veggie seeds

Saginaw, MI

Looking for the following seeds if anyone has any for trade or even postage--please let me know. Hubby and kids are making up veggie garden plans and are looking for the following:

swiss chard
green beans(pole & bush)

Thank you.

Hutto, TX(Zone 8b)


Check at your local dollar stores, discount stores, or grocery stores. Most have packages of seeds for less than a dollar each. You can choose the varieties you want and still spend very little.


Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

Anyone who sent bulbs to Deejay is a friend of mine! No need to send postage.

Which would you like of these? I think I have all left.

RADISH - 'Scarlet Turnip White Tip Radish' - Sweet and juicy heirloom from the 1880's
RADISH - 'Scarlet Tipped White Globe'
RADISH - 'Early Scarlet Globe' - Dependable, early 20-28 days - Self-sows freely - sow spring or fall
RADISH - 'Sparkler White Tip' - 25 day bolts easily - Tastes hot if days go above 80 F
CARROT - 'Danvers Half Long'
CARROT - 'Chantenay'

Bush Bean - 'Pencil Pod Black Wax' 58 days - yellow pod & black seeds
Green Bean - 'Earliserve Bush'


I have little or no beet seed. maybe some old Swiss Chard.

Can I interest you in trying out small samples of Bok Choy, Chinese cabbage, 'Tyfon' Holland greens?
Or very mild mustard greens like Tatsoi or Komatsuna? They really are not mustardy.

All those are good for salad when young, or cooked. greens when older.
Cool season crops: spring or fall, especially fall.
Heirloom leaf broccoli? It's not spicy like broccoli raab.
These are very cold-hardy: leaf broccoli, Tyfon & Tatsoi.

I have a variety of cold-tolerant, short-season tomatoes.
Snap peas or snow peas?

Saginaw, MI

Sending you a d-mail Rick !! THANKS !! ( Sent deejay a small box of tulips/daffodils as a "Thank You" for being willing to give me a chance as a "newbie") Deejay is a wonderful person to trade / chat with !!!

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