How was your Day #378 Come on and chat!!

Lyndonville, NY

We came from here:

Little Miss Darla is napping!!

Come on over and tell us about your day. How is the weather in your neck of the woods?

How are the fur babies, they are family too!

All welcome!

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Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Thank you

S and a

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Thank you!

Ty is going stir crazy with the warmer weather. I just didn't feel good on my days off. Had a plate of cooked hamburgers sitting on the cubbard and he didn't touch them. He probably smelled them but that was all. He is so good!

He did get a car ride sunday night when DH picked me up from work.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

lovely the laptop is playing with a geek squad agent
I am out side with the brat
Are we having fun yet???

Sandy and the brat

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Debbie, thanks for the new thread. Darla has been watching Izzy - her tongue is just too cute.

By the time I drove to work the roads were not icy. I swear the customers who are calling us are just nuts. One woman wanted to know where the back issues guy went for a week. another woman couldn't believe only one person does the back issues.

I made a yummy dish last night - potatoes with bacon and cheese. I'm thinking I found it on pinterest. you layer the ingredients in a foil lined slow cooker and cook it on low for 10 hours. I read the reviews and someone made them in the oven. They cooked them covered but I took the foil off. I don't think this is on my low carb food plan. hehe

somewhere, PA

Thanks for the new thread Debbie.

Been a long day. It took two trips to get everything to the convention center. One more day of setup.


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Oh, Tam, you have done so much HARD work with the show. I sure do hope that they appreciate all your efforts!

Debbie, Darla is too cute with that tongue sticking out. Izzy is a good teacher!

Sandy, oh me, having your computer taken over by someone else is scary. Hope that it is fixed by this time. Did Andre wear you out, or did you wear him out? hehe.

Elsie, no, it doesn't sound like that dish would be on any diet, but it does sound really good. Is there any liquid added. I guess in the slow cooker the potatoes would have liquid cook out of them, but in the oven, you would have to have some liquid of some kind. I would try the Philadelphia cooking cream, oh, yummy. Have you tried it? It is in the dairy case. They have all kinds of flavors, but the garlic one is my fav.

Vicki, could it be sinus that is causing the headache? Miserable whatever is causing it. Mr. B would have to move furniture to get up on my counters. I am picturing that in my mind! Like pushing a chair from the table up to the counter. Naw, it would be too much work for him.

Dianne, still no electricity? Darn it woman, you gonna have to pay those workers on time!

Well, took my older DS to the cardiologist this afternoon. She does so many stupid things. She has AFib, and was just in the hospital, where they could monitor the meds, and did a procedure to get her heart back in rhythm. Well she has been feeling weak, and she decided that the meds were the problem so instead of taking it 2 times a day as prescribed, she had cut it back to once a day. It is a med that can cause severe problems if not taken 12 hours apart. Well the Dr fussed at her for that (I didn't know it) and then told her that in all probability that her feeling so weak was caused by a low heart rate, and recommended a pace maker. She said she would think about it and let him know. On the way home she said, I don't think I will do the pace maker. I looked at her (yes, I was driving) and said, so you just want to continue to feel weak and without any energy? Shaking my head here. I did tell her in the presence of the Dr that she needed to let him do the diagnosis and the prescribing meds, and she should not fiddle with anything. She has really lost ground this year. I am afraid that if she doesn't do the pace maker that she will end up needing to be in the nursing home.

Have exercise class in the morning, then going to the grocery and to walmart, and any other errands that I need to do. May get home in time for supper!

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

BonnieB, I hope your DS does some long hard thinking about what she needs to do. The recipe calls for some butter. When I took the foil off - there was about an inch of liquid in the bottom. After it was done the liquid was gone. The best part was that the cheese sort of semi-burned into the corners of the casserole - yummy. I used thick turkey bacon and it didn't get crispy. I think if I made it again I would decrease the time with the foil so it would get browned and crispy.

Tammy, I hope all goes well with the show.

I'm off to dreamland.

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Well my dears it was a very long day. I lay down in my bed for 90 minutes last night 12:30 A - 2A. Even then I did not sleep. I was waiting for Moe when he pulled up at 4:30 for my 5 o'clock pick up. Two bright spots in the day: Mom has her new hearing aids and can hear me clear as a bell over the telephone..........and she is feeling better. Know why? The ALF doctor finally ran a blood panel. Guess what??? She has a UTI!!! No wonder she was out of her mind. They started her on cypro today. The second thing was my first class airplane seat was on a plane that usually flies Internationally. It had individual 20 inch TV's and adjustable seats that fully recline into a bed. I was the only woman in that section and the only person who had not ridden on that type of equipment. My very polite, but definitely standoffish, seatmate answered some of my, "where is" and "how do you" questions. The aging flight attendant stopped by to ask if this was my first time on the 757? I looked him straight in the eye and said, "Why do you ask?" He LOL and asked if there was anything else he could help me with. Since they board me first with the wheelchair I had a chance to snap a few photos with my phone. BTW I was flying on miles. Even had a hot breakfast served on real china with real utensils.

I don't know why they all posted sideways. they are correct in the file.

Tam you and Gary sure did have a long day today, too. So sorry about the turf for your exhibit. I know you will put together something beautiful in spite of that setback. How did you ever find the time to get the tile selections off to the contractor???

Deb sorry Izzy kept you awake last night.

BonnieB I got my pacemaker on 9/9/09. Haven't had a day's trouble with it. Out patient procedure,

My boys and I are overjoyed to be together again. going to bed right now.............


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Lyndonville, NY

Oh Bonnie, what a blessing that doctor showed up! UTI's really do show different with symptoms and such in the elderly.
I am so glad an answer for her. Same with hearing aids, to make life a bit easier.

What a blessing to get those seats. I am always crammed into little seats and no room to move. You really need that
to prevent blood clots and be able to move.

BonnieB, hope you can talk some sense into your DS. It is such a simple procedure these days....and help many so much.

Tam, you have to be exhausted!

Elsie, that casserole sounds very good and easy. I might have a Friday night meal now easy to fix!

Vicki, I hope you are feeling better. Ty is a good boy! That precious Darla is my counter surfer! Makes up for Izzy and all the others.
Came running in with a perogie the other day, has swiped hot dogs and anything she can with cheese!!

She has a bag fttish also!

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Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Good morning everyone.

It will take some time to get use to the improved laptop. I love what he did to FB but I will have to get use to that also(no adds, no junk, no pestie anything.)

BonnieB No neither of us tired the other out. Andre has been good for a few days---I wonder what he is planning

Vickie Andre would have had that in a second.

I need to go figure out all the other changes to the laptop

Sandy and Andre

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

BonnieB Tell your sister to get the pacemaker. It will make her feel a ton better. AND keep her alive. My mother has lived with a pace maker for over 35 years

Sandy and Andre

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning, it is wet here with snow flurries off and on. Went out to get the paper, and guess what, not there. Sure is a different world from just a bit ago. The paper guy would brave any kind of weather to deliver.

Bonnie, so glad that you got nice comfy seat for the trip home. Bet the boys were doing the cha cha in excitement! Glad that the Dr found the UTI and got her on some meds for it, and the hearing aids will make a big difference. Now you know it will be selective hearing when she doesn't understand.

Debbie, Darla is so cute. I think kittens can improvise and make their own toys. Everything is something to explore.

Sandy, hope the laptop stays fixed and that you get it all figured out. Sounds like Andre is plotting something really big, watch him closely.

Off to exercise and then the grocery etc. Back later.

somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

Another scramble this morning. My label maker does not take the size tape we need for the plant labels. It looks like I've found an Office Depot that carries the proper model so we'll pick it up on our way this morning.

Bonnie - so glad they checked your DM for that UTI. That really can reek havoc with the mental facilities! And you sure did need the rest I hope you got on the plane.

BonnieB - echo'in your advice to your DS. & Sandy. Have fun with the exercise.

Debbie - such a darling little girl!

Sandy - good morning

Loretta - I hope you found good dreams in dreamland last night.

Gotta get moving.

Oh - I called in the tile selections from the loading dock at the convention center. That's how I had time. :-)


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

It is so nice to be able to type and the words keep up with me!!!! I have hated trying to type on this laptop!
In fact it keeps up with me so fast that my fingers tie up in knots. LOL

Waving at everyone---off to have fun with the speeding things

Sandy and a tired out Andre

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Back from the grocery, almost in record time. Strange, but guess the early hour makes a big difference.

Back when I get some lunch.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

question????? Can you get a cold while on anti-bionics?????
My throat fills tight.

Sandy who is going to take a nap and Andre who is hiding because of the wind

Lyndonville, NY

Yes, a cold is a virus....not bacterial. I would start gargling with salt water.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

That is what I told mom. I just gargled a large glass of Honey Mead. LOL

Sandy and Andre who tried to steal the mead

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Hello! Been busy! Vacumning and brushing Ty. Trying to get some kind of schedule for getting things done around here. What a mess. Anyway while vacumning I saw what bad shape the handle was in. Will be looking to see if just getting a new handle would be feasible. Should probably let DH look as he will understand it better than me. Looks like some of the parts have been redesigned.

Was also looking at Dyson at Amazon and there were a couple there that were interesting. Everything here is getting so old. We are talking 15-20 on some and older on others. I see plenty of new appliances in the coming years.

Almost time to get ready for work.

somewhere, PA

Heading home from Phila. The exhibit is all done. Whew. It looks great. I will post pics tonight


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Tam sounds great.

I am wondering if my problem with allergies. The pollen count is high, very high.

Sandy and Andre

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Debbie -- Cheryl was asking for names and pics of kitties... I did my best to name all of yours -- though i may have missed on.... it's Kitty & Cocoa #17, I noticed you have not been in that thread yet.

Still here in Bartow. have been doing water aerobics, though we have a cooler front coming... the locals are saying COLD front, the lows will be in the 30';s this weekend and i think upper 50's for sunday.

We set our departure date for next Saturday, the 9th of March.

We may take a run back up to Leesburg to see this one house again. DH has a call to our Tax guy and Attorney to see if he can become a FLA resident and file taxes down here ... and i guess, still be married to me ;-) .... but it's to save the 5% income tax... if so, we may try to buy a house this year.... time will tell. If we can get Alex to come with us and finish school down here [there is an Art Institute in Tampa] ... Jimbo can move in with Mary, and we can get our house on the market..... that is the dream anyways.

somewhere, PA

Here's some shots I took towards the end of the day today.

Have fun Terese!


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Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Love it.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Tammy, looking good. Love the telephone booth. Very British indeed.

Talked to older DS tonight, and she went to her family dr today, and she has a respiratory infection. Oh, great, I hope it is not catching, as I was confined in the car with her yesterday.

Sandy, hoping that you are not coming down with a cold, but if the pollen is high, could be just severe allergies. Tell Andre that mead is alcohol and will make him drunk!

Terese, will you be settling in the Bartow area, or Leesburg(town) to lazy to go back and look? My DS and her DH bought a house in Port Charlotte, and they are taking advantage of several tax breaks. But it is a trade off, property taxes and insurance are higher in Fla than in Ky. So advice from a tax guy and attorney would be helpful.

Elsie, are you relaxing in your recliner, with Chloe on your lap?

Bonnie, how did the first day at home go?

Vicki, sounds like my house, the dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer are all about 19 years old. Installed when we built the house. Looking for all of them to give up the ghost soon. Already replaced the stove.

Here's hoping that I can sleep in tomorrow. Seems that there is something going on every day of the week that requires an early wake up. It depends on the dogs I suppose.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

BonnieB so far the brat has not become drunk. And he has stole alcohol in the past-in fact he was able to open a bottle of Bailey's Cream and drank a good bit before I caught him. And no the brat did not bet drunk. I have not figured out how this dog can open a screw top, he has unscrewed a couple of jars.

Sandy and Andre

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Tammy, it looks like it is all coming together. Did Gary build the phone booth? It all looks great!

Lyndonville, NY

Oh Tam, that is beautiful! So much work, but the "wow" factor is great. You will have a busy weekend and tear-down next week.

BonnieB, how you don't get sick. I take DD to a new doctor tomorrow, he is an Internist, and I sure hope he is good.

Elsie, how did your day go? Did you get rain again?

Vicki, did you get done what you needed before work? You are ready for an entire week off soon.

Bonnie, how are you doing being home? I bet those boys have you pinned down!

Melva, how are you doing? Are your roses starting to sprout or still too cold?

Terese, I bet you will be glad to get back on the road and head towards home soon.

I had no idea Sandy that "mead" was alcohol. I live in a closet some times.


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Debbie Mead is a wine made from honey not grapes. A very very old alcohol drink. I like one type the best but plan on trying a few more types soon..

For those of you who would like to try the chocolate wine you can get it from Total Wine. They have stores all over and they also ship. We have a store not far from my home.

Sandy and Andre who has stole some of the chocolate wine

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Tammy the exhibit is wonderful. So clean and neat and so much attention to detail, Love the dog house. Hope the rock garden society wins a prize.

Sandy so happy that the laptop can be a source of joy for you. You have had such a rough time. Maybe you can keep the cold from developing. Here's hoping Andre never gets a buzz on. That dog could take down the house if he was inebriated.

Vicki it really is bad news when all the appliances are about the same age and their life expectancy is at an end. Keep your eyes out for deep discounts, scratch & dent sales and trade ins. Better to buy when you choose than when you have to. Speaking of grooming Ty reminds me that I have to call the mobile groomer back to comb the boys. Stetson had several clumps in the collar around his neck that I was able to cut out.

BonnieB I put in about four hours this morning sorting the mail, trying to call the companies whose bills were already past due. The automated payment systems of some companies are so difficult to navigate it takes forever to be allowed to pay the bill. Of course, half of the time it does not recognize the info you are entering on the phone keypad so you have to begin again an again and again. Then I left for the ALF with a stop along the way to make a gift bag for mom. I stopped at Dollar General to pick up a picture frame, kitty toys, a decoration for mom's door, and cookies and candy for mom. Arrived at the ALF at 4:00 and left at 6:30. When I came home I paid the bills I could online, wrote checks for the others (mostly mom's) set aside those that I need to call about tomorrow, and generally finished with bill paying around 9:30. I normally throw all the envelopes and trash that comes inside the bills on the ground until I am finished. Well tonight Swiper was having great fun catching what I was throwing down and scooping it up in his front paws along with some new toys that I brought them yesterday when came home. When I finished bill paying and came with a bag to pick up all the mess on the floor, he gathered a bunch up in his front paws so I wouldn't take them. Here he is guarding his treasures.

Debbie the boys and I are pretty tight these days :~)

Beginning to run down. Time for bed. Goodnight.


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Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

The roses are greening up..haven't looked to see if they are doing is cold...but some of them will be blooming soon.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Good morning everyone

It is so nice that my laptop is fixed!!!! Now if they could just fix the old body

Sandy and Andre

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somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

Sandy - if you find a shop that can fix up the body like they do laptops, let me know. I am in serious need of a memory upgrade!

Bonnie - I have the same technique for my bills. Drop all the envelopes and trash stuff on the floor 'til I'm done. Fred loves to tear into them. Literally. You sure did catch up fast with the bills! With that behind you, perhaps you can do something fun or relaxing today.

Loretta - yep. The "Toolbooth" and Alpine House are both Gary's work. He did just a fabulous job. And remember: TGIF!

Terese - I missed something I think. Are you thinking of buying a place in Florida?

BonnieB - what did you decide to do about that sermon-lifting issue?

Melva - we're months from having roses in bloom here. But we are seeing the snow drops & eranthus starting to bloom.

Debbie - when do you get results from your recent visit? I hope the new internist works out for your DD.


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning, it is cold but nothing falling from the sky, so hope it will be a good day.

Tammy, I have talked with the preacher, and he is unrepentant, arrogent and unable to admit that he has done anything wrong. I don't know where I go from here, it feels so much like tattling that I hesitate to go to his superior. But I refuse to be "fed" canned sermons for another year, and if I don't talk with his boss, he will be appointed and we will deal with it for another year. The proverbial rock and hard place situation.

Bonnie, the pictures really show how possessive that he can be with "his papers" Glad that they provide entertainment for somebody, as mine are not a source on entertainment, but of grief usually!

Sandy, you must feel that you have somebody else's computer if yours is working so well. they sure can be aggravating. Andre drunk, now that is a scary thought!

Debbie, hope that you hear from your tests soon. Did they give you any indication about the time frame?

Terese, so the weather is turning on you? Maybe it is time to head home.

Melva, I pruned my roses on Sunday afternoon, no expectation of anything blooming here for a good while.

Well, nothing planned today, DGD is coming after school today, so will just concentrate on making something she likes for supper.

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)


We got so much done at work last night. Good thing it was slow. the other girl went thru almost all the toys and checked prices and marked them . Put all the sale toys in one spot. I popped in every once in awhile to help and give ideas. It took her 3 hours between customers. I emptied 3 carts of stuff. Went thru the promo areas and cleaned them up. Redid the clearance section. Combined 2 section of deco clearance items. We swept and washed the front floor area. Did a quick recovery and she did a bathroom cleaning. I think that was all.

Tam I want to take a walk threw. It looks so fun! Tell Gary he did a great job. I need that phone booth for my red garden!

Speaking of exercise if I sweat while vacuming does that count? It wasn't because the house was warm. It really wasn't!

BonnieB I don't think you will be happy or satisfied unless you say something.

Bonnie you got quite a bit done yesterday. At least I hope the shopping was fun. If I throw the mail on the floor like that ty likes to chew it up. Better to get it in the garbage can here.

Deb hope this Dr. Helps DD.

good luck Terese.

Sandy I would like to see him drunk. It would be good for a laugh,

Elsie it is TGIF. Hope it is a good and fast day for you.

Melva I can already smell the roses!

Better go and feed you know who.

Oh yeah the truck is coming a day late and it is a big one. Full of Spring junk. I mean Stuff! I already bought a cute owl! Fat and pudgie for $5.00. Get them while they have them. They will go fast when people start thinking planting! They also have these ugly Tiki Figurines that are just about sold out.

somewhere, PA

Vicki - even if you didn't sweat while vacuuming, it would count as exercise. As does all that work you do at work! I'm getting a little worried about DH's head - its gonna get awfully big with all the kind words he's getting over that phone booth. lol

BonnieB - I think you've made your point with the preacher. Is there a governance board you could discuss the issue? Not finger pointing but strictly talking about the issue? No mention of the use of internet-available sermons in the past but only in the future? To establish policy?

Gotta scoot to work.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good idea Tam, there is a person who is over the lap speakers and I could talk to him about the "potential" of someone using an internet sermon. I am sure there is no policy now, but there should be.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

this is the home I would love to purchase in Leesburg

We have been in communication with a neighbor across the street, who may be willing to move in 2 yrs, but I'm thinking his wife does not want to leave. They have the same home, but more upgrades.

Still waiting to hear from our attorney.

Tam -- this past Fall, Jim and I decided to move to FLA. Jimmy will be married [though he can move in with the in-laws at anytime] May 2014 and Alex will graduate in Dec of 2014 .... but if things pan out, we maybe can make the move earlier than we had thought.

Lyndonville, NY

Good morning,

Well, sit down. Grab your coffee, its going to be a "lengthy" post.

I did get my results from the doctor Wednesday and I have been doing a lot of thinking and research and
overall disbelief type of things. I had to talk to a few people before I posted on here as a couple read
my posts. I think one of my girls has a subscription to DG and reads but doesn't post....not sure on that
but suspicious.

The good news is the EMG came out "low but within normal ranges' for muscle response and nerve conduction
on the right side. Normal on the left side. He thinks once this "problem" is fixed, function will return better.

Anyway. The doctor found something on the MRI that is "concerning". There is a "cyst" of sorts at the T6
level of the spine on the left side. It is between the aorta & the spinal column and measures 9(AP) X 33 (T) X 21 (CC)mm.
If you can explain that to me....your doing better than I am.

He has to do a CT Scan of the chest & the thoracic spine to get a better idea of exact positioning. He knows it is behind
my left breast area, but he cannot tell for certain if it my lung is involved (which really scares me) .along with the spine. He said he did
not feel comfortable speculating about it...because he honestly couldn't tell 100% much more. I do appreciate his honesty as he is one of the

SO, back I go to Cleveland around week after next. My test is the 14th and we have an appointment first thing in the morning on
the 15th to see Dr. C and get results and a plan. Most likely it will involve surgery. My FIL is having surgery there the 13th so I am sure
we will have to go down a few days early for that.

I feel kind of numb, BUT now we know what to battle and it is more than I knew before going to Cleveland.

I am sorry I didn't tell you Wednesday, but I just had to decipher it all.


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