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Canton--Football HOF, OH(Zone 6a)

I live in zone 6, northeast Ohio, and I have a Passion Flower Vine that was thriving in a great spot! The trouble is that I didn't want such a thick screen in that particular spot, and the need to prune it for height control was not so desirable for me, so I moved it on an unseasonably warm day in December.

This is my first experience with this plant. The root was very deep, and although I tried very hard to keep my patience, while digging, the root ultimately broke when my patience waned.

The vine had semi-evergreen leaves on it, when I dug it out, but after pruning the vines back for easy handling, while moving it, and then planting it, the leaves turned brown and dropped off.

The vine seems to be dead, but I'm really not sure. Is it a lost cause, or is this normal for this vine to look like this in the Winter? The images shown are of the vine in it's transplanted location.

Would you give me some advice, please?

Thanks, Gardenergal17

Thumbnail by gardenergal17 Thumbnail by gardenergal17
Englewood, CO

Moved in winter in zone 6, broken root, brown leaves dropping off - none of these are encouraging details. Also, since most passion flower vines aren't winter hardy in zone 6, this poor thing may have been on the edge anyway. Wouldn't get my hopes up. :>(

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