How Was Your Day? #380

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Tam, where are you going? Nosy me, have to have all the details, and if I tell DH he will say, "that is nice"!

Vicki I hope you are feeling better today. Those sinus infections can really drag you down fast. I will add your boss to my prayer list. That is a very large tumor for the breast area. Did it just come up all of a sudden?

Went to do errands this morning, and one thing led to another, and I am just now home after 4 1/2 hours. Did get lots done. Rain is supposed to come in this afternoon, so I am going out and putting the Preen on the flower beds. It really cuts down on the weeding.

Debbie rest as much as you can this weekend, nothing worse than a long trip on top of being tired to just wipe you out.

Elsie, what are you up to today?

Talked to DH this morning while I was out and about and he is still looking for JohnJohn. He is so upset about this as our intentions were to keep the dog safe, and now he feels it is his fault that he is gone.

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

What happened to Johnjohn?
I can still barely stay awake..Phil said it took him a month, to get used to the Beta Blocker...

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

BonnieB -- I had to go back and read to see if I missed something.... Did JohnJohn disappear during this IN trip?

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

BonnieB, did I miss something? What happened to JohnJohn?

Vicki, I am praying for your boss. I hope your sinuses feel better.

Tammy, whatever photo you fo with it's a winner.

I met a friend for lunch today for my birthday. It was at a place we have been to many times. They had a 1954 Chrysler limousine on their little stage. It sure is a beauty of a car. It's the same age as me. hehe The restaurant was celebrating St Patricks day. If there was a shamrock on the bottom of your plate, your meal was on the house. We didn't get shamrocks. It started snowing while were were eating. It's coming down steadily.

somewhere, PA

I can't believe how much snow we're getting!

BonnieB - I'm going to northern Italy (the Dolomites) on a botanical vacation. My dad is joining me. I'm so excited - its gorgeous there from the photos I've seen. We're going at the peak of the wildflower bloom and there will only be 16 of us. 8 from the UK and 8 from my rock garden group. There will be a botanist expert in the region along too. We have daily excersions to different areas as well as a wine & cheese tasting and a few other social gatherings. Its all inclusive and amazingly reasonable (it must be that the exchange rate is really good now! Our trip to Rome in 2007 was ridiculously expensive).

I'll be curious to hear what happened to JohnJohn too.

Loretta - too bad you don't get the car if its your age. :-)

I have a bunch of tomato & pepper seeds sowed now. I also picked up 3 types of potatoes, a couple types of onions and some silver queen corn seed (for the school garden). Sure wish it wasn't snowing or I'd plant those bulbs that are all ready to be planted!

I guess I'll clean up and make dinner. I have a vegetable curry recipe in Fine Cooking I've been wanting to try for a couple weeks. I needed some cauliflower and got that so I'm all set!


Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Tam -- I edited this days ago.... guess I have not used this PC much as I forgot all about the Rooster.

these two were running around in Ybor City FL

Thumbnail by tcs1366
Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Sandy, the calendar was in the mailbox, so don't know if it came yesterday or today, but thanks, it is beautiful.

Now about JohnJohn. DH took him to Indiana with him, as he has always ridden in the truck. DH said when they got there, he let him out of the truck and he was greeting his Amish friends dogs. They unloaded a load of hay which took about an hour, and when they finished, JohnJohn was gone. He looked around that area, and didn't find him. He had to make another stop, so went there, and then came back to spend the night. He left a towel, food and water by the truck and he thought if he wandered back in that he would "smell" his towel and know that DH wasn't far away. Well morning came and still no JohnJohn. DH is devastated. He is on his way home. He did stop in town at the newspaper and put an ad in the next edition of the paper. We will just have to hope that somebody finds him and calls us. DH has taken hunting dogs up there and this happened and the dog was found. So I am hoping that things turn out well.

Lyndonville, NY

Quick note:

Took Shannon to Strong. She was admitted. Blood clot in arm and neck and systemic infection they believe.. Think she has something called Leimerre's Disease, which is very rare and very dangerous.

I am home to change and grab a bag, staying at the hospital. Will update when I can.


somewhere, PA

Now that is a fancy high-steppin' rooster Terese!

BonnieB - I bet he feels awful but I'm staying hopeful that someone finds JohnJohn.

OMG the vegetable curry was delicious! I added a red pepper & fresh lime juice. So good. I love the coconut milk. :-)


Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Huggs to Debbie and Shannon.... gonna google that Disease....

Deb -- when will you ever get a "break" ?

somewhere, PA

Crossed posted w/you Debbie. Poor Shannon - I looked that up and it sounds scarey! Good luck. My thoughts are with her.


Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Debbie, hugs and prayers for all of you.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

{{{{{{{{{{{{Debbie and Shannon}}}}}}}}}}}


Verona, ON

(((Shannon and Debbie))) Sending positive thoughts.

Oh BonnieB no wonder your DH is so upset. Here he thought he was doing such a wonderful thing for Johnjohn and the little snot ran off. Sending positive thoughts he will show up none the worse for wear. He's got a lot of miles on him for a little guy.

Diesel and I just got back from a small walk and I thought I was electing the pope. The white smoke come out of the chimney was incredible.

Fever is down to 100 and am feeling like I am getting back into the land of the living. Ribs are sore from coughing though. Many of you know exactly what I mean.

Good idea on sending Pict #2 Tam. Would hate to see you held up by bureaucracy - and you know how long that can take once something is in the system.

(((Bonnie and Swiper))) Here's hoping you were able to get Swiper's valium with little or no distress on both your parts.My heart just aches for the two of you - so many illnesses to tackle all at once. Hope your dinner tonight was as delicious as it sounds. I am positive it will be!

Vicki I saw on FB that DH was cooking bacon. Yum! Don't really care of I have any but would love to smell some cooking some time soon.

Sandy, Andre being good today? Did your mam's glasses ever show up?

Isn't it always the way Loretta - someone else gets that darn free meal.

Terese, I forgot to ask.... just how excited was Budman to see you?

Sweet dreams everyone.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Dianne Andre is being Andre. And no the glasses never showed up. But we get her new one yesterday.

Sandy and Andre

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Oh, Debbie sending thoughts and prayers your way. It seems that the black cloud just seems to linger over your family. I know that it will one day seem like a nightmare, but right now you just have to buckle up and take the ride whether you paid for it or not.

Dianne, I didn't know you were that sick. My goodness you have had more than your share of illness this year too. Here's hoping when spring gets here everybody will be well and stay well for a very long time.

Tammy, oh that sounds like such a good trip. I know that you will enjoy it thoroughly. Of course the only requirement is that you take plenty of pictures so that we can travel through your adventures. Wish I was a billionaire and I could travel to wherever my fancy took me. Of course I would be generous and take all of you with me. Wouldn't that be fun? I am wanting to go to the Holy Land. DH's aunt just got back and she said that it was the trip of a lifetime. She was baptised in the Jordan River, and she said that was the most moving experience of her life.

Elsie, rats on no free dinner. Seems like other people get the free "lunches" while we just sit back and be envious. Bet it was fun looking for the shamrock though. You didn't say how the food was!

Yes, all we ever wanted was to make sure that JohnJohn had a good life. He was so sad looking, missing his owner (DH's deceased DB) and then the tenants moved, and he was at the farm about a week by himself. I didn't give it a thought or he would have been here sooner. Dh was feeding him when he went to feed the horses, but he was lonesome. Then he came here and was trying to make friends with the other dogs and Casper had to jump on him which sort of cowed him further. DH thought by taking him that he could give him some companionship on the ride up and back. Don't guess he ever thought that he would run away like that. I am sure that he was exploring and just got lost. JRT are born hunters, and if he smelled something in the air, I am sure that his nose led him astray. I am not giving up hope, DH put the ad in the neighborhood newspaper, and I am sure that we will get a call that he has been found, and then we can get in the car and go fetch him. Just keep him in your thoughts. Poor little guy probably thinks that he has been abandoned.

Going to look up that condition that Shannon has.

somewhere, PA

I saw that there have only been an estimated 160 cases of that syndrome/disease since penicillin was invented. Sure hope the antibiotics and blood thinners take care of it for Shannon.

Dianne - feel better!

Good night all. I'm shutting down for the night.


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

That sounds very serious. Sure hoping that they can get the infection under control and things look lots brighter tomorrow.

I am waiting for one more dog to get back inside from the last outdoor break. Seems there is always one who lollygags and is later getting back in.

We are supposed to have snow tomorrow, and just checked and there is moisture falling from the sky. Evidently the front is here and the snow is preceeded by rain. Oh joy, just what I didn't want.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

BonnieB, I sure hope you find JohnJohn. The food was good. The minute I sat down I started coughing. So we had some soup and it was good and it stopped my coughing. We had burgers. It's a restaurant that is like a 50's or 60's drive in. They bike and antique car nights. there is a raised stage in the middle of the restaurant and they display bikes and old cars. They have old movie posters all around the dining room and old music playing. The restaurant is round so you have windows around most of he restaurant. I think all the dining room help are high school students which I think is great. The best part was meeting with my friend.

One of our grocery stores had a meet the managers night on Friday. I stopped by to pick a few items up and it was like a circus. They had drawings for several things, free samples and random aisles got a free bag of groceries. There was even a sample of tomato sauce made of NJ tomatoes. It was good but it was expensive.

I got my hair cut on Friday. I'm not sure I like it. I got a good education on hair. Time will tell. I think I will color it tomorrow and see if that give it more body.

My nurse Chloe has been doing a very good job as long as she is fed.

It sure did snow today.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Good morning everyone

Sandy and Andre

somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

I was dreaming about something but now I can't remember.

Loretta - I'm so glad you had a nice lunch with your friend. Nice way to celebrate that car's birthday. hehehe

BonnieB - I sowed the Rutgers mater seeds yesterday. I'm gonna give some to the school garden too.

Good Morning Sandy!

Bonnie - how did the St Pat's party go? Sounded like a lot of fun.

Debbie - sure hope Shannon is responding to the antibiotics.

~~ to everyone

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning, having a snow storm right now, but the ground temp is too warm for anything to stick. Just about ready to head out to church.

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)


Deb hugs for you and Shannon. Hope a break is coming soon.

Sorry I sent you guys that bad weather but beware I am suppose to get more tomorrow.

BonnieB hope you hear about JohnJohn soon.

Elsie I hope the hair coloring helps.

Dianne glad you are feeling a wee bit better. Bet Diesel was glad for the walk. Will gladly share the smell of the bacon.

Tam you reminded me I need to start some tomato seeds. Just don't know if I am capable of not planting as many vegies this year. That trip sounds wonderful.

Bonnie hope Swiper is taking his meds okay. How was the dinner?

don't remember what else I read. Was watching a movie with DH after work last night and I could feel a cold starting. Took some meds hoping to kill it and so far it hasn't worked. Well I went all winter without I might as well as get one now. Just hoping it doesn't get too bad.

Verona, ON

Happy St Patrick's Day everyone!

Oh Vicki don't you pull a me and get a cold this late in the season. Hope you can nip this is the bud as it is not fun.

Sending positive thoughts to Shannon, Debbie and Paul. I read that fact too Tam. The poor kid had so many scripts when she first fell ill with this cold that I hope they can find something that will work in her system. Sure hoping they have her on blood thinners but I imagine that is something Strong did pronto. Shannon is the fifteh person I have heard about in the last 2 weeks who developed clots while/after having this blasted cold. All of the people were very young - like under 40.

BonnieB I just had 2 friends spend a week in Jordan and they really enjoyed themselves. They are experienced travellers so any compliment from them I listen . They are teaching in Egypt this year and probably for the next 2. With their job they get at least 1 long weekend (4 days) a month and usually travel out of Egypt for the holiday. That was one of the major factors of them taking a job overseas - travelling would be much cheaper for them to do and they would be able to revisit countries they really liked. I can't remember the number of times they have been to Bali.

Good for you starting your seeds Tam. I am thinking of doing that again this year. I haven't done it in a few years but certainly have the time now and the space. This week I plan to tackle the downstairs. It is completely finished but is covered in plaster dust, ash and just general dust in several areas. The windows need a good clean as do the screens. I have let it go all winter as I never use it until Spring and Summer. The school will be delighted to get your starter plants Tam.

Time for some breakfast and then Diesel's much needed and demanded walk

Hope Bonnie's party went well last night.

BonnieB's snow storm sent by Vicki is due to hit here tomorrow and if the WL are correct it will be a goodie. Let's hope it is the last kick at the cat.


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Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

I've been around the past week or so.... been sulking. But since what is going on in my life is quite trivial compared to everyone elses.... I wont bother mention it.

Bonnie -- I'm keeping your Swiper in my T's & P's. Hope your boy is taking his medicine without too much fuss.

BonniB -- also thinking of JJ. Poor boy. Hope he is found quickly. He's had a rough road of late.

elsie -- loved those glasses. so colorful

Hoping that everyone that is ill, gets better soon. Extra prayers for Shannon and Debbie.

Dianne -- Buddy was just beside himself when we got home. Jimmy had him outside, so we could greet him there, just in case he 'widdled' -- he always did that when he was younger when super excited. Thankfully I believe he has grown out of it. For a few days, he followed us everywhere - making sure we did not leave again.
~~ and took 5 days for Charlie to forgive me.... he's finally snuggling with me again.

BonnieB -- My plan... weather depending - is to leave / head north on April 10th. Our Park officially opens on the 15th. Our water lines are set very shallow, and if the ground is still frozen, so are the pipes... and no water. The head maintenance guy, Ron, he generally starts the Monday before getting the water on and fixing breaks/leaks in the lines.... I'm sure I'll be working by Friday the 12th, so heading up on the 10th will give DH and I time to get set up.

Yes, I did have my DR apt the other day. Results of the blood draw --- my thyroid levels are better than they were at the end of Dec. Meds stay the same. She said to come back in 1 yr for a new blood draw and an ultrasound. She said she just wants to make sure they 'got everything' during surgery. An interesting tidbit that I just learned.... the right side of the thyroid is where the nodule was, and it was bigger than the ultrasound showed.... and initially when removal was mentioned, I had the option to only take out half -- which is something I chatted with Tam about.... and now i'm even happier that I had the entire gland removed, as the cancer they found was on the left side... the side that was not showing any growth, so I never had a biopsy there. Just glad it was all removed.

DH has been updating me on FLA weather, almost daily. We did make the decision to NOT buy now... for one, how silly to own 2 homes, plus it would have totally strapped us for cash "just in case". We did hear back from our lawyer who said Jim could become a FLA resident and not pay IL state taxes, since this house is in my name. He said we would lose our "homestead" exemption, but would get one in FLA so again, we'd be a head of the game money-wise. But BOY if I had an extra 100k laying around..... who knows, maybe next year.

Jim is already 'unloading' some of his collections... he has a lot of things he collects. As some of you know, he's a knife maker as a hobby, so he has quite the collection.... He's sold off a few of his higher end pieces and some of his marbles [yes, people actually collect those... they are considered Contemporary Glass Art] He's selling off ones that are no longer his favorites.... one he said he paid over $500 which to me is insane.... but people are buying them. He had one marble on ebay, asking $110. and a guy emailed him and asked if he could do a "buy it Now" for $200 .... again, insane.

He's also unloading some stock Mustang parts, tires and rims from when he modified his a bit.... stuff just sitting in the basement or garage attic. He's very serious on "down sizing" and NOT taking stuff with when we do move.

That's about all I can think of.... only thing on the calendar is the accountant next Tuesday. I sure hope the weather breaks a bit... only seen the sun once in the past week... and I'd like to get some seeds started... I need to do "maters too... thinking of doing them in egg shell halves, like i've seen photos of.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

~~ weird, my time stamp is off again.... was wondering how Dianne could have edited her post at 10:30 am when mine posted at 9am. [knew I wasn't working on that post for over an hour.... ] seems I'm off an hour again.... gonna try to fix that.

** fixed. had to change from Central, to Central Daylight time....

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somewhere, PA

Terese - I'm so glad you got the full thyroid out, especially hearing the lab results. I am late getting my annual ultrasound myself. Just too much going on.

Dianne - are you feeling better today? That cleaning can wait 'til you feel better. Seeds don't need to be started 'til anywhere from 3-6wks before planting. (Unless you have a spot with great light, its best not to start too early).

I need to finish clearing out the downstairs bathroom and get the rock garden seeds going. After I lose this headache.


Lyndonville, NY

We are all home.

Shannon has a blood clot in the surface veins on her left arm. This one is occlusive, meaning blocking blood flow. The bigger one,
in her jugular vein is not blocking blood flow but messing with her pressure. She is on livoxal blood thinner shots in the stomach, at home and also starting
the cumodin tablets.

Will be going twice a week to get blood checked for levels on Monday and Thursday. Follow up with her doctor and also seeing a Hematologist. There is something very wrong with the clotting factors, and they are not sure what.

Was thought to be the Lemierre's disease, but she isn't presenting "sick enough". All the symptoms over the last few months are dead on. Right now,
the testing that needs done, can't be, because of the clots. The blood thinners will throw off all the testing that needs to be done.

Will be leaving very early tomorrow morning for Ohio for my appointments.


New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Hi folks. Bringing you up to date.

The dinner was a success. The table looked great and the food was good. Three stayed for games, Judy, Nancy, another South Florida, Sweet Adeline transplant and her on the road to 50 daughter, Christina, who due to some disability that is not outwardly apparent, is unable to work, but who is a piece of work! I like her, but she is different. Anyway, I digress, As the game progressed and they sat watching me rub away at my eyes, they became increasingly alarmed. Upon close inspection they diagnosed my crusty, oozing eyes as conjunctivitis. Everybody backed away like I had the plague, sanitized their hands, ordered me to the car and drove me to the nearest ER where their diagnosis was confirmed, I was given an Rx for eye drops for 7 days and a Zpack for my sinus infection. The pink eye will no longer be contagious after 48 hours on the drops. Already the oozing has almost stopped completely and the itching is diminished. Sinus passages are beginning to drain and open, too.

I slept on and off most of the day. Still have clean up to do in the kitchen. Ugh. New cleaning woman, Elaine, comes tomorrow, Monday is the only day she had open so I took it just to get her locked in, She has worked for Pat and Judy for years and helped me this year here at the shores to move my Christmas stuff to the storage unit. I didn't think she would work for me because of the distance she has to travel to get here. She built gas $$ into her quote which is still less than what I was paying for a service I was not totally please with.

Anyway, I am going to go clean the kitchen and then come back and read all the posts I have missed.



Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Debbie thank God it isn't as bad as first suspected, but sounds like she still has lots of problems. I was wondering if you would cancel your appointments, but glad to hear that you are going.

Terese, wow that opening of the camp is sooner than I thought. Guess you gave it some thought before planning the vacation. I think I would want more of a period of time at home before heading out again.

Tammy, I haven't started one seed yet. Yesterday it was 73 and today 3 inches of snow. I don't plan to heat the little greenhouse, so will just sit tight and wait until MN decides to give us some good warm weather before starting any seeds. I may do some winter sowing, some flowers etc, will save room in the greenhouse.

Dianne, did you say Vicki sent this storm to me? I thought she liked me better than to send more stinkin snow here. I am hoping that I took the brunt of it, and that you won't get much!

Vicki, hope you catch that cold early and nip it in the bud. That was a favorite saying of Barney on Andy Griffith show.

Would you believe that it is now raining and the WL are saying this will extend through tomorrow and we are to get copious amounts. Enough all ready. We were supposed to have gravel delivered tomorrow, but with that weather, probably not. Our driveway is vanishing, slowly, gravel sinking, so have to have some to firm it up.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Oh, Bonnie, glad that the pink eye didn't get a stronger hold before getting meds for it, and for the sinus problems. It sounded like the party was a success and the food had to be good. Here is hoping that Swiper is taking his meds without too much problem. Maybe giving the valium first makes it easier to give the other meds later.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Debbie, glad the diagnosis isn't as bad. I sure hope DD starts to feel better. Good luck tomorrow!!

Bonnie, sounds like a good time except for your infections. Glas you had friends to take you to the ER.

BonnieB, I bought these herb planters at Walmart and now I'm going to return them. I thought they had individual packets of herb seeds, but they were all in one packet. I did plant a pot of basil, rosemary and chives. I'll have to see if anything comes up. I would like to plant some tomatoes, maybe I'll get them at the tomato weekend down the road in May.

I'm not looking forward to working tomorrow. I'm still very tired. I just hope the heat isn't as awful as it's been.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Elsie are you talking about planting the actual tomato plants or trying to start them from seed? If so, I could send you some seed so that you don't have to buy a whole package just for a few seeds.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

BonnieB, I'm thinking about buying a couple of plants. I don't have much space for seed starting. But thanks!

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

Bonnie B. mayb we we can trade some seeds? what tomatoes do you have?
Debbie, hope they figure out quickly what is going on with Shannon.
A friend of mine is making the Tres Leche cake...she has made it before...
Haley is coming over in the morning and Tuesday and Wednesday too.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Melva, will send you a dmail tomorrow about the seeds. Mine are mostly heirlooms.

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

Mine are too..Baker Creek sent me a package as a bonus, for a tomato called 'Reisetraube"

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Waving at everyone, have a tooth ache--4 more days until I can get it out---going to be long ones

Sandy and andre

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

good morning everyone

bad night, started off around midnight DM throwing up and ended up this morning with Andre throwing up, and I do not feel to good either. I really need to go to the gym, knee is not happy


Sandy and Andre

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning, it is raining here and we have had thunder rumbling all night. Of course that means Mr. B is in the closet and won't be out until the thunder stops. Poor little tyke.

Sandy, sure hope that all of you feel better today. Do you think it is a virus or something you ate? Doesn't matter, sick is sick.

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