sunglo greenhouses-oh the pain!



Name is mike. I've seen some questions posted here about the SunGlo greenhouse. Now, I'm NOT saying they are a flaming POS, perhaps I'd just had some bad luck. Heck, I've made some mistakes in my day, I married my first wife.

In the past, I couldn't keep the roof panels on. The wind would get inside the house and pop them out. I fixed and repaired this several times. The fix was always expensive.

But I've had nothing but heartache with this thing. A few years ago mother nature fixed the problem for me.

This was about a eight in snow we had on valentine's day in 2010

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Priest River, ID(Zone 5b)

Sorry to hear about your unhappy experience with the sunglo. I was one of the people who posted a question a couple years ago.I am glad I didn't end up getting one.(I did get a different brand that has withstood the 1st winter without any problem.) We get lots of snow here. Thanks for posting this. Hopefully it will help someone make an informed decision.

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