citrus plant/what is it?

New York, NY i found this plant in china-town
many years ago...tiny fruit 1/4" diameter in size...i've planted it's seeds and they all bear fruit...they are grown under lights or very strong sun light...anyone
have a name for it?

Thumbnail by barnebee Thumbnail by barnebee
Minneapolis, MN(Zone 4b)

It looks as though it's a calamondin orange. They're great container plants and I know I love the one I have.

Thumbnail by Joyous1
New York, NY

thank you for your reply...i have a calamondin orange and it is very different from
my little 'mystery' orange...the oranges are about the size of the eraser on a pencil

i hope some one can come up with a name...

(Zone 9a)

You might contact the citrus research dept. at the Univ. of FL, they might have a name for you, it looks like such an interesting plant.

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