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SOLVED: Name that plant

Asheville, NC

Please help, I'm stumped

Thumbnail by beeeeeeeeee
San Francisco, CA

Pelaragonium cv. - one of the "scented geraniums" it would appear. Does the foliage have a scent when rubbed?

Asheville, NC

Yes, it has a strong scent it is hard to describe though

Asheville, NC

Mabel Gray perhaps?

Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

The easy ones smell like lemon, or mint, or other distinct fragrances.
The difficult ones are indeed hard to describe. I would look at the leaf shape, fuzziness or lack of hair, and color. These can vary if the plant is grown in more shade or indoors vs outdoors, in brighter light.

San Francisco, CA

I would search for sites that offer scented "geraniums", and forums that discuss them. The people there may be able to ID it from the leaf alone.

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