Mystery Melon

Lorain, OH

Greetings All

I would like help on the identification of this melon. It came to me in a strange manner. We have a local Asian grocery store - at the rear of the parking lot is a dumpster. As I waited for friends to return from shopping I noticed some very unusual leaves which looked different from our usual "ditch and alley" flora. Much to my chagrin I walked into the weeds and there was this beauty - it had delicate pink flesh I ever saw and you can see from the size its quite a monster. Ostensibly the melon missed the dumpster and propagated on its own. Does anyone know the variety or other cultural characteristics of how it's prepared.


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Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

Actually it is a squash, a Cushaw type pumpkin C.mixta

Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

I grow those (Cushaws). I don't really get a uniform size from my patch, but I agree with Farmerdill. I'd call that a cushaw. Mostly I grow them to feed my chickens and peacocks as they are pretty prolific. But they make up a lovely pumpkin puree that can be used for DH's favorite: pumpkin bread. I think there are a few other melon/pumpkins with that general shape and color. Check at Kitazawa See Co,, and see what you think.

Forgot to mention to look in the squash section. They describe uses for pumpkin in cooking as well.

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