Insect identification

Brisbane, Australia


I just noticed one of my chilli pepper plants was starting to die and on closer inspection found it covered in these little suckers. There appears to be 3 different types. Can anyone help identifying what they are? I want to make sure I kill them good!

Background: The plants are located in Brisbane Australia and the insects seem to prefer the Chilli's because they're not on Basil and Tomato plants located immediately beside them (not yet at least).

Thumbnail by osta Thumbnail by osta
Minot, ND

These all are aphids (aka 'plant lice'); some with wings and some without. The whitish objects simply are 'skins' shed when they molted. They may be controlled simply by washing them off the plants with a strong stream of water from a garden hose, or the application of an insecticidal soap.

Brisbane, Australia

Thanks. Any reason they're only on the Chilli's and not the other plants?

Minot, ND

Good question. Some aphid species are quite host-specific whereas others will feed on a wide variety of plants.

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