How Was Your Day? #380

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Snowing here and we will be out the door soon!

somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

Sandy - are you sure its a good day to go to the gym? If you are contagious, you're sharing with a lot of people!

Bonnie - be sure to replace all your eye makeup & wash your towels in hot water before using them again. That conjunctivitis can be quite pernicious. So glad you got treatment quickly! My brother got a really nasty case last year AT AN EYE CLINIC! It took forever to get over it.

BonnieB - I bought a new heating mat last spring (while it was on sale) so my seeds will be nice and toasty. Our snow came a day earlier than yours and its melting. Finally.

Melva - you're party is going to be wonderful!


somewhere, PA

Drive safely Vicki!

Bonnie - this government web site also cautions to wash your pillow cases:


New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Good morning, I am busy getting ready for Elaine to arrive to clean the house. Almost finished putting away the items from the party. I thought I would share this funny with you so you could start your Monday with a smile on your face;

This is on a coaster Pattie gave me Saturday night, Put the emphasis on the word "Laugh".

"Forget about counting carbs. I am going to laugh my ass off"

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Tammy thanks for the tips. Will certainly follow all the warnings.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Tam I took a pain pill that was why I was not feeling good, plus the fact I had to clean up after the other two. I think DM ate to much, she ate about 4 times the amount she usually does. Andre throw up a piece of cartilage I need ask my neighbors if any of them feed him stuff.

Sandy and Andre

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

I get some good news, I will not have to wait until Friday to get this tooth removed. There where some cancellations and I will be going down there tomorrow afternoon

Sandy and Andre

Verona, ON

Excellent Sandy. Safe travels.

Hope Debbie makes it back from Ohio before this storm hits. It is supposed to be a mixed bag of weather but at least 10 - 15 cm of snow here overnight, then more on Tuesday. Once Debbie gets a chance to catch her breath maybe she can tell us how Miss Izzy and her FIL are doing. I am assuming Shannon is getting the same shots Dh did each day for the blood clots. They are in the stomach and if you do it just right they don't hurt. The first time Warren had them he was still fairly beefy so there was no pain. .The second time he was skin and bone so the stomach ones hurt. I moved them to his leg and arm. Hope the shots work as well for Shannon as they did for DH.

How did the new cleaning lady make out Bonnie? I just got the name of a lady today so will call her tonight and hope she has a spot open for me.Loved the coaster!

BonnieB have you heard anything about Johnjohn? I imagine you and your DH are on pins and needles waiting for that phone to ring. Sending positive thoughts Johnjohn will be found.

Wow Terese I bet you breathed a huge sigh of relief when you got the news about your thyroid. Not so bad taking the meds is it when you think of the alternative? When do you head to the trailer?

Fever is still hovering around 100* - 101* but I feel much better. Still didn't do much today but did get Diesel out for a couple of walks. Not as far as he would have liked but I needed to get lots of wood in as the upcoming storm sounds dreadful. I hate freeezing rain!

Tam I don't start my seed - well at least for maters until mid April because I don't plant until June 1. DH always fussed at me for leaving it so late but my Grandfather whom I learned most of my gardening knowledge from never planted his tomatoes before then. Too much of a risk of frost and the soil is still so cold in May. Great for some veggies though.

Did you get to work today Loretta? I hope you are feeling better.

Well it still looks like I elected the pope if you see the white smoke coming out of my chimney. For some reason it is really white these last couple of days and stands out as you come down the lane. Just makes me chuckle to see it.

Vicki did you work today or were you off?

Need to find something for dinner. BBL

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

I just got in and it's still snowing. It's rather slick out there. A co-worker said we are supposed to get 10 inches of snow. Maybe a snowday tomorrow. I can always hope. What a day at work. 1200 emails and 30 voicemails. The people who have been calling are just so nasty. One woman didn't get one of her magazines. So I said I would mail her another one. She rambled on and on. Then she asked me when that magazine went out in the mail. I asked her what magazine. The one I am replacing. I said we just talked about it - it's not in the mail. I haven't even typed up the label yet. Yikes! The one brother kept asking me about my vacation - what a maroon. I really think I should take up a new hobby - drinking.

I'm going to make some dinner and bbl.

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Sandy very good news about getting an earlier appointment for your tooth ache.

Swiper's blood work report came back. He is positive for pancreatitis and IBS. The treatment will be mega doses of Prednisone, which the doc says is a very large pill, for one month. Great!!! I am already shoving Valium and amoxicillin down his throat twice a day. The cat is never going to let me touch him.

Debbie how are you and Shannon today?

Elsie how are you?

Tammy, the sheets and bedding were washed and sanitized and all the eye make-up has been tossed. I am using make-up remover pads to bathe my eyes with sterile water when they need to be cleaned. Also, applying wet teabag compresses, which was a tip from the ER nurse. They feel better than they did Saturday night but are still worrisome. The are also sensitive to light.

I am no longer contagious 48 hours after beginning the drops so I will be cleared to go out in public tomorrow. The itching is the worst part. I want to scratch the inside of my lower eyelid on my right eye sooooooooo badly. It is driving me crazy.

I think I am going to order pizza for dinner tonight. Elaine and I had left over St. Paddy's dinner for lunch today. I am tired of that.

Forgot to say I hope JohnJohn is found and returned.

A little baby Yorkie has moved in next to me for a month. The other day he cried and cried at the door for four hours when his Dad left him at home. I slipped a friendly note under the doormat letting the owner know how unhappy the poor little puppy was. He knocked on my door with an apology saying he usually takes the dog with him, but could not that day. In the future he would keep him at the back of the condo when he leaves. That was the cutest little pup. My Stetson, @17.80 pounds, makes 17 of that little Yorkie.

Have to go choose a pizza restaurant to call in my order. BBL.



Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Sandy, good news on your appointment.

I got my calendar today - it's just beautiful. I am going to hang it on my board at work. I may get confused when I keep the page at the sunset shots. hehe

Thank you so much!

somewhere, PA

Who sent the snow???? We got it a couple days ago and were scheduled for green dotted with glorious spring flowers. Not SNOW! lol
They actually closed the schools early today and its been quite a white out for the last couple hours.

Loretta - I think you need a new travel agent if that's the kinda vacation she sends you on! I hope it calms down a bit as the week goes on. I wonder if Chloe enjoyed the blankies w/o having to share today.

Dianne - I hope you find someone good to help with the spring cleaning!

Bonnie - sounds like you are all set to get that eye issue behind you! Pizza sounds good for dinner. I had an omelet with left over veggies w/mushrooms.

Sandy - glad to hear you don't have to wait any longer to get that tooth taken care of. Did you make it to the gym?

Vicki - could you please keep the snow to yourself from here on out? lol

Debbie - I hope you get home safely & find Shannon is improved.

BonnieB - Did MrB calm down? Did you have a good day?

~~~ to Melva, Adina, Terese & everyone else I missed commenting to.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

I get to the gym, but will not tomorrow, I will be on my way down there as quick as I can, the old tooth hurts


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good evening. I did lots of nothing or not much today. DH asked how I could tell if I was making any progress and I stated that by the make believe timer on the desk. I was totally lazy. I did pay a few bills this morning, and got them in the mail box, had to make a run to the little quick mart to buy DS a package of cigarettes. It rained here all day. Mr. B did come out of the closet about 8:00 this morning. He went to the mail box with me about 10 am, and slept until after supper when I took him for a ride. The rain had finally quit. I guess he will go with me to the nursing home tomorrow. I gave him a quick bath one with the doggie wipes, and he is good to go.

No word on JohnJohn. DH's friend called and said the paper would be out tomorrow,so hoping that we get some response then. I just can't get him off my mind. Worried about where he is staying, if he is out of the weather, is he getting any food. Just driving me crazy.

Elsie, I don't see how you hold your tongue with some of those callers. I always try to brighten a callers day if I need to talk to customer service. I usually ask where they are, what the weather is, and always wish then a happy rest of the day. Hope you get a snowday tomorrow, instead of having to fight traffic in the slippery snow.

Tammy, I wish I could eat like you do, I could if it wasn't for DH. I would have to make him an entire meal, and if I do that, I am sure to eat some.

Dianne, glad to hear that you are feeling better. Hope that the lady has an opening for you to help with your cleaning. I need to call someone myself. I just don't want to start spring cleaning until there is a bit os spring weather so I can open windows, and stuff like that. I may go ahead and take down curtains and do some laundry of them.

Bonnie, glad you are feeling better. Please be careful and try not to scratch that eyelid, too much danger of getting a worse infection. Pizza sounds good, wish I had thought of it. We had spaghetti, salad and garlic bread. I think I would give the valium to Swiper first, let him get woozy and then stuff the others down his throat so fast that he wouldn't know what hit him. Poor guy, surely he knows that you are only doing something that will help him feel better.

Sandy, glad you got a cancellation appointment to get that tooth out of there sooner. I don't think I have ever had a tooth ache, but have had pain from dental procedures, not good.

Melva, all of my seed is in the garden shed and it was raining too much and too hard to traipse out there and get them.

Terese, glad to know that you really escaped some big problems by having the whole glad removed, rather than just part. That would have meant more surgery and more down time. Hope you are getting rested up ready to start work when you get to WI.

Tomorrow is nursing home visitation. Looking forward to it and hoping for clear weather for a little change. We had snow on Sunday and rain on Monday, so is it too much to ask for some sunshine for Tuesday?

somewhere, PA

Have fun tomorrow BonnieB!

I'm off to get ready for bed. Have a nice evening all.

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Poor Elaine, she put in a really long day today. She arrived a little after ten and left around six. I don't understand it. She is the third cleaner I have had at the Shores and all of them seem to take forever to clean the place. Granted, the first time is always the longest. She didn't even have to open the doors to two of the bedrooms or baths. And as décor goes, this place is not overrun with furniture or knick knacks. I see Elaine clean at Pat & Judy's houses that have stuff on and in every available surface in three or four hours. Maybe she cannot reach all the surfaces and nooks and crannies in their houses because of all the stuff everywhere so the clean goes faster., Here everything is exposed. Anyway, everything just sparkles. She did a fabulous job. The bonus with Elaine is that she is willing to do so many other things along with cleaning. She changed out three light bulbs for me today and moved some very heavy boxes into my closet.

Dianne you must have some form of the flu with a temp hanging on like that. Perhaps, you should see Dr. Death after all before something serious creeps up on you.

BonnieB hope you and Mr.B have a great time at the nursing home tomorrow. Cannot help giggling over the fact that Mr.B had a "cat" bath tonight with his wipe down. But don't tell him I said that. I am certain he would become very upset and would go hide in the closet.

Tammy you reminded me to cook my cauliflower when you talked about the veggie curry. Could I have that recipe, please?

Terese forgive my late response to your surgery. I, too, am happy with the wise decision you made. Now you just have to continue on the road to full recovery.

Melva - not many days left until the big celebration. Are you getting excited?

Well, I have been working on this post for hours. Guess I should wrap it up.

Have a good night everyone.


Lyndonville, NY

We are home. Weather was horrible from Erie PA to home, but the last 10 miles to here were horrific! DH never worries and he was
not happy. We fishtailed a few times.

Lots to tell but will have to wait til tomorrow...just exhausted.


Bryan, TX

Super duper hot today - already - 88 degrees! Broke the 2011 record of 87 degrees on this date.

Spent the morning in my yard - moving plants around to shady areas because summers just gets too hot in the sun even though they are sun lovers.

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

Bonnie B. I am a combination of excited and nervous at the same time.
I already have some tiny Jalapeo pepper plants and a couple of different I planted swiss chard and some different basils.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Am up and drinking my coffee and working on a sermon. DH and Mr. B are still in bed so the house is quiet. Although I would love the extra sleep, it is a good time for me to read and think.

Melva, when I get back from the nursing home, I will look to see what seeds I have. I ordered some new ones, but can't remember what they were.

somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

Debbie - I'm so happy to see you got home safely!!!

Borderpatrol - welcome!

Bonnie - fantastic at finding someone who can leave your place sparkling clean! I think its the coconut milk that I love the most about Thai curry's.

BonnieB - Will MrB come along with you today? I just love the image I have of him strutting his stuff down the halls as you visit folks. :-)

Melva - thanks for the reminder. I need to get some hot peppers. I only had a couple of seeds left of the Kellog's Breakfast maters and they have become our favorite. So I'll order a few more. Apparently they were the favorites of the kids last year too.

Loretta - be careful on your drive this morning. Its just too weird to hear the snow plows out again.


Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Morning! Safe trip Sandy. Glad you got in a couple of days earlier.

Deb glad you made it home safely. Sorry I sent that weather to you by thinking about it. DH never worries either. Or doesn't appear to. Might have boiled eggs for breakfast.

Was thinking about all of you after being out in the start of the snow storm yesterday. DH had an appointment to get fluid in his tractor tires. He was tired of almost tipping over when dumping a load of snow. It even started when they said if we had been on regular time. They said 6 and it started at 7. So he wasn't going to cancel and he wanted me to go and I really didn't want to but being the excellent wife I am I went.

We got there and he dropped off the tractor and we went out for breakfast. I ordered scrambled eggs and ham. It was terrible. The eggs were watery from the ham and the ham was a sweet ham. Ty will have a good breakfast today. Got back to the tire place and his pump was broke. So I got to sit in the truck for an hour. What a wasted morning. By the time that was done there was at least 2 inches of snow. Wind started to pick up on the way home. Got home safely. I ate and took a nap while DH cleared the driveway. Don't know how many inches of snow we got as there was too much drifting and blowing and it is still doing that. DH is totally happy with the fluid in his tires. He said it drives thru anything and doesn't tip when dumping a load. So well worth the trip in that sense.

BonnieB so hoping you hear about JJ today! We make Ty wait until it is time to eat but then he doesn't bark for his food either. Hope MrB wakes up in time to go with you today!

BorderPatrol I would appreciate it if you would send some of that heat up here. Thank You!

Terese it must feel good to have made the right decision on your surgery. I can just imagine how Bud was when you got home. One cat I had would ignore me for a couple of hours. They are so funny.

Bonnie how is Swiper today?

Elsie I know how you hold your tongue with those customers. You bite it! I know from experience! LOL

Dianne hope you are feeling better. My cold is running normal. HAd to go and sleep sitting up on the couch so I could get to sleep last night. Will probably get a nap in today also as I woke up way to early.

Made round steak for supper last night. I didn't realize what it was when I opened it. Was tough as shoe leather. So I have the rest cooking and will make a stew out of it. I could see on DH's face this morning he had his doubts.

Better go and check the eggs and you know who will be hungry.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Yes, Mr. B is out of bed and I have brushed him and put his harness on. He is laying down again, so guess that means I will carry him to the car. He is such a slug, but he will brighten up when he knows we are on our way. DS called and wants to go with me. Last time he was there, he knew so many of the staff. Guess he will visit the staff while I visit the residents.

Vicki, there is no holding Casper back. When he wants something, it is RIGHT NOW, and lets me know by his shrill bark. Not a good thing to wake up to.

Lyndonville, NY

Welcome Border Patrol, and please...send some of that to NY. Vicky & Terese sent me too much cold!!!

All that snow that was there last night when I let Izzy out and went to bed, is gone. I don't think it melted, just blew away!
Lots of schools closed south of here, the way we traveled to get home.

Getting ready to clean Izzy's ears out and a good brushing. I will give you a skin & ear report when I can peel her (and the cats)
off me to get a good look.

Boiled eggs sound good for a egg salad!!

Just totally exhausted.


Verona, ON

Snow, snow and more snow. It snowed all night and is continuing to do so today. Plow guy has already been through once and thinks we will probably need a second either late tonight or in the morning. It is not that light fluffy snow either. I shovelled the front steps and a walkway through the snowbank to get to the steps and was whipped.Glad I got so much wood in yesterday.

Was worried about you and Paul on the roads Debbie. Glad you made it home safe. I bet you are exhausted!!Exhausted probably isn't even the word for how you are feeling right about now.

Was chuckling to myself Vicki when you were talking about going with your DH and it turned into a marathon event. I can't count the number of times the same thing happened to me with my DH. His "Oh come with me it will only take an hour" became a standing joke between the two of us. I learned early on it was easier and much cheaper for me to go with DH when he asked me to after the time he went out for an oil change and came home with a new car.

Welcome Borderpatrol. Yep I will take some of that heat too. The palms of my hands are getting itchy I want to get out in the dirt so badly.

My fever just does not want to go away. It is still sticking around 100* but I feel much better. I have some Rx to finish up and if the fever is still with me I will call Dr Death again.

Bonnie I do not envy you trying to get all those meds down Swiper. I think the suggestion of giving him the valium first and letting it take effect is a good idea.You probably already do that - you are a pro at getting meds down your boys. Glad your cleaning lady worked out. The best cleaning lady I ever had was in her 50's when she started and she stayed with me for well over 20 years. There was nothing that missed her eagle eye. The ones I have had since just don't seem to notice the dust or mark or dirt. This house so needs an airing out after this winter. There have been a few times on a warmer day I open the deck doors and the front door and let the air flow through. It is not long though beofre the furnace set at 58* flicks on though. Sure hope your neighbour is as good as his word about his dog. There is nothing worse than a barky, whiny dog that you have to listen to for hours on end and you can't get to it. I always feel so sorry for the dog.

Betcha Mr B just sparkles at the NH today Bonnie. Does he understand when you put his harness on he is in for a good time?

Loretta I hope you had a safe drive in this morning. I was watching he Boston news about 4 am this morning and they were saying how some areas were hit very badly by the storm. I sure hope your area wasn't one of them.

Melva are you getting excited about your party?

Need to get some food into me whether I feel like it or not. Hot broth sounds good.


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Dianne, Mr. B knows that the harness means somewhere special. Yep, he really gets excited, and lets everyone pet him. He is very patient with them. Never jumps up unless invited to do so. There is one lady who told me to just go home and leave him, said she was a good dog sitter!

We have sunshine but it isn't warm. Looks beautiful but a cold cold wind blowing.

Debbie glad you got home so that you can take care of the furkids. Poor Izzy, hope that eveything is healing nicely.

Got to get me something to eat, my stomach is threatening to take up residence in another body!

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Have to leave for work in 3 hours. Going to try and make it out the driveway it is just about drifted shut. DH went out and drove back in this morning to give me some pack to drive on. Hope it works. Just wish I had gone out sooner and parked at the end of the driveway. New experiences gotta love them!

somewhere, PA

Quiet day around here! I am finally feeling like I'm getting traction with work. I've just felt so disconnected after all that's happened this year.

Dianne - it took 8 days for me to shake my fever. It started heading north on a Thurs, started the antibiotics on Mon afternoon and finally got under 100 the following Sat. And then it took a long time to feel like I was healthy too. Sure hope you clear sooner! And I'm looking forward to airing out this house too. I just love how it smells with fresh air!

Debbie - how's Shannon doing?

BonnieB - that's our boy! Did your DS go with you?

Loretta - how did you do on the roads & at work today?

Sandy - I hope things went well at the dentist today. (It was today, right?)

Vicki - I sure hope you got out OK and can get home safely too! Our snow melted substantially today so we are definitely closer to spring then you are! I bet at least Ty is happy to have the extended winter weather!


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Tam yes today.

they where able to get the tooth out with out cutting. thankfully the swelling had gone down and she was able to get a hold of the tooth. jaw is sore

sandy and andre

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Sandy, glad you got your tooth taken care of. I hope your aches go away soon.

Vicki, that sounds like a snow day to me.

Tammy, how are the chicks? ARe things still being deconstructed in the kitchen?

BonnieB, any news about JohnJohn? How did your visit go today?

It was fun -not cleaning off the car this morning. I think we had about 4 inches of snow topped with a crunchy ice. This morning there was a lovely looking snow storm - huge snowflakes coming down in a white out. The roads were bad trying to get out onto the highway but once there they were okay.

I've encountered what I remember as frost heaves in the road. When I lived in NH - there were signs warning of them. I think the asphalt was just pushed up due to the cold weather.

Today was just another group of nuts calling me.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good evening. I am just astounded at Mr. B's energy today, that is a sure sign that warmer weather is on the way. He is like a bear who hibernates all winter then wakes up and goes full blast till winter again. I admit he doesn't like really hot weather, but he really enjoys being outside "helping" me in the gardens. Gives him a good chance to dig and get dirty. I so wish they didn't have a ban on cameras at the Nursing Home. Mr B and Chris (the female JFT) were so cute greeting each other. I learned today that they are about the same age, so she doesn't expect him to run and play like a young puppy. But they sniffed and both tails going ninety miles an hour. You could tell that they were happy to see each other again.

Yes DS went with me today and visited with some staff while I visited the residents. He wouldn't admit it, but he really does enjoy seeing the residents and visiting with them too.

I was disappointed that the phone hadn't rung with news of JohnJohn, but I was wrong about the paper's publication date. It is Friday, so another 3 whole days to wait. DH did a really smart thing, he put our telephone number, plus his Amish friend's phone number in the ad. So if they aren't able to reach us, they can call Darrell. I still can't help but worry, does he have shelter, is he being fed, etc. He is sort of shy around people he doesn't know, so I am wondering if he will go to one place and stay there.

Dianne, here is hoping that you are feeling much better today. The fever alone can make you feel really rotten.

Vicki, here is hoping that you got out of the driveway and in to work without problems. I know that it is easier to drive in "tracks" than to forge your own, so hope DH made it better for you.

Sandy, glad to hear the tooth is out and that there was no cutting involved. So will they have to make new impressions to include this tooth in the partial plate?

Tammy, it does take awhile to get back into the swing of things at work. When I worked and would take a vacation of two weeks, it was almost like starting a new job when I returned. Although I had a great secretary and she was very capable of keeping things running while I was gone. She was a little tentative about making major decisions, but I trusted her to do that too.

Debbie, hope things are going well for you. I was hoping that you would have checked back with news of Izzy, Shannon and your tests. Well the night is not over yet!

Elsie, did you go to work today, or were you lucky enough to have a snow day? I hope that you have the emails caught up and that you can settle in to handling the regular days mail.

Melva, didn't make it to the garden shed again today. I am making myself a note to do that first thing in the morning. I did remember one that I ordered just to try it. We like fried green tomatoes, and there was a new one from Totally Tomatoes bred just for this purpose. Don't remember the name exactly, but can't wait to try it. Supposedly it is meatier and it holds together well when fried. I did order Roma, as they are so much better in the roasted tomato sauce. But my memory won't give up any other details right now. How many more days till party time?

Bonnie, have you been afraid to move today for fear of messing up your spic and span clean house? How is Swiper doing on his meds? I am sure that he doesn't like the meds any better than you do having to give them.

Adina, here is hoping that things in your area are good weather wise and family wise too. Is Nicholas in any pre school or nursery school, or is he still too young?

We had gravel delivered today. Our driveway is pretty long, and the snow and rain had let the gravel sink, so it was getting pretty muddy in spots. The guy who delivered them, spread them, and did such a good job that DH didn't have too much raking to do to get them all where they needed to go.

Well my grocery day tomorrow is getting rearranged. DS needs to pick up meds at a clinic he goes to, but they won't be ready until 6pm. So we will leave about 4:30, after he gets home from work, and shop and pick up the meds. Since I don't drive after dark, I paid particular attention to when it got dark tonight. Almost 8, so I will be able to get back home before dark.

Balotesti, Romania(Zone 5a)

Good morning! Finally I have more time to post. It's been crazy here with work and at the house and a new article to finish, but now I'm having a break...time to do some work outside. I have one more week and I'll be on vacation for 2 weeks. Andreea and her new family have decided to move to Buzau, a town not far from our place where Petre will get a job as a cook in his cousin's restaurant. They're still looking for a home to rent and as soon as they find it they will be leaving.
I'm amazed of how much snow some of you're still getting. We were lucky this winter, thank God! Hoping it'll stop soon everywhere.

BonnieB, how great to get Mr B out so he can enjoy spring! My doggies are out with me everyday too, when I have time to go out. They've been barking a lot last week because of a sheep herd coming on the field around our house. They are gone now, it's quiet.

Elsie, take care with those roads! Ours are damaging badly too after every winter. Grrrrr for your bad customers!

Dianne, take care of you and get well soon!

Tam, I understand about feeling disconnected with work...I'm feeling the same when things are going crazy at home. I sowed some tomato seeds and the seedlings are popping out already. Still have the peppers, eggplants to sow and plant the onions and garlick.

Debbie, good to hear you are home safe. I hope Shannon is feeling better. Get some rest!

Bonnie, good to hear that your eyes are feeling better and aren't itchy anymore. I know hoiw that feels because I have this allegry every spring when fluff and pollen is in the air. I hope you're not using make-up anymore, at least for now. My Mom had this allergy on her hands and parts of her body, with nasty blisters, which were so itchy that she felt like scratching all the time. The doctor gave her some pills and a cream which were good, the blisters are gone, but the skin still feels itchy. She has another treatment now which I hope will work better.

Vicki, you are such a good wife! And above all, a nasty breakfast...grrr! Boiled eggs are better!

Terese, good decision to get out all the tyroid gland. Hugs to you!

Sandy, how are you and Andre? is the tooth out yet?

Border, welcome! I agree with the girls, send some heat here too! What plants do you have in your garden?

Melva, I figure it's very hot at your place too!

Time to go. Talk to you later.


Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Happy Spring equinox... it was at 7:02 A.M. EDT

have to admit... it's 14degrees f.... does not feel like spring.

somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

Happy spring everyone!


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Good morning everyone

Tooth gone and not to much pain. Just tired still

Sandy and Andre

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning, and Mother Nature is trying to put on a show that will convince me that it really is. Sun is shining, but still very chilly.

Hope everybody has a great day, and is productive in some way.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Looks like rain here and we really need it

S and A

Verona, ON

Happy Spring everyone! It's snowing here ...pfffft!!

somewhere, PA

Well the sun is shining here. I hope it makes its way up north for you Dianne! And Debbie too.

I'm in the office - Truffles got here early to open up and all. She's just so cute. When I walked in the door she rolled over onto her back and stretched out as far as all her limbs would go. Might just have been a hint that she needed a belly rub? lol


Lyndonville, NY

Good morning,

Got my coffee brewing, helping Shannon do shot. Gave Izzy her meds and she is waiting for brushing, but I can't take her out right now.
Although sun is out, dang it is cold!!!

Regarding my appointment at Cleveland.

Basically, nothing they can do right now. I have a spinal cyst, I believe Doc called it a Meningioma tumor of the thoracic spine. It is located on my spine and very near the aorta. He said it is one of those issues where "you don't want it there at all, but if we touch it, it I will start leaking cerebral fluid....not good, and more problems." His recommendation is to keep an eye on it, re-scan in a year (or sooner if I get worse) and see if it is growing. The revisit our options.

He doesn't know if this is caused by my surgery, or if it is something I was born with. Trying to see if I have had any other scans or such in my past that would show it was or was not there.

The other doctor in neurology is working on my neuropathy and pain. They took biopsies in my leg for that Monday. Right a wait game for results.

Ok, going for some coffee.....

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