's the 2 plants you wanted identified.

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