How Was Your Day? #380

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

{{{{{{{{{{Debbie}}}}}}} I know how hard it is to hear the "let's wait and see"

And on that note please some one SHOT ME!!!

DM get a call yesterday for the doctor's office about her cataract surgery on the 26. 1st she had to see her heart doctor to have her pacemaker checked----no appointments until after April 14!!!!
Second we had to pay up front 165 dollars before the surgery----why did not they tell us all this when we saw them at the office!!!!


Lyndonville, NY

Oh Sandy! That is so hard. Can't they just do a EKG at an outlet site to say she is clear?

And you just bought her new glasses and she is having cataract surgery....and will need another new set? Ohhh man.

I will not SHOOT you...but I will give you hugs! I think you need a beach walk. lol

somewhere, PA

Debbie - a quick google of meningioma tumor... shows its most common in women between 40 and 70. And is most often benign and slow growing. I'm sorry to hear you have it.

Sandy's mom can't see out of that eye (w/the cataract) so she won't need new glasses.

Sandy - so you have to postpone the surgery? Even if you had the money, you can't get the heart clearance 'til after 4/14? Did you explain the imperative nature of the need?


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

DM had the EKG at her doctors office, but they want the heart doctor to check that the pacemaker is working, the last check was a little over the six month time period. The eye doctors office is going to see if this report will be ok and they will go ahead with the surgery.

Debbie DM is legally blind in that eye, she can only see around the outer edge of the eye, the center of the eye is damaged. This was caused by the first rare and unusual diseases that she has caught, this one was when she was young and visited her aunt who worked at a goat farm-the diseases was one carried by goats.

Sandy and Andre

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

The word is now GO, DM will have the cataract surgery on the 26 at 7:30- I will not repeat what she said about that time of the morning LOL


Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Have been snoozing and watching tv. Darn cold. Felt good when I first got up.

Yesterday I did get stuck in the driveway. But with some shoveling and ashes I got myself out. The snow was to the front bumper. DH showed up an hour after I talked to him and I was already out. He had no more appointments and they said he could go home!!!

I'm going to go and lay down.

somewhere, PA

Oh Vicki - you need a vacation on a nice sunny warm beach somewhere!

Good news Sandy! An early appointment is much better - remind her she won't have to wait hungry & thirsty this way!

Well... was my turn for a fall. I was running up the concrete steps to get the mail and managed to trip somehow. Plop down on the hard cement - I seem to have jammed my right wrist and elbow (maybe shoulder too). Skinned both knees and left palm. At least nothing is broken and none of this is very serious. Will have some fun colors and pain for a while though.


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)



Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Tammy, ouch. Sure didn't wish this on anybody here. Let's get it all out of our systems before really good weather. Not less painful now or then, but just think of all the work that would have to be abandoned in gardening weather.

Vicki, I probably would have walked back to the house and said just forget work today. You are a trooper. Hope you get to feeling better.

Debbie, at least now you know what you are dealing with. As long as this is kept under watch, and that you are made as comfortable as possible, it sounds like surgery is just asking for lots of other possible problems. Maybe they can treat the neuropothy and make you more comfortable in the feet and legs. Sending big hugs to you. How is Shannon doing? Any news from Shane?

Sandy good news that the surgery is a definite go. I am hoping that the 26th will be great weather, and that you will be home long before the rush hour and DM will have all day to recover. Is the mouth giving you any problems?

Elsie, I bet cleaning the car yesterday was a day's work before you even got to work. Sorry that winter gave you another shot of snow, but I am hoping that this will be the last of it.

Terese, you still home?

Bonnie is Swiper plotting mayhem to you in your sleep? I would keep an eye on him. hehe. How is DM doing?

Today I went to the grocery and then tonight had to take DS to a city about 25 miles away to pick up his meds. Took Mr B along and he really enjoyed it. Guess I will stay home tomorrow and do laundry and some cleaning. Our weather tonight is supposed to be very cold, and the wind chill is supposed to be below zero. When I came in about 8pm, the wind was blowing and it surely has turned lots colder.

somewhere, PA

BonnieB - good way to look at the fall.

I'm off to bed. Good night ladies!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Tammy, since I had such a rough year health wise last year, I am planning on being well and accident free and be able to work in the gardens every day.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Good thinking Bonnieb - let's all be healthy. I wonder what that is like? hehe

Tammy, owie - that sounds nasty. I hope all your booboos don't hurt too much.

Debbie, I hope the other doctors can help you with your other issues. I watched a CNN special on healthcare- I think on Sunday. Interesting spot on the Cleveland Clinic - lowest costs and best results in the US.

We have lots of cold weather headed our way too.

After work I was stopping by the store to get one item. $40.00 later I was on my way out. I've started coughing tonight - don't know why. I hope it stops so I can get some sleep.

Balotesti, Romania(Zone 5a)

Good morning! I have a nasty back pain which I hope Cici will take care of with a massage... waiting for an appointment!LOL
With all the excitement lately I forgot to tell you the good news : Andreea is having another baby! She's just 2 months now so we don't know what it is.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Good morning everyone


BonnieB the mouth is doing good but the old knee is still crap

Sandy and Andre

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Oh, Adina, sure hope that your back pain is fixed soon. Nothing like an aching back to put your whole body into a foul mood. Oh, a new baby, that is so exciting. When will they know the sex? I bet you would love to have a granddaughter so that you could teach her cooking and stuff like that.

Sandy, is that the knee that you just had worked on? That doesn't sound good. Do you think you have been too active?

Elsie, that is always the way with me, go into a store with just one item on my list and come out with a week's worth of stuff. Guess that is so that we feel secure in that we have enough.

The dogs have been up since 6am and I have played doorperson to them, in and out. I have the washer going, so Mr. Casper will not stay inside long. He doesn't like the noise of it.

somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

Adina - handy to have Cici in times like this. I hope he was able to resolve your back pain. Congratulations to Andreea.

BonnieB- good plan!

Sandy - well at least your mouth is good.

No major bruises so I guess I escaped any serious injury. Just a little bruising at my elbow.

Loretta - are you happy with your $40 purchases? I hope you kick that cough soon. It seemed to take forever for me to get over mine after the flu.


Lyndonville, NY


Shannon made it into work, but I have had text messages she isn't doing well, so picking her up.
Don't know if heading to doctor, ER or home til I see her.

Adina, congratulations on the new baby!

Can't usually tell til the 16th week on ultrasound what the baby is. Prayers for a healthy baby!

Enjoy your day....


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

BonnieB yes it is and no to the over active, it is just not a happy knee,does not like anything.

I went to the gym today and I have lost 2 pounds sense Monday!!!!

Sandy and Andre

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Morning! I can breathe through my nose pretty much. Will see how long that lasts.

Deb hope you are just taking her home. Enough is enough now!

Sandy good for you on the weight loss. Bet it feels good to be back on track.

BonnieB still hoping you get a phone call soon about JJ!

Adina Congrats on the new Grandbaby! So is that an Oct. birth?

Tam glad to hear no major injuries. We all just have to quit this! Again enough is enough. Tam I wouldn't know what to do on a nice warm beach! LOL

Elsie I hope it is just a false alarm with the coughing. I feel if it is a good sale we should buy it if it is something we use. Some days I stick to the list other days I don't and it depends on if DH is with me.

Gonna go and see if I can fit in a nap or something.

Balotesti, Romania(Zone 5a)

Thanks everyone! I had the massage and I'm feeling better, but it still hurts. I had a nap and relaxed a bit, then I had to slaughter 2 big fish which we'll eat on Monday when the kids will come over. Andreea is craving for fish soup!LOL

Vicki, yes, it's on October 27.

Tam, thank God you have only a few bruises.

Debbie, I'm sorry to hear Shannon isn't well. Maybe she should have stayed home and repause.

Sandy, horray for loosing 2 lbs!

BonnieB, would be fun to have a granddaughter! Nicholas is already showing signs of wanting to learn how to cook!LOL Those doggies of yours are so funnyILOL

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Adina. please teach Nicholas to cook, nothing unmanly about that. My DS wanted to learn, and I taught him, and honestly he is a better cook than I am at certain things. It was messy when he was little, but he got the basics and he has been cooking practically all his life.

somewhere, PA

My mom was very emphatic with the three of us kids that she wanted us all to have the basic life skills required to live on your own. She said too many of the girls she met in college had no idea how to cook, sew or clean. So... we all had to clean our own rooms, change bedding, do our own wash. We were on our own for dinner every Sun night and the only way we got dessert was if we made it ourselves. The only places she treated us differently based on gender was chores (my sister & I did the vacuuming & dusting of the house each week & my brother took out the trash) and typing/sewing. My sister & I sewed our own clothes and took typing. My brother did not.

I need to get you guys a picture of the chicks. They are looking pretty grown up. Tonight they wanted to be in the back stall with the other chickens rather than the front stall where they've been since they hatched. They have not figured out how to fly up to roost yet. Mom is missing - I think a predator may have gotten her. So no one to show them the basic skills of life. :-)


somewhere, PA

wow - quiet here tonight.

cool photos in this slide show:

Good night

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Oh, no Tammy, how long has mom been gone? Well I know it happens, but that doesn't mean that I have to like it. I know food chain and all of that, but sometimes it is hard being at the top of that!

Did laundry and cleaning today. Casper doesn't like the noise the washer and dryer makes so he was upset today. He was outside but every little bit he would come to the door, I would try to let him in, and when he would hear the noise he would not come in. Finally this afternoon, I tried to let him in and he turned to walk away and I caught him and hugged him tight and told him there was nothing to worry about and put him inside. He did stay and I think that is the only way that he will get used to the noise from them. He is so insistent when he wants something. Two shrill barks, and then you have to figure it out. May be water, food or outside. Or Abby DH's rat terrier is in the laundry basket, which he has decided is lots better sleeping quarters than his bed on the floor, and a couple of barks which he knows will get me in the laundry room, and he just as well have a finger pointing it at Abby! He looks at her and barks, so he wants her out of the basket and he wants in!

Vicki, are you feeling better? DH is still fighting his cold, he finally went to town this afternoon and bought some OTC meds, this is only after 2 weeks!

Need to make a run to the library tomorrow, have finished all the books I have on hand. DGD will be here this weekend, so probably won't have any reading time, but need it for the first of the week and trying to avoid all the basketball games on tv.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Vicki, That's exactly what I did - buy some sale stuff. I hope you are feeling better.

Tammy, cool photos. that's a shame about the mom chicken.

Adina, I hope your back feels better. Congratulations!!

BonnieB, that Casper just sounds like a character.

I saw a neat idea on Pinterest. If you are cooking a lot of hot dogs - stand them up in a crockpot and cook on low for 4 hours. It said they taste like the places that cook them on the rollers. I would think you would put crumpled tin foil in the part of the pot not filled up. Oh you stand them up. And you add no liquid.

It sure is cold out there. Work was another rough one. Way too much stress. I could have used a Teddy hug, but not allowed.

Sweet dreams.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning, it is cold here again today too. The animals have arisen, have been outside and back in. Fed and now are working on their second nap!

I have had my coffee and finished a book, so I need to gather my courage (to face the cold day) and go out and get the newspaper. DH is still snoozing, or I would ask him to do it.

A library run, and then cooking, as DGD is coming tonight.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

morning everyone

Sandy and andre

somewhere, PA

Good Morning Sandy. Good Morning Andre.

Loretta - I haven't used pinterest yet. Do you pin stuff yourself or just browse?

BonnieB - I hope they are wanting to sleep in the laundry basket before you wash. lol

YEAH! Its Friday!


Verona, ON

Morning everyone. Brrrr it is cold and snowing here today and the WLs forecast this cold until after the beginning of April. Maybe our April Fools Day joke will be a bright, sunny, warm day.

My fever spiked way up again so at 9:30 I am off to the Rx store to pick up a newscript. Our Rx store hours are very short M - F 9:30 am - 5:00 -m. None of us complain though as t is so wonderful to even have the store open we were without one for so long.

Going to take Diesel for a small walk before he drives us both crazy. He won't stay outside by himself even on a leash so these last few days his walks have been cut back in number and really shortened in length. Hopefully the new script will let me get back on the mend.

Tam I haven't used pinterest yet either. Anu suggestions from anyone on how to start?

I have been having a problem the last month and it has sort of unnerved me. The phone rings anywhere between 12:30 am - 3 am, It always says Blocked Number which up here could mean hospital, police or fire department so at that hour of the night of course I feel I must answer it. There is no one there but I can hear someone breathing - no other sound like you do with a telemarketer. Guess I will have to get my whistle out and leave it by the phone. Don't like it one bit. And of course after I get off the phone I sit and stew about who could possibly be calling. It happened once before years ago - in the 90's and that is why we ended up getting call display. Then though the caller would say "I know you are there alone.". That was when DH was still teaching in Toronto and it didn't matter when he left I would get a call about 30 min later. Counldn't ignore it as I always was concerned DH had truck trouble and needed me to come and get him. It was interesting though as no one outside of DH and I plus 2 of the people who worked for me knew I was getting Call DIsplay. The only reasons the workers knew was they were at the house when Bell called to set it up. Once that Call DIsplay went on I never got a call like that again.

Gotta get going and let Diesel stretch those legs.

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Morning! Wow! it is after 8 already. I can just see the morning flying away.

Tam sorry about the hen. No chance she is trapped somewhere? Yes pictures please. I look at Pinterest all the time. Good information source and ideas! Too many ideas! Have tried a couple of recipes from there that are keepers.

BonnieB that Casper sounds like he is pretty smart. Watch out or he might take over the house!

Elsie why no hug for Teddy?

Feeling better. Took extra vitamin c and over the otc drugs. It is more than a cold. As I would get a sick feeling and my sinus's would act up at times. I can actually breath with my mouth closed and last night didn't use any drugs.

Got a call from the boss. She updated me. She is getting the not shunt but that is all my mind will think of this morning put in and getting her first treatment on Monday. She sounded pretty upbeat. But still needs to tell her mom and kids! So I have to work Monday. There goes the 4 days off I had planned.

Better go and feed you know who!

somewhere, PA

Vicki & Dianne - sure hope you both feel better soon!

Dianne - that's unnerving about the calls. Since its "blocked" I would not bother answering it. A fire/police type number would not be blocked. Though a shrill whistle may just dissuade them more than no answer!

Vicki - will have to look into Pinterest. I wouldn't have tried on-line banking had Bonnie not talked about it here. I love how we learn from each other!

Loretta - forgot to ask if you are feeling a little better today? I was wondering if the leak in your roof might have led to mold somewhere in the house? Not to plant a nasty idea but just thinking about how often you don't feel well.

Debbie - how was Shannon?

Bonnie - what is up w/you these days?

Adina - I meant to ask why you do the fish so far ahead of eating it? Is that 'cause you wouldn't be able to keep it alive yourself? I've never slaughtered a fish before - you have so many more life skills than 99% of us here in the US!


Lyndonville, NY


I was up very late. Shannon isn't feeling well at all. Blood work and Dr's appt. today, so hopefully will help.
She is afraid to move or do anything that the clot will "bust loose" and move. I believe people....whom I would like
to wring their neck....have told her horror stories of "so and so" died because of..... People just don't think.

Then, she gets mail from Ohio. MIL is attending a church down there while FIL heals. Well, that (#(#$($ went and
told them our personal issues, Shannon's personal issues and medical history, and she got a card "so sorry you have blood
clots and XXX and XXXX" and it went on and on. The fact MIL did this, when she has been told to not talk about our
personal matters, gave out our home address....and all that...burns me. She could have just said "please keep my GD Shannon" in
your prayers and left it at that. Sorry to vent...but this happens all the time.

Dianne, we have had snow, non stop since about 7:30 last night. Izzy is the only one happy about it!

Vicki, so sorry your days off got messed up. What is for breakfast? Not sure here. Thinking pancakes.

I am on Pintrest and somewhat enjoy it. You make "bullitin boards" of sort, where you might have titles like "Garden, Food, THings I enjoy, Music"
and you search for the pictures and see what is there....and if something you like, you "pin" it to one of your boards (drop down menu choice).


Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

I am thinking cereal since I think I can finally have some milk today.

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

I am so stressed we have run out of time and there is still a lot to do...I may have to buy pre-made trays of vegetables and fruit...don't think there will be time to cut up the stuff ourselves. We still have 2 bedrooms to clean, I think at this point we are going to have to hide things...I wish some of you ladies were here, maybe you could help to calm me down..maybe Bonnie would slip me one of Swiper's valium, that would do the trick!
Sorry for all the bad things going on with some of you..Dianne those phone calls ...I am like you, if the phone rings in the middle of the night..I am going to answer it.
I am going to take some pictures during the party if they turn out I will post some. Oh and Haley is only 19! A mere child!

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}} to everyone who needs them

Sandy and Andre

Lyndonville, NY

Dianne, a kind of funny story...and I sure hope this is what is going on with you and your phone.

I keep my cell phone by my bed. A few night I woke up to "hello....hello" and for some reason it was Andy (SIL).

This happened several times and became embarrassing that I was "calling him" at odd hours of the night/morning.

Come to find out, SOMEONE (Huck) sits on my nightstand...and sits on my phone....and makes calls doing this from
his paws hitting the phone. And Andy is first on my call list (alphabetical).

SO now I have to put my phone up on top of the radio or such.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Back from the library and the little grocery. They have the best meats. I bought 4 rib eye steaks, a roast that I will cook for Sunday and some ground beef (I have that browning) to make lasagna for tonight.

Just gonna do that cooking, then settle down with a book for the rest of the day.

Verona, ON

Oh yum Bonnie your upcoming meals will be delicious. Like you I have never met a piece of beef I didn't like. Am actually thinking about getting a small Prime Rib to cook sometime this week.

Tam our Police, Fire and Hospital ALL have blocked numbers. I have no idea why but they do. If one of the police calls you from his/her cell it is either Blocked or Unknown caller. That is the same for UPS drivers too. In order to all Police, Fire or Hospital it is either 911 or a centralized # for each division. You just can't look up your local detachment, get a number and give them a ring. Weird eh? It is not my cell Debbie and the phone is not by my side of the bed. Initially my first instinct was the winter weather was causing problems with my Bell landline but since it has gone on so many times and I can hear someone breathing I don't think it is that. Doesn't happen every night either. Just when I think it has stopped I get a call. My trusty whistles are beside all of the phones now no I just have to remember important #'s so a friend doesn't get an earful.

Oh Melva things will be just fine. If people are there to see the state of your house then the shouldn't be there at all. This is a Birthday party for you so take a deep breath and get ready to have a blast.

Oh Debbie darn that MIL of yours. That is one of the reasons DH and I kept everything close to our chests over the years when one of us was very ill or hospitalized as both my mam and MIL would run off at the mouth about any situation whether we asked them to keep it quiet or not. Back in the late 70's DH was in the hospital for some unexpected surgery. We didn't tell MIL but she happened to call while he was still in hospital. That was back in the days when they kept you for almost too long while you recuperated and I couldn't lie to her. Well she had her minister, the Prayer Circle at her church and the other Anglican church in her town praying for DH, sending him cards, letters. DH was beside himself - and of course I was the 'bad' guy for telling. His big thing was these people did't even know him . When I suggested it didn't matter whether no one knew you personally to pray for you or not the air was blue. Once DH calmed down he realized that my hands had been tied and I was right not to lie to his mam but he sure didn't want his business out there for everyone to know. MIL was some ticked with me when I wouldn't tell her what the surgery was for and couldn't understand she would have to ask Warren about that.

Vicki do you have snow forecasted for the weekend? We do for tomorrow. The snow has stopped here and it is beautiful out. Diesel and I have been out twice for walks already. I bundle all up then take hin for a short walk so I don't start to wheeze.He doesn't care as long as he gets to go outside for awhile. I have noticed he is much better behaved today since he has had some time to burn off some energy. Even if I sit on the stairs and throw sticks for him to chase he is happy.

Debbie I have been meaning to ask .... is Shannon able to work or go to school while all of this is going on? She must be 1 big hot mess, poor kid.

Sandy how are you and Andre doing today?What are you up to today?

Bonnie I wonder if Casper's vocal reactions are in part due to his blindness. I know that when Ana lost her sight her vocal reactions became quite different and loud. Previously she was a very quiet, mellow dog. Maybe Johnjohn moved too quickly for Casper and that is why they clashed. I know Stormy was like a whirling dervish and did not endear himself to Ana right from the get go.

Think I will go read the paper. I went into the village so got the Toronto Star - love that paper. On Fridays they have a fairlly large insert of mixed puzzles that I enjoy doing. Maybe someday I will conquer Sudoko.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Dianne you may be on to something there. Casper is not entirely blind, but we know that he is albino, and that usually vision is one of the impairments.

Your short walks will do much to let Diesel spend some of that energy, I really would call the phone company and tell them about the incidents of the early am calls. If it continues you may be able to get them put a tracer on your line. We have those calls for awhile and did that, however, they wouldn't tell us what number was calling, but evidently put the fear of God into them, and that was the end of that.

I agree, that medical information is not to be shared, unless you specifically ask. However, if a family member wants to relate that they have family members who are ill and need prayer, then I certainly approve of that. We have an "unspoked prayer request" in our church, and the prayer circle doesn't know who is ill, or who requested the prayer, and that seems to work well.

The lasagna is done, and boy does it smell good. I am hoping that DGD isn't delayed, because I don't know if I can stay out of it till supper time or not.

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

Thanks Dianne, I needed to hear that...
I just got an email from someone and she wanted to know if I could change the time of the party, to earlier in the day? Not at this point I told a 7:30 start too late? and why couldn't she have voiced a concern re the time, what? maybe a couple of months ago!? People!!

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