Taxus Baccata (Yew) seed germination?

Lore City, OH

I have tried to start my yew seeds using the warm/cold stratification method after 24 hour water soak. I used 3 different serilized mediums soil, paper towels, and nonbleached coffee filters to see if one would work better than the other. And made sure (so I thought) they were not overly wet. (I've started other seeds using the moist baggie method such as sequoia) But after about 2 weeks into warm strat most molded. Could i have had bad seeds? And does anyone know a good place to buy them that they have had success with from before? I would buy a plant but can't find anywhere that will sell to someone in the U.S. and I would put some outside and let nature work its ways but now winter is almost over so I would have to wait till the end of the year to even start them. So does anyone know a more effective way to start this seed? All help is appreciated.

Victoria, Australia

Yew, or Taxus baccata, occurs naturally across much of Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Growing to 60 feet in height, it is a medium-sized evergreen tree with a shrubby shape made up of dark-green, needlelike foliage and a summertime display of small red berries. Propagating yew trees from seed is a simple task, but due to the low viability of the seeds and the protracted germination period, it may take several attempts to achieve success.

Combine equal parts compost and coarse sand to create a good rooting mix for the yew seeds. Fill several 10-inch plastic pots with the compost and sand mixture. Make one pot for each yew seed.

Water each pot to a depth of 5 inches using a garden hose. Allow the compost and sand mixture to drain for a few minutes before planting the yew seeds.

Press the yew seeds into the surface of the soil until most of the seed is buried but the top is visible. Sprinkle a light layer of sand across the top of the seed to insulate it while still allowing sunlight to reach it. Replace the sand covering as needed, if it becomes dislodged during watering.

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