How was your day? #379

somewhere, PA

Pull up a chair and chat awhile.

(Truffles is settled in already)

Thumbnail by Tammy
Lyndonville, NY

Oh Tam, I just want to scruffle that belly and she would probably eat me! Love that picture!

Carrie gave me a subscription to Rachel Ray for Christmas, and I have two issues I am thumbing through (because I can't find my readers to read them) but
some sure look good!!

Had to run to Tops (grocery) and pick up a few things, Shannon needed ice cream. Chocolate covered pretzel ice cream by Breyers. Sure looks
good on the carton, and yogurt pops.

I did pick up everything for cheddar broccoli soup tomorrow...along with bread bowls.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good evening. I stayed home all day, with the exception of taking DS to work which is about 3 miles away. Been cleaning and doing laundry. Got everything done except running the vacuum and DH said he would do it, but it still hasn't gotten done. He is leaving early in the morning to go to Indiana for the day, so I know that it won't get done tomorrow.

Debbie, so glad that Shane gave you a call. I know that some boys (men) don't ever give a thought to who is concerned about their whereabouts. DS pulled that on me a couple of times, and I finally got through his head that he was old enough to do whatever he wanted, but at least he needed to let me know that he wouldn't be home. Now he is the one who is offended if I go somewhere and don't let him know. But it is lots different now with the advent of cell phones.

Dianne, so glad to see you posting. Sorry that the French Onion Soup that you were so looking forward to turned out not to be so good. I know that the friendship and the visiting was the highlight of the day and not the meal, but I am sure that she was so disappointed to serve something like that. I hope that you can arrange a play date soon for Diesel. When they are still puppies they sure can put lots of effort into it.

Elsie, I was wondering if Chloe had stolen the bracelet. Afterall it is sparkly, and just the thing that would catch any girl cat's attention. I hope you are able to sleep tonight in spite of the wind. And if it is going to storm, it needs to be a very decent one that will bring you a work holiday tomorrow!

Tammy, I hope that the people you talk to on those calls knows that you have cats that you have to tend to, and will overlook any giggles or nonsense talk that may interrup the call. Isn't it funny how cats will tend to try to find the highest place in the house? When Ms Boots lived here, she never was able to figure out how to get on my fridge. She would have had to jump on the counter, walk across the range, and then to the fridge. She may have tried it when I wasn't looking, and had a bad experience, but I never caught her even eyeing the fridge. I taught her at a very young age, that counter surfing here was just not acceptable. I kept a squirt bottle handy, and everytime she would attempt it, I would squirt her. Poor thing, she got to the point that she would cringe when she saw me pick up the bottle!

Bonnie, you have to get here and tell us about your festivities. I am sure it was a good time, but we want to hear it first hand.

Sandy, how is DM doing without her glasses?

Talked to my DTS tonight. Her DH was released from the hospital yesterday, and she guesses that the thought of a possible heart attack has made him want to put their house up for sale. Now, they haven't even had it 6 weeks yet. Went to all the expense of furnishing it and are having a lanai built. Evidently her DH was in the room when she was talking to me, so she said that she would call me tomorrow. Evidently I will get the "rest of the story" then.

Well, think I am am gonna head to bed shortly. DH had me set the alarm for 4:30, but I am hoping that after he has left the house, I can go back to sleep. May make a trip to Sam's in Louisville tomorrow.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Tammy, thanks for the new thread. Love the picture of Truffles. It is so sad she can't get comfy. I thought Teddy wasn't in today but he was under his owners jacket.

I still have my bracelet - I wore it to work today. Chloe has had a few meals since she saw it so she has forgotten it.

It's still snowing but I don't think we are going to get as much snow as predicted.

Verona, ON

Thanks for the new thread Tam. Truffles looks like she is chillin' just fine!

So here it is 2:15 am and I am wide awake. I feel and my eyes probably look like a hoot owl. I don't know what happened as I was sleeping a bit better - actually quite a bit better for me. I had a lot of physical exercise today too - I keep hoping that will help make me sleep. Diesel is a little fired up tonight too. It is very windy and I wonder if that is what has us so unsettled.

Bonnie the soup you made sounded so good I am thinking about making it tomorrow. My mouth is watering for it.

Time change this weekend everyone. Everyone arond here is quite delighted with the time changing just a few weekends earlier than usual.Anyone have exciting plans for the weekend?

Think I will go to bed read and listen to some Blues music. If that doesn't mellow me out enough to close my eyes I don't know what will.

It's Friday!!!!!!! Make sure you all do something nice for yourself today.

Dianne and Diesel

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Well, Dianne, I am not up as early as you, or maybe it is you who are up way later than I was.

The alarm went off for DH and his friend this morning at 4:30 for them to start their trip to Indiana. Well, now do you think it was a quiet and peaceful departure? Once awakened, I am usually up for good.

I have spent this time studying and preparing a sermon for Sunday. No noise but the furnace kicking on, the fridge running and the clock ticking. Good thinking time.

So far I have only had coffee, but I think it is time for some solid food, check to see if the paper has arrived and get this day officially started!

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Good Morning everyone

Sandy and Andre

somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

We were surprised by snow this morning! Maybe 1-2" so not a lot. Just a surprise.

Dianne - I find that if I exercise too late in the day I can't sleep. I try to get my workout in before 5pm. When I was younger it didn't matter but now it does. I hope you go back to sleeping better tonight!

BonnieB - bet that sermon will be a good one (as all of yours must be)

Loretta - lol at Chloe being distracted by meals.

Good morning Sandy.

Debbie - I hope you & Shannon wake up to a better day today. That ice cream sounds REALLY good.

WE're going in to pick the granite slab this morning. I just want to get all these decisions done.

I finally heard back how much the little sink I picked out as a backup would cost. (They aren't sure my current sink will fit in the smaller bathroom downstairs so I'm to pick one out to order if it doesn't fit). That sink was over $1700! More than my refrigerator. We're back to the drawing board on that.

Have a great day everyone!

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Ahhhhh -- figured a new thread was started.... I'll have to go back and read later....

Change of plans... DH wants to leave today. Mostly packed but still want to get our morning walk in [DH finally decided he needs to get more active and lose a bit of weight] Plus, we need to say goodby to Ruth, and she does not get up early... so my guess is 10-11am departure.

I'll check in tonight -- probably somewhere in GA. Radar looks clean, no rain/snow in sight.

Lyndonville, NY

Good morning,

I slept all night except when DH woke me up to say good bye. 23 years of it and I still want to hit him with a bat.

We had about 2 inches snow also, but it is starting to melt already, up to 34. I hope it keeps climbing.

Shannon HAD to have that ice cream, but went upstairs to watch a movie and zonked out at 8:30, slept all night and no ice cream!
She is still sleeping....covered in kitties.

I woke up feeling very anxious and I don't know why also. Dianne, I think there is something in the air....maybe high pressure from the
storms around, that is making this feeling? I know between DS & Shannon .I am feeling like a tornado is circling. So can't imagine
all you are feeling. Darla knows I am stressed as she is sitting on my shoulder and won't budge. Even lets me walk to the kitchen and back
with her like a little parrot!

Adina, did you get the car fixed? I hope that man showed up to pay for the car.

Sandy did you find your DM's glasses?

Bonnie, how was the party? I bet that soup was a major hit! You will have to share recipe.

BonnieB, I hope the weather clears. Did DH find the little dog? I have to go back and read the thread because will admit
I didn't have contacts in and have skimmed today.

Melva, how is the cleaning going? I bet organizing will lift your spirits also! Two more weeks for the party!
My DS will be 20....don't know if he will be here for birthday or not.

Terese, be careful traveling. You should wait another day til this storm clears up and the states can clear their roads.
You are used to driving in it...but some of the other states are not. I have enjoyed all the sunrise/sunset pictures....thank you.

OK, I need some coffee....


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

The answer is NO!!!

Sandy and the pest.

Lyndonville, NY

How are you and Andre' doing? Did things calm down? I am guessing not much?

Vicki, what is for breakfast, I had rice Krispies at 10:00 last night! lol

I want to go kitchen shopping with you and Tam!

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Come a long!

Breakfast was a peanut butter sandwich.

Long day ahead. Working different hours today.

Lyndonville, NY

Oh man, I can't do peanut butter in the morning. No way ....unless it is cookies to dunk in coffee! LOL

somewhere, PA

Debbie - we locked in the granite selection this morning. Its called "Golden Chocolate" and its got lots of chunky parts of different crystals. Its got an overall golden hue but its got browns, beiges, pinks and some very dark parts. I love it! We have three slabs set aside for us. Join us tomorrow to look at lighting! We're leaving around 8am. Hopefully there will be time to look at powder room sinks too.

edited to add a link to a pic: (there are lots of photos but not many actually match the granite I've picked)
edited again to say I made sure this is not from China! Its from Brazil.

Vicki - that sounds like a terrific breakfast. I'm hungry already. :-(

Sandy - Andre wouldn't eat them, would he? And as gross as this sounds... could they be in the toilet? I don't know if they would flush down or not but that's the only other logical place for them to have gone.

Terese - travel safe!


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Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Tam did you get pictures of the granite? Sounds just gorgeous!

somewhere, PA

I did not get pictures but the added link should give you an idea of it.
I'm finding out that the granite is very different, even from the same
quarry, depending on when its mined. So the samples they gave me
were very different than the pieces I'm getting. Mine will have more
pinky hues and fewer rusty/orange hues. I've very happy with the selection
and even happier its done!


Lyndonville, NY

Oh that is a nice piece! Love the colors and can't wait to see it in place. It is all coming together nicely!

Lighting is going to be fun. lol My daughter (Carrie) has skylights in her kitchen and I just love the natural light it gives,
but it is not an option here. Next home!!!

Balotesti, Romania(Zone 5a)

Good morning! Happy Woman's Day ladies!
Just a quick note to tell you I got the paper from the inssurance company so I can fix the car. We met there the guilty guy and his inssurance will pay for fixing my car. We'll go to the car shop service on Monday because this week-end I'm busy with a lot of cooking and baking. Tomorrow it's Mucenici Day, a religious celebration which I'm sure you remember, so I have to bake the mucenici. I also made a cake for my birthday. We'll have a party on Sunday so I have to vacuum too. Lucky I had a day off today, for Woman's Day ...which is supposed to be fun for women!LOL
I have an article published today if anyone wants to read :

Have a great day everyone!


Thumbnail by adinamiti
somewhere, PA

No skylights for us either. Its gonna be very difficult for lighting since we have exposed floor joists.
Basically the ceiling IS the floor above so no space to recess anything. All junction boxes, transformers
etc will be on the surface of the ceiling. The suggestion from the electrician are these "rail" systems
that would be suspended below the floor joists and then we'd hang either spot light type fixtures or
pendants, depending on the function of the lighting. From my web search, I think it will work. They are
generally fairly modern/contemporary looking but I'm game for eclectic all they way!

Oh - electrician just called to say he can take me to another old house that has the lighting he's suggestion.
So we'll see it this afternoon. :-) That should help.


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Morning again. I just made everybody a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich, so come on down and let's have a late breakfast!

I finished the sermon, got it all typed out and ready to start going over it to get familiar with it and to time it also.

Tammy I am so glad that you are able to get out and make your choices and not have to wait until the last minute which tends to make me regret choices made in a hurry.

Debbie, No the dog is not found yet! DH has an idea that the people who moved from the farm took him. So this weekend we are making a trip to another county to actually question them about him. The girls are just devastated, so I am hoping that for their sake alone that he has been dog napped. It will be no problem getting him back, as DH is prepared to ask nicely, and if he meets resistence will get the county sheriff involved if necessary.

Off to chow down the sandwich, there will be no other food for me today, other than a salad for supper.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Tam Mom was sitting on the toilet at the time and no Andre would not eat them, if he found them he would have given them to me in exchange for treats. I think they are in the vortex.

Debbie I have not killed either one yet but I am getting close!!!! I think Mom is in the lead!!!! Specially after what happened yesterday. I went to the store to get her RX when I get back I noticed she was again having problems hearing me. I asked her if she was taking her pills. The answer "No I am out of them" I screamed!!!!!
"Why did you not tell me!!!" and went into my bed room. Counting to 10 no longer helps!!!!

Sandy and Andre

somewhere, PA

Sandy - I suspect they will show up as soon as the new ones arrive. That's the "Loretta principle"


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Adina, good article, you have inspired me to try this next year. I had no poinsettias this year, but with the article just now being published, I would have already killed it by now.

Are you all enjoying the breakfast sandwich? I put sharp cheddar cheese on mine. I left the cheddar out, so if you like yours that way, help yourself.

Lyndonville, NY

Sounded so good, I made one Bonnie! I had some left over breakfast sausage (Bob Evans) and put it on a toasted bagel. I am set til dinner.

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

As for the cleaning far, the kitchen is almost the way I want it. Haley has been taking the time to check the expiration dates on things...we have generated a lot of trash! I have started de-cluttering my room...not progressing as much as I would like, when Haley gets involved it will move faster. She is 21 and has energy to spare...
I am off to work on my bedroom..BBL

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Just spend a very laid back afternoon. DH called and is on his way home and said that we would go out to eat. Well, so there goes my plan for nothing else to eat today!

Melva, sounds like you are really getting the cleaning accomplished at a pretty good rate. Wonder if Haley would come work for me? Hehe I could pay her air fare, room and board and a little extra on th side, it would expand her horizons to visit a place she has never been before.

Off to shower and get ready.

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

I will ask her, Bonnie B. how long would you want her to stay?

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

~~ Waving.... we are somewhere between Macon and Atlanta GA.
DH commented he'd like to get to Chattanooga TN... we shall see. the sunsets at 6.30-something, and neither of us like driving at night..... but I think highways driving would be OK.

It's been uneventful and not a cloud in th sky ALL day....

Debbie -- so glad to read Shane called you. I'm convinced boys do not think they need to call their mothers and that we worry... no matter where they are. Jimbo is 25 now, and he keeps us pretty much up to speed in where he is. FB certainly helps these days.

Bonnie -- soup sounded wonderful. I love tomato and basil.

melva....i have forgotten when your birthday party is. Sounds like you have found yourself a gem in your young helper.

elsie.... cute bracelet --- wonderful of Chloe to not confiscate it on you.

Tam - sounds like you are really making headway on the kitchen reno

Vicki -- hope you had a good day How is Ty? still lots of snow to play in?

Dianne -- hope you are getting some rest. Bet Mr Diesel is getting so big. how old is he now?

~~ waves to all those I missed.

I can't wait to sleep in my own bed....

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Tammy, you seem to be making your kitchen decisions quickly. now why would a bathroom sink be that expensive? Can you use any repurposed items in the remodel?

Bonnie, how did the party go? Can you share the soup recipe?

Terese, that's great you are having good weather.

It was quite a mess getting to work this morning. Most of the employees "worked" at home. The sun finally came out but it is still very windy and cold. I am officially pooped.

I spoke to a woman who is wintering along the gulf coast in Alabama. She was changing her address back to Minnesota. She said they were leaving at the beginning of April and drag their feet and arrive at northern MN at the end of April. With all the snow they didn't want to go back.

My co-worker has been having a raspy voice. she went to a ENT specialist and one of her vocal cords is paralyzed. She has more tests in the future to see what might be causing it.

I got a nice surprise when I got home. The state of NJ sent me a check for unclaimed property. I have no idea what it is from but I'll take it.

Lyndonville, NY

Oh Elsie, that is a good surprise! Good start to the weekend!

I was so "in the bucket" went for a drive and got my hair cut. Told Fran a TRIM! Well, he cut between 4 to 6 inches off....and I am so mad!! Told
him I wouldn't be back. Another customer (male) came in, and Fran started talking....and just kept going. I told him I liked it long, wanted to keep it
long. This after he tried to talk to me going shoulder length.

BUT on a good note, my broccoli, ham & cheese soup turned out very good.

Got a call from the doctor (Well, Shannon did) her Vitamin B & Vitamin D levels are very low. She starts next week with weekly Vit. B shots for a month, then
once a month. Getting high does Vit. D like I do by pill weekly.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Debbie, that's awful about your hair. And worse about him ignoring you. I hope the vitamins help Shannon. Debbie do you like Gary Allen's music? I bought his latest CD about a month ago and I just sat down to listen to it - I love it. I very rarely like most of the music on one CD.

I spent quite a bit on my last haircut at a new salon. I really liked the salon and I may go back for a pedicure. But after 2 weeks I hate this haircut. I'm going to make an appointment at another salon and see if I can get a edgy precision cut. And now I have the money - yippee skipee!

I just took a pizza out of the oven and boy does it smell good.

Lyndonville, NY

Oh Elsie, I love Gary Allen! He has such a wonderful voice. What a tragedy his life has been the last few years....but his music just shines through.

Pizza sounds good, better than the soup! lol

somewhere, PA

I'm so out of it I have no idea who Gary Allen is!

Loretta - yes. We are planning to reuse all the elements of the bath. I talked to the electrician/plumbing company head and he said that they are quite sure the sink will fit. The sink we picked out is basically expensive 'cause its expensive. lol We had no idea of price. Its all so weird - the contractor gives us his discount. The shop owners don't know this so don't give us that price. We just stopped asking the price 'cause it wasn't right anyway. I'm sure if we'd asked the price of the sink, it would have been $2500. A clue that it was ridiculous. :-)

Terese - I'd be curious to hear what you think of Chattanooga if you stop there. Always liked the song. :-)

Debbie - pox to that hair cutter! That's way out there ridiculous! I can see going an inch too far perhaps... but 4-6" sounds criminal! My hair dresser cut more than I asked this time but I am soo happy with it now! It definitely looks better shorter. (I'd asked for a little longer for the winter a few cuts ago but it just wasn't lookin good).

We did dinner out with friends. I had "Chesapeake chicken" which had chicken breast w/ lump crab meat w/corned mashed potatoes & asparagus. Sooo good. Now I'm just stuffed. :-)


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Well, DH got home about 5:30, and he had a quick shower and out the door we went for supper. Ate at cracker barrel had the cod and it was good. The weather for the first time in weeks on Friday night was good so the restaurant was packed. But we got good service.

Tammy that is ridiculous about the sink. For gosh sakes, it only gives water and drains it out, now what could make is so different from a regular sink? I think the manufacturers have the corner on the market and they can charge whatever they want. I have never been impressed with Chattanooga. It is an old industrial town and just looks worn and dirty, or the parts I have seen of it is. Sorry to burst a bubble you had because of a song!

Melva, Gosh, I hope you got that I was kidding, you did didn't you? But I do need someone with that much energy to help put my house to rights. I used to have a friend who cleaned for me, and she moved about 3 years ago, and I miss her so much. She was a "down on her knees" kind of cleaner, and did picture frames, baseboards, cobwebs next to the ceiling, you know the deep clean stuff. I hope once it is clean that you can encourage Phil to help keep it that way, at least for awhile!

Debbie, I would be so mad about the hair. I understand a little shorter, but that is a LOT shorter. My beautician is good about listening to me, and she knows that I don't like lots of change, so she has just about stopped suggesting anything new. Guess I am just stuck in a rut, but I don't have time or the talent to style my hair or to mess with it much.

Elsie, so I guess it is out of the question for you to work from home, with answering the phones and the emails. The only time I got to work at home with my last job was when I was working on the budget. I had to write the budget for personnel costs for 185 employees for a 2 year budget. It got pretty complicated, and I liked to work on it at home where there was not much noise or interruptions. The interruptions was the main thing at the office. You would be working along, then someone would "just have to see you" and you would stop and it just seemed that I lost momentum when that happened.

Dianne, if I went for a walk at that time in the morning, there would be no sleep for me after that. Exercise seems to just wake me up and get the blood flowing. I understand that Diesel needs to go out, no matter the time, but I would make it a very short walk. Another reason, is I am not the bravest person after dark, and my vision is the third reason. I am so night blind that I have to depend on my DH to help guide me to the walk from the garage to the house. Without the walk, I don't know where I would find myself.

Teresa. Hope that you have good weather on the way home. I think that the snows from Ky through Indiana are pretty much melted. Don't know about any further north than that. That is one thing about March snows here, they leave as fast as they come!

Well, the early wake up this morning has had me yawning all day. So am gonna check another thread, then I am off to bed. Only 2 hours earlier than normal.

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Debbie so glad you heard from Shane. He really does care. Give him time. Hoping that getting the vitamin levels up will help Shannon feel better while working on the bigger problems. Improvement in those two areas will help you feel better as you head back to face your own medical problems. Do keep an eye on that scratch. Could get nasty in a hurry with your lowered resistance right now.

Tammy what you say about the inconsistency in granite is so true. That's why it is so important to be able to actually select the slabs that will be used in your home. Love that photo of Truffles. She is my idol. I like the type of lighting you described for your kitchen. I think it adds interest to mix modern with traditional.

Dianne sorry your weather is so poor. We have had sunshine, but it has been cold (for us) here and so very windy. I feel sorry for the vacationers. The Red Flag (dangerous rip tide - stay out of the water)warnings are flying all up and down the beach. On top of that, Bike Week begins this weekend when thousands of motorbike riders descend upon the Daytona Beach area for a week of ?????? For the most part they are well behaved and orderly. It is just that there are so many of them on the road. It makes driving a little stressful and the noise they create gets old in a hurry. They started arriving yesterday. What a terrible disappointment for your friend to make that mistake with the onion soup. How in the world did you manage to eat it? Cannot imagine Diesel communicating with the turkey. What an unusual occurrence that is.

BonnieB so proud that your sermon will not be coming from the Internet. Sure hope DH finds the dog. Your poor DS with her DH wanting to sell the house she has not even had a chance to settle into. As if she doesn't have enough on her plate worrying about him.

Adina great news about the car repairs.

Vicki after you have done your homework, go with your gut, a good price, best delivery time, and one that will haul away the old appliance.

Elsie I saw that bracelet at my favorite New Smyrna Beach store, Sue Who?. it was the only one in the store. I scooped it up immediately. I knew exactly where it belonged.

Terese wishing you good weather on the rest of you trip home. Look forward to our visit next year.

Sandy how frustrating for you to have your mom do that. I certainly understand. I deal with the same thing. Unfortunately, as my PCP says, it isn't going to get any better. At least we have the furkids.

Patti's party was lovely. Judy did a great time of decorating. We had three round tables of 4 each. Each table had a different color scheme. One was red/white/black, one was aqua/peach/seafoam green/lavender, one fiesta colors. We picked out cloths, centerpieces, and napkins in the theme of each table. Judy used clear glass dinner plates and I supplied coordinating mugs for the soup service. Two other friends (mother/daughter) made the anti-pasta trays.

Here are a few photos.

The beautiful anti-pasta table and the birthday girl.


Thumbnail by greersfolly Thumbnail by greersfolly Thumbnail by greersfolly
New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Tomato Basil Soup - 8 Servings

4 C canned crushed tomatoes
4C tomato juice
12 - 14 large, fresh basil leaves - washed (I used more to suit my taste because some of the leaves were small)
1 C heavy cream
1/4 pound sweet butter
Salt (It seemed to take more salt than I expected to make it taste "right")
1/4 teaspoon cracked black pepper

Combine tomatoes and tomato juice. Simmer for 30 - 45 minutes. Until thick and no longer runny. Let cool.

Puree, along with the basil leaves, in small batches, in blender, food processor, or hand held food blender right in the pot. Return to saucepan and add cream and butter while stirring over low heat. Add salt and pepper to taste. Can be made ahead and re-heated.

Thumbnail by greersfolly
Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Yummy Bonnie.

I cant connect to the hotel Internet... On my phone now.

Radar looks like some rain for tomorrow.

Ill write more tomorrow.


New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Terese, I don't know what the weather liars say, but my knee says some weather front is moving in. It started hurting a few hours ago. I don't think we are supposed to have rain.

I am also having a major sinus attack. Awoke with it this morning. Nothing else going on except totally blocked nasal passages. Ugh. The pharmacist said to take regular Allegra. Well, that did absolutely nothing, Awoke this morning with the CPAP nasal piece in my nose and my mouth dry as a desert. Obviously, I had been mouth breathing in spite of the pressure from the CPAP. My nasal passages were that blocked.

Good luck connecting to the Internet tomorrow.


Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

Yes Bonnie I got that you were kidding....and you are right, Haley is a gem....she gets down on her knees too.

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