What size pot for my " Blue Girl"Hybrid Tea Rose?

Cedar Park, TX

I have a "Blue Girl" in my raised bed. I got it in a "body bag". Despite its poor condition on arrival, it is now starting to show signs of hope. However, I have turned this raised bed into more of a Butterfly Garden. Id like to grow my Blue Girl in a pot. Can I take her out and put her in a pot without shocking her to death? What is the best size pot? I am new to roses. I want to do right by her. I also purchased two "Angel Face" Floribunda roses, which I will leave in the ground. Anyone have any thoughts?
Thanks for any answers

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

I would go no smaller than a 12 inch (3 to 5 gallon) container and know that you will probably at some point have to move it to a larger container like a whiskey barrel). Now would be the time to move your Blue Girl so she can get acclimated before it gets too hot.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3b)

We find for growing roses in pots, it works best to use the largest pots you can manage - roses are extremely vigorous and have large root masses and need a lot of room. In our case, because the potted roses are wintered indoors in a cold room, pots with a 27" diameter at the rim are the biggest that are manageable. In pots this size, they still require daily watering to prevent water stress (and the diseases it brings on, e.g. mildew, black spot).

Cedar Park, TX

Thanks everyone. I went with a 16 inch for this season, as she is little more than 2 sticks at this point. I am really hoping that with a little TLC, she can be wonderful. When I got her, the roots looked dead and soggy. There are a few leaves now, so I am hopeful! I am just in love with lavendar roses! The 2 Angel Face bare roots I purchased are faring much better, and have some pretty hardy growth already, and even a few buds! Thank you for your suggestions. Hopefully I will have some beautiful photos to post in a few weeks :)

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