Tomato and Pepper Seed Swap

Holly Springs, NC(Zone 7b)


I know that seed packets generally have far more seeds than I'd like, so being able to swap some of those out for other varieties would be fun!

General Idea:
A. Everyone lists the seeds that they have available for trade and how many 'shares' they have. For this trade, let's call 6 seeds a 'share'.
B. Anyone who sees a share available that they want would D-mail the owner and ask to reserve the share. The owner updates their list so that their available shares are always up-to-date.
C. At the close of the swap, all seeds are sent to me along with 5 stamps to cover return postage. This way everyone only pays postage once, each direction, rather than for every individual swap. (If you happen to be in on another swap that I'm running, we can certainly figure out how to consolidate the shipping to save money)
D. I will package all of the seeds to be sent to each trader.
E. Only TOMATO (Solanum lycopersicum) and Hot or Sweet PEPPER (Capsicum) seeds for this trade please.

Since we are in prime seed sowing season, the swap will close on March 15.

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Holly Springs, NC(Zone 7b)



4-Ananas Noire
1-Paul Robeson
8-Black Cherry
3-Grandman Aiello's (Restricted, D-mail for details)

Sweet Peppers:
1-Golden Marconi
2-Purple Beauty

Hot Peppers:
2-Lightning Mix
5-Thai Burapa

Rare heirlooms

Midwestfarmwife-Golden Marconi

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sun city, CA(Zone 9a)


costoluto genovese
cherokee purple
red pear-piriform
wisconsin 55----midwestfarmwife
large red cherry
chocolate cherry
yellow pear
big boy
amana orange
bodacious beefsteak-----midwestfarmwife
san marzano
italian ice
sugar plum cherry-------------midwestfarmwife
cherokee green
box car willie----------------midwestfarmwife
ananas noir
abe lincoln
best boy------------------midwestfarmwife
golden jubilee
so far-will have more
black pearl
anaheim chile
pizza chile
big red bell---------------------------midwestfarmwife
super heavyweight bell--------------midwestfarmwife
puya chile
maui purple
numex big jim
ancho grande
quadrato rosso d'asti-----------midwestfarmwife
quadrato giallo d'asti-----------midwestfarmwife
cal wonder
sweet bell
yolo wonder
calif. chile

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Jamestown, OH

I have extras, and always willing to try new tomatoes and sweet or bell peppers. I trade ALL my hot pepper seeds. lanakila, I would like to try your Golden Marconi Pepper.

Here are some that I have:

Jalapeno - several trades
Jalapeno Early - 2 or 3
Serrano Chili - several

Keystone Resistant Giant - several
California Wonder - several

Jimmy Nardello - several
Lipstick - several (risingcreek)
Red Marconi - several

Blueberry - several
Oranje Von Goeijenbier - several
Jaune Flamme - several
Brownberry - several
Gold Medal - several
German Red Strawberry - several
Riesentraube - several
German Pink Tree - several (risingcreek)
Mortgage Lifter - several
Beefsteak - several
Rutgers - several
Big Boy - several
Cherokee Purple - several
Lemon Oxheart - several (risingcreek)
Piedmont - several (risingcreek)
Large Red Cherry - several

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Holly Springs, NC(Zone 7b)

Can you recommend one of your heirloom tomatoes to use as a slicing tomato? I really prefer the ones that are very fleshy, with little juice or seeds. I call them 'meaty' tomatoes.

Jamestown, OH

Hmmm, thinking about slicing tomatoes. I like larger ones for slicing. 'Meaty' tomatoes remind me of a paste or sauce tomato like Roma, which may not be that great for slicing. You might like Gold Medal since they get big. They do have some seeds, but not overly seedy. Lemon Oxheart are big, but seem to be softer and not as good for slicing, especially if you try to let them get too ripe on the vine. Cherokee Purple is a favorite of mine, and they get big here also. Beefsteak (old reliable), Mortgage Lifter, German Pink Tree, all get large for us. German Red Strawberry is a little smaller in our garden, but seemed to be solid and good for slicing.

Maybe you all are like I am - have lots (and LOTS) of varieties that I haven't had a chance to try yet. I'll look through my tomato packs in the fridge and see what others I can spare in small quantities.

Jamestown, OH

Digging deeper into seed stash - found these:

Tomatillo Toma Verde - several trades
Black Krim - several
Chocolate Stripe - 1 (risingcreek)
Black Plum - 1
Mr. Stripey - several (risingcreek)
Mini Orange - 1
Sungold Select - 1
Ida Gold - 1
Orange Heart -1
Orange Strawberry - 1
Orange Russian - 1
Tiger Paw -1
Azoychka - 1
Pineapple - 1
Bychok - 1
Blue Ridge Mountain - 1
Ispolin - 1
Costoluto Genovese - 1
Pink Mexico - 1
Eva Purple Ball - 2
New Yorker - 1
Mrs. Maxwell's Big Italian -1 (risingcreek)
Marglobe - 1
Heritage. - 1
Delicious - 2
Sugar Sweetie - 1
Super Beefsteak - 3
Ace - 2

Sweet Banana - several
Grand Bell - 2
Sweet Chocolate - 2
California Golden - several
Sweet Pimiento - 5 (lanakila, risingcreek)
Odessa Market - 2
Big Dipper - 1
Emerald Giant - 2
Chinese Giant - 2

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Holly Springs, NC(Zone 7b)


sun city, CA(Zone 9a)

put my seeds in the mail today

Jamestown, OH

My seeds went out today (Saturday).

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