CLOSED: Summer Chocolate Mimosa...Purple-leaf Mimosa

Belton, TX


Albizia julibrissin 'Summer Chocolate'

Aka Purple-Leaf Mimosa

Stunning Dark Chocolate Colored Foliage

Fragrant Blooms, pink to white

Bee, Butterfly and Hummingbird Plant

20' Tree at maturity and as wide

USDA zones 6b through 10b

Full Sun

Truly a beautiful addition to any sunny garden! This plant has it all!

The leaves are the darkest of the darkest purple and the dark color is sustained with age of the leaf as well as the heat of the sun. The blooms are a soft pink to white, highly fragrant blooms, and a nectar plant for bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. This is a particular favorite of the Monarch Butterfly so it is a favorite of ours as well!

At maturity, the Summer Chocolate is a 20' tree hardy in zones 6b through 10b. It should be sited in full sun and once established, requires only moderate watering.

Like all mimosas, it is hardy and durable in the garden.

Unlike other mimosas, this one does not re-seed rampantly! Seeds will sprout, but do not come true to the Chocolate Mimosa.

This is a Patented Plant (PP13822)so labels and royalties costs are included in the sell price. It is unlawful to reproduce this plant without appropriate authorization.

The Summer Chocolate Mimosa Trees available for sale are well-rooted with approximately 18-24" of growth above the soil line. They are between two and three years old. Most sport a singular trunk, but all are coming out of dormancy and exhibiting the characteristic coloration of the foliage

The roots will be wrapped in dampened materials and encased in plastic to maintain moisture during shipping. Excess soil will be removed prior to shipping and top-growth will be maintained.

The trees are no longer dormant and minor tree drop may occur during shipping depending upon the weather during shipping.

USPS Priority with Tracking information provided to buyer. Insurance will be purchased by the seller.

Each tree is $39.00. Shipping and Handling costs are $16.95. Overages on shipping and handling will be refunded.

We invoice using Paypal and accept Paypal in payment. If you are a recognized DG Member with good review, we will also accept a personal check or money order and ship as soon as payment is completed.

If interested or have any questions, please contact me directly using d-mail or via email at [email protected]

We ship only to the continental United States. We apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause.

Thanks, MaryAnn
WaWa's Garden on and

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Caldwell, TX

Whoop! Great to see another proud aggie on here! Very interested in the tree. Could it be picked up to save stress and shipping? I still live in the promise land and am only an hour from Belton...

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Belton, TX

There are 9 remaining in this larger size and all are showing color!...thanks for the great response. MaryAnn

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Belton, TX

Invoices hav been sent via Paypal...Thanks, MaryAnn

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