Flower Border Re-do

Albertville, MN(Zone 4b)

When I bought my house three years ago it had absolutely no landscaping. I don't understand how someone can live in a house for 8 years with nothing pretty to look at outside, but to each his own I guess. The first summer, I put in a flower border along the front and entire west side of the house. When I originally did this, I cleared out the grass and built it up with black dirt and compost, and then covered the entire area with black plastic poly and brown mulch. For the initial planting, I used mostly hostas mixed with some perennial flowers, but over the last two summers I have been adding a lot more perennials and annuals. I would like a nice full garden, but because of the poly the flowers do not spread much.

Any suggestions for the best setup for a perennial border like this? Should I pull up the poly and ditch the mulch as well, or should I just remove the poly and leave the mulch? I get an above average number of weeds because my house backs up to a protected wetland area that goes to seed in the summer, so I thought the poly would help with this, but I need to change something so that the flowers will fill in and the biennials/annuals will have an easier time reseeding. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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