How Was Your Day? #380

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Dianne I am trying HARD not to kill Andre and my not so DM

sandy and the 2 pest

Lyndonville, NY

Dianne, I was referring to someone else having a phone by their bed with a "cat caller" hitting your number, I know your cell is off.

Shannon has tried to go into work, but it is too much for her. She is moving slowly.

Will update more in a bit


Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Debbie, I sure hope Shannon feels better. Too funny about your phone. I'm sure it was an attempt to order cat toys.

Dianne, I wouldn't answer that phone. Do you have voicemail - if it is legitimate they will leave you a message.

Tammy, you might be right about the mold. I think my Dad and I have some looking around in and out at the house when he returns. I don't think you can repair the roof in this weather.

I joined Pinterest but I don't sign in anymore. Even though it now says you need to log on I just pick a topic and scroll through or search. If it is a recipe - you have to click on the link and search on that bulletin board. Sometimes it's just too hard to find. There are great ideas for hair, food, health, decorating, gardening and so on.

BonnieB, lasagna sounds really good. I'm sure it would be gone before I could get out of NJ.

My DM is famous for sharing health stuff - but you are in big trouble if you share her stuff. She even sent an email to a friend about me and a health issue -except she emailed it to me instead.

Vicki, glad to hear you are feeling better. No Teddy hug because his owner wouldn't let me. He won't come in my office because I don't have treats for him. He does stand at my co-workers door staring at her, waiting for her carrot. I called her and said I want a carrot... I want a carrot. She had no idea he was at her door.


It's still very cold here. I don't really think it's ever going to warm up.

Verona, ON

Elsie - you gave me my laugh for the day "I want a carrot!!!" That is just too cute.

Very cold here too! Can't warm up too soon for me. Although I would be happy with mid 60's.

LOL Debbie about the phone. I didn't think of it that way. Duh! Can you tell I am just not thinking straight? Although some would attest that is a regular occurence.

My heart goes out to Shannon - the poor kid. Hard on both of you Debbie!

Sandy I just couldn't let you go to the dentist this week all by yourself. This afternoon I had 1 huge filling come out while I was brushing my teeth and about an hour later another one broke off at the gum line. My dentist doesn't work on Fridays so I will have to wait until Mon. to call. So far no pain so I am hoping it will stay that way. I'll know when I go to brush, floss and water pic tonight.

Bonnie, 3 of my cousins are albino. They all have some sight but are declared legally blind - so you are right poor eye sight is a factor with albinoism. Poor Casper must feel threatened sometimes when he can't see what is going on. Ana adapted very well to her surroundings once blind - enough that most people didn't know she was blind. When she was in a strange place she used her front legs like a white cane. She would slow right down and extend them way out in front of her. There wasn't anywhere she couldn't go. And in the woods if I kept to our usual trails she kept right up with us. Sometimes I tried to leave her behind to rest as her diabetis was so bad but she would high tail it after me, catching up with no problem.


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

{{{{{Dianne}}}}}}} I did not need company so please stop doing this!!! I think I have more problems so we can both go!!!

Sandy and Andre

somewhere, PA

Melva - I agree 1000% with Dianne! Focus on getting the things you will enjoy the most ready for the party and then enjoy yourself! I remember visiting one of Gary's aunt. Her place was not very tidy. But she was happy and a terrific hostess and we had a grand time. She said she gave up never inviting people over unless the place was clean and just was having a blast with her friends with dirty dishes in the sink and stuff not all its place.

Ah Dianne - a broken tooth & missing filling is the last thing you need! Dr Oz was talking about using a drop of oregano oil on your toothbrush to help keep gingivitis and infection at bay w/o antibiotics. You might give it a try. Sounds harmless at worst and might help prevent problems if it works as described.

Debbie - Love the Huck doing the pocket calling on your cell! I sure would be ready to strangle MIL for sharing all that personal info to strangers. I'm not sure its appropriate to ask for prayers from strangers even if its anonymous but clearly no way with name & address provided!

BonnieB - I gather no news about JohnJohn? Today the ad ran in the paper, right?

Loretta - Clearly you need to keep some carrots in your office. TGIF!

Today got a lot busier than I expected but it felt good to be back in the swing of things. I've been distracted by sadness as well as stress but I think its finally behind me enough to move on.

Kitchen update: I have a little detail on the timeline! Heat in the living room & bathroom will be taken down Tues and replumbed for the new configuration. Then 4/1 week the bath, closet & laundry room demo starts and new rough framing & electric/plumbing continues into 4/8 week. Around 4/15 week I lose the rest of the kitchen. New cabinets should be ready by 4/29 (I'm hoping sooner). So the fun is about to begin! I've been slowing packing up stuff - bathroom closets are empty except for TP, plants are 90% out of the downstairs area, hall closet is empty. We moved the sofa table upstairs (and now it has plants on it). This weekend all except for the sofas & TV will be out. We'll roll up the carpets & take down the drapes.

OK. Truffles wants my lap

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good evening. DGD called as soon as she got out of school and told me that she was going to the Dr and didn't know if she would be here. Well it turned out that she called back and the Dr is advising her to just rest all weekend. She had this flu stuff then a rash and then a sinus infection within the last month and her immune system is just overtaxed. They did tests the other day for mono, but they came back okay. So the Dr told her to slow down and do nothing but rest. She was coming specifically to have DH get her car worked on, so she was sort of upset that she wouldn't have it this week.

Elsie, so there is plenty of lasagna left, so come on down, and we can make you a salad and bake some garlic bread, oh, better bring Chloe and you all can spend the night. It may be a bit warmer here anyway! You are going to have to carry carrots with you to work. Is there a refrigerator there? Well somebody else would probably take your carrots and feed them to Teddy, and they would get all the credit/ er love and snuggles from him.

Melva, poo on that woman who asked you to change the time of the party. That is way beyond rude. You either come or decline, you don't ask someone to accommodate you and when you can get there! Don't worry about the house. You have made a good effort to get it done, and I am saying if they are coming to look at your house, then tell them the real estate agent will get in touch with them so they can make a bid on it!

Tammy, I caught Dr oz today, or most of it, and thought that the homeopathic remedies are worth a try. I really don't agree on that diet though, or maybe I just think I could never do it. Makes sense. You surely are going to have all of your house in a total mess. Be sure that you remember where you put the important stuff, so that you won't go crazy looking for it!

Dianne, I have a great nephew that has albinoism and has poor vision. He was in a special school for his grade school years, but in high school he played some sports and has a very high IQ. He got a scholarship for Oral Roberts University and plans to be a missionary when he graduates next year. He does fine. I don't know about driving, but I do know he got his license. Yes the paper came out today, and DH just made a comment we hadn't got a call. Well in the Amish community they have a weekly Friday night auction, so they are all there tonight and we may hear something tomorrow. I sure have worn the Lord's ear out praying for him. I guess your dog Ana was before meeting you, but had to chuckle about her using her front leg as a cane. They are amazing critters. Sorry about your tooth and filling. Hope that you don't have any pain until you get in to see the dentist, and then no pain there either.

Debbie, I am hoping that Shannon is slowly recovering, and that she can talk to someone who will tell her that nothing she does (movement wise) will cause the clot to break lose. I just don't like people telling stories like that to someone vulnerable.

Bonnie wish you would check in and let us know what is going on, as this worry wart is wondering.

Terese, hope things are going well for you, and that you have felt at home the short time you have been in Il.

No plans for tomorrow. DS said that he needed to do laundry,and would probably watch some of the ballgames.

Weather liar are saing rain tomorrow night, turning to snow early morning Sund, with a possibility of 6-8 inches, which is a bunch for us.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Well I sure know how to enjoy the beginning of the weekend. I had dinner and then woke up at 11:10. Chloe woke me up for her treats. I hope I can sleep tonight.

Tammy, have you ever tried oregano oil? It smells delicious but it is very hot as in burning. I have two bottles and I have only used it a couple of times.

Dianne, I hope your teeth don't bother you before you see the dentist.

Melva, I agree that is rude to ask someone to change the time days before the party. Don't stress and have a good time. It's probably not a bad idea to use the prepared food. It takes a lot of work - and makes a lot of mess to prep veggies and fruits.

Good night.

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Ah, my friends these last few days have been much too much. I have 24 more hours of prescribed treatment for my eyes and they are not healed. Greatly improved yes. Healed? No. And my vision is blurred in the outside corner of my right eye. Ditto the sinusitis. It has not cleared up either. Swiper is still having problems and is getting harder and harder to catch to medicate. The Prednisone is such a large tablet for a cat to swallow. Today I had to dunk his rear end when he stepped in his stool and tracked it around the house. DM caused the head nurse at the ALF to cancel an appointment with the audiologist because she complained that they were rushing her when she was getting dressed. She also managed to already lose one of the new $4K hearing aids. I and the maintenance man tore her apartment apart and could not find it. It either fell into the trash can next to her chair or down the toilet. Then on Thursday night I get a phone call from the ALF at 8:00 PM. DM wants her them to go out to buy her paper towels and candy. The aid told her she would not go without my permission., I said no. This morning I went to the ALF and let her have it with both barrels. I let her know that I was charged for every little thing that she asked for. That I would have been charged if the aid had gone out to buy paper towels and candy. I let her know that she would no longer be served breakfast in her room. It cost me $150 per month for her to have a tray brought to her room, She could get up early enough to get dressed and go to breakfast. She could sleep the rest of the day. She said she wouldn’t eat breakfast then. I said that was fine with me. I didn’t care. I could not afford $150 per month. The nurse said breakfast was optional. I also let her know that she could not cancel appointments because she was rushed. Those doctors were losing money when she did not show up and some of them were beginning to charge when patients did not show up for their appointments. I let her know that I knew everything little thing she did in that place. They called me all the time. And if she did not stop giving them so much trouble they were going to put her out and when they did she was going to a dump - not a nice place like she has now and not with two cats. When I left, she was in her chair holding her head in her hand. She said, “I guess they will bring me a cup of coffee.” I said, “No. That would be $150 per month, You learn to play by the rules. I cannot afford all these extras.”

Then I met Pat and Judy at Cracker Barrel for lunch and cried my eyes out because I had to be mean to my mother.

I know others here have bigger problems, but these are my problems and they weigh heavily on me.

Gonna try to sleep now. Goodnight.


Verona, ON

((((Bonnie)))) Ah Bonnie my heart so aches for you. You were not being mean, you were giving your mam a dose of reality. You know that reality that she so likes to deny exists as it does not fit into her wants and desires. She has literally been spoiled rotten these last few months having Monique at her beck and call. Monique was one in a million as your cheque book reflects I am sure. You love your mam Bonnie, we all know that but she is being totally irrational at times. You need to take care of you too or who will be there to tend to your mam. Heavens knows not many would put up with her demands and shennigans.

I'm up because the phone rang..... I had just fallen into a deep sleep. I think that is probably what is ticking me off the most about the phone calls..... my body is finally letting me fall asleep before 6 am and now these calls are waking me. Grrrrr!

BonnieB my cousins that are albinos do not have enough sight to drive. They are all outstanding scholars with several degrees behind their names. One is a lawyer with quite an large pratice in an obscure area of law. It was interesting as my Auntie Jean ( my DF's sis had 4 children of which 3 were albino). Two other of my DF's sisters had children with muscular dystrophy. Neither of those conditions showed up in the offspring of my cousins but I will be interested to see if the genes rear their heads again in future generations

Going to get Diesel in and try to fall back to sleep. Ha.... wonder what the chances are that will happen?

Sweet dreams everyone!

somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

((((((( Bonnie ))))))))

I'm running to go to a nursery in southern NJ. I'll be back tonight to post


Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Getting ready to run and do errands and pick up the new vacumm. Hope to be home by noon. Then I can rest and go to work.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Good morning

{{{{{{{{Bonnie}}}}}}}} I understand I am having to start laying down the law with mom. She is not as bad yet.

I went to the story to get a few things, was riding around and looked down at my shirt----there was no picture on it----note to self make sure you have your shirt right side front before going out the door.

Sandy and Andre

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning, it is cloudy and overcast here, and the temps are quite chilly. Rain predicted for later on. Need to shower and head to the library to return the book that I discovered that I had already read. Wish I had a better memory and that would cut down on my trips there!

Dianne, I do hope that you can get some rest. Why don't you try unplugging your land line at night, and turn on your cell. Give that number to only the people who would need to call you in case of an emergency, it would also frustrate the caller. Did you use the whistle? Hehe, picturing someone holding a painful ear.

Tammy, hope you have a good plant shopping day, and return with a carload of little beauties.

Vicki, hope the vacuum meets your expectations. Bah on going to work.

Bonnie, you ARE NOT being mean to your DM. She has to understand the reality of the ALF and begin to comply with their rules. I agree she was so fortunate to have Monique to cater to her every wish, but now she has to consider that there is a price tag to her outlandish whims. Can she have a small coffee pot in her room, where she can get a cuppa in the morning without having to dress and go to the dining room? That may be a small step in getting her to understand the cost of meals delivered. Or make signs to put up reminding her of things that you will be charged for if used. Every time you relate one of her episodes, I am doubly thankful for my dear departed mother. She was so kind, and so sensitive to overburdening me that she was reluctant to ask me for help outside the usual things I did for her. I am so blessed to have had her influence in my life.

Lyndonville, NY

(((Bonnie))) I think you are up for Sainthood regarding your DM. When I was down there visiting you, you had such problems
with her...and you handled it so very well. There is no doubt that spoiled woman knows you love her....but she needs to know
there are limits to everyone in life....not just her. And she needs to stop hurting everyone so much with her words, hired help
are still caring people too...and they will turn away from her from being hurt. You are doing the right not doubt that.

Hugs for Swiper too, poor baby. Can you cut the predisone in two...and give him each half?

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

Ah, Bonnie I am sitting here with leaky were not being mean. You were being realistic. I do hope the words sunk in to your mother.
Dianne, I also think you should unplug the land line when you go to bed, you must be able to sleep

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Dianne, call the phone company and find out what you need to get them to look into these calls. Maybe they need to know the time - right after they call.

Bonnie, I hope your infection clears up. I'm right there with you - I just finished my third round of antibiotics. Good luck with DM. I don't know if she would be allowed to have one - or if she could use one but a small Keurig might be just the thing for coffee and tea.

Tammy, have a good time!

Vicki, I can't wait to her how your new vacuum works for you.

BonnieB, I hope your DGD feels better soon. Sorry I missed dinner - I seem to have missed everything.

I am so surprised to have slept all night long and longer. And I'm a little light headed and of course I'm tired. I'm headed for a second cup of coffee and then a nice hot shower.

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

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New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Sorry I don't know how to get rid of all the extra pages. I deleted the post, but the pages remained.

I composed my post in Word.

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Good morning all.

Thank you so much for your support. It is such a source of release for me to have this safe place to come where I can verbalize my issues. For me, talking about the problem defuses the bomb.

Elsie I am surprised by the amount of sleep I had last night, too, I awoke a few times, but went right back to bed - the last time being around 6:30 AM.. I went back to bed at 8:30 and slept until 10:45. The two lugs were happily plastered at my side. Thanks for mentioning the Keurig machine. Her problem is with the water. She pours the water into the section where the coffee goes and cannot understand why all the water is running out onto the counter,

Dianne those phone calls would definitely have me spooked as well as angry. Do call the phone company and see if they can help you. Happy that you are on a new round of meds. Sorry about your tooth. Are you trying to top Sandy with visits to the dentist? LOL!

Tammy I hope you have a pretty day for your plant buying excursion. I know you will have a good time doing what you love best.

Debbie, I don’t know if cutting the pill into two pieces would be any better as then I would have to shove my finger down his throat twice.

Sandy glad the tooth pain has lessened, but sad to learn that PIA, Andre, is still giving you a hard time.

Adina it is nice to receive a long post from you,

Melva when is the party? Is it today?

Okay, I have to find some lunch here.

Waving to BonnieB and Vicki.



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Balotesti, Romania(Zone 5a)

Bonnie, I hope your eyes will feel better soon. Your DM is acting childish and you did what you had to do. She doesn't realize what she's doing to you so I pray for you to have more strength from now on. Sending you hugs and all my love. Hang in there and keep us posted.

Tam, thanks. I will cook the fish on Monday and had to butcher it so I can freeze it until then.

Nicholas is here so I have to run.

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

Yes the party is tonight..

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Bonnie my Keurig machine has a clear water tank than can be removed to be filled, maybe that kind would help. Though usually when I feel it I use a large drink cup and that is more than enough water for a number of cups of coffee and when the refill light comes on there is plenty of room for another glass of water

it is raining, I get Andre our and tired him our, plus it thunders just enough to keep him quite.

My knee is killing me, but I get to put off any more surgery until I get some weight off, money saved up and this house cleaned.

Sandy and Andre who is sleeping

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Home and not enough time to relax. Darn it! Things took longer than expected!

I think DH is putting it together. I hear noises from the livingroom. I better go and check!

Bonnie I agree with all the others are saying!

Verona, ON

Getting excited Melva? I am for you. Know you will have a blast! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Was in the village this am to pick up my mail. Thank you Sandy! The calendar is beautiful. I did use my whistle last night Loretta and I was looking for someone holding their ear the whole time I was in the village. Tonight I am going to unplug the phone. Just have to remember to plug it back in when I get up.

Tomorrow I am going to a surprise 80th BD luncheon for one of our neighbours when we lived in the farm house. He and his DW just got back from Ireland so I hope he isn't too tired to enjoy himself. His DW wanted to have the lunch while everyone was gathered in the area after the flight back. They had gone as a family to Ireland for a wedding. Ron will secretly be pleased by the celebration but will just have to appear grumpy for appearances sake. lol

Tam how did your plant buying go?

(((Sandy))) like Bonnie you have the patience of Jobe with your DM.

Very cold and grey out here today. The woodstove continues to blast away.

How are Miss Izzy's ears Debbie?

Last night out of the blue Diesel's eyes started to swell and then the started to throw up. This lasted for about 3 hours then disappeared as quickly as it came. I have no idea what caused it. I wondered if he got into something when we were outside. He also likes to eat bark off of the wood I keep beside the stove so wondered if some of the bark was toxic to him. He's right as rain today and full of the old nick but I am still wondering what was up.


Madison, AL

Bonnie - my Keurig also has a removable tank, but I don't remove it to fill. I have the machine on the counter beside the sink and I fill the tank with the water spray. That way I am not lifting a heavy plastic tank and maybe not fitting it back right. It is easy to turn on the spray with it directed into the tank (it seems like an obvious way to do it, but in fact it took my DIL to suggest that to me - I really felt silly that I had been doing it the hard way and she tactfully showed me the spray!).

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Vicki, don't work too hard!!

Stillwood - that is a good idea - wish I had a sprayer.

Bonnie, there are two kinds of the Keurig - one that you fill the cup with water and pour it in the back, put the cup under the thingy and then close it. The other has a water reservoir. I don't remove mine, I use a pitcher to fill it. Since there is no filter basket I think the one you fill, cup at a time would be best. Then you need to find the coffee she will drink. I really like mine - it makes a really good cup of coffee or tea about 99% of the time. You might look for one at Kohls - with a coupon. Then if it doesn't work, you can return it. I love the tea - perfect cup every time. they have mild, medium and strong coffees.

It's turned into a gray day. I haven't been out - I guess too tired.

I saw the best news spot this morning. A news anchor and the weatherman and another guy are standing in front of the news desk and the female news anchor starts reading the prompter. Her producer is telling her to just read it. It's about someone who is going to be proposed to. Then she stops and her boyfriend comes forward, kneels and proposes. She accepted. It was very sweet.

somewhere, PA

I'm home!

Vicki - I'm very curious to hear how the new vacuum works out. Wouldn't it be fabulous if your DH tried it out so you come home to a clean house!

I love how supportive folks are here!

I got some cook plants. And came home to DH taking apart and moving furniture. Oh this is not gonna be fun! The living room is close to being emptied of all the decorative and less used items. We need to vacuum a couple rugs and put them in the attic. Amazing how much stuff gets fit into the little nooks & crannies. (And knocked off shelves by scheming little paws.)


Verona, ON

Well I just plucked a tick off of Diesel's ear. Apparently the cold is not deterring them at all. Poor little guy. I sure hope this doesn't mean I have to keep him confined to the lane for our walks this spring and summer. I will have to call the vet on Mon and get him in for his blood tests so we can set up his tick meds.

somewhere, PA

I can't believe the ticks are out already!

Dianne - I was thinking maybe Diesel ate a mushroom on the wood. Maybe that caused his short term reaction. Glad it was just short term

Bonnie - It took quite a while for my brother to get over that pink eye. Its just awful and I'm so sorry you have to deal with so much else besides it!

I sure hope Melva has a lovely party tonight!


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

We just got a phone call and JOHNJOHN HAS BEEN FOUND. Now all we need to do is plan a trip to pick him up. Halleleujah, my prayers have been answered.

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

Such good news about JohnJohn...
We are as ready for the party as we are going to be...

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

BonnieB, YIPPEE!!! I bet it will be a really nice reuinion.

somewhere, PA

That's fabulous! Woo Hoo!!!

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Did you check out the Bing image?

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

I just had to post the above message, then I had other things to do. I am just over the moon, and so thankful that the ad in the paper worked. He was found 3 farms down from where he went missing. The family had been feeding him, but he is so standoffish that they had never gotten him to come to them. They called DH's Amish friend whose telephone number was listed in the ad, and he went and got him and is at his house. Now we just need to plan the trip to go pick him up. They are expecting mega snow there this weekend, so will wait until the first of the week and see what the weather is then.

Dianne, some wood is toxic, can't remember the types, but DH always cautioned me about dropping small pieces of bark and not letting the pets get to it. Glad that Diesel's reaction was short and that he is back to normal. Gosh, I can't believe it is tick season again, seems like they haven't been gone all that long. Rest assured that if there is any around here, we will be seeing them on the hunting dogs.

Melva, have a good time, and I know everything will go well.

Sandy, although not as vocal as Bonnie's DM, I am sure that your DM is a challenge all her own. You are a good daughter, and I really admire you and Bonnie both for the care that you give.

Elsie, that is just what you needed today, to do little or nothing. You have been sick for weeks, just like my DGD you need to rest and let your immune system recover. Her Dr told her to be sure to eat yogurt to get the good bacteria back in her system, so maybe that would do you good too.

Vicki, I know that you are excited about the new vacuum. Hope that your DH tried it out and that you have a clean house to come home to.

Tammy what are "cook plants?" Herbs? Oh gee, taking apart the living room. Guess you didn't get a chance to sit and rest a bit before having to help him with the clearing out of the room.

Well, we went out to eat at a Chinese buffet,and as usual enjoyed it very much. DH went to Target and bought a bb/pellet gun to use at the horse barn for the mice and rats. Since JohnJohn hasn't been there, the rodents are multiplying. He had to go try it out, and wasn't impressed with it, so says that he is taking it back. Gonna start using a 22 calibre pistol until JohnJohn gets home and back on the job.

Gonna head to bed shortly with a book. Hope that I can fall asleep and have a good night's rest.

Lyndonville, NY

Been "on the run" all day. Horrible stomach issues going on, I have a feeling stress is involved.

Dianne, Izzy gets that reaction if a bug (I think silverfish) bites her...or anything in the bee/wasp family. I keep benedryl handy
just for that purpose. Ask the vet about that option also. Glad you used the whistle!!

Melva, I am sure your party is in full swing! I sure hope you and your guest have an enjoyable evening! Glad you are celebrating. have a wonderful Birthday and continue celebrating.

SO SO Happy to hear about JohnJohn! Glad he is safe and cared for.

Going to check Bing Elsie, they have had some great pictures lately...I still loved the pandas last week.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh -- my browser closed after I've been typing for 5 minutes.....

I'll try to recreate it....

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

I've been reading all week, just not posting .... been in sort of a funk since getting home 2 weeks ago.

In reading that JohnJohn was found, I just had to jump back in.
BonnieB -- you and DH must be so relieved.

Melva -- I bet your party was just fabulous!! Hope you had a grand time.

elsie -- I really enjoy reading your humorous posts -- you are very funny.

Bonnie -- BIG hugs to you. I know it's hard speaking to your mother like that, but she's been catered to for so long, she really needs a reality check. I'm sure she never thinks of the financial consequences to her demands. You know you are a wonderful daughter...some days it's just really hard. If you get a chance, give Swiper a big hug. Poor guy.

Dianne -- so glad to read that Diesel is OK. Hopefully he will remember what he ate, and not do that again.

Debbie -- hoping Shannon is feeling better soon. She's been thru so much... as have you.

The past 2 days, our weather has been pretty decent. Sunny, not much wind [less yesterday] and roughly 40. Felt warmer than that... we also have no snow, so you don't get that chill from being near a snow pile.


Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

There is an area way behind my home, it's not my property, but I plant there.... it's been over run with Buck Thorn. The worst thing with those invasives, and the huge thorns on them.... i usually get an infection if i get stabbed by them.... I cut down about 25 of them today... size ranging from saplings to small trees about 12' tall [1.5" in diameter]

I assume I'm going to be sore tomorrow.

For tomorrow -- we are on the northern edge of the storm that is going to hit BonnieB .... we are only expecting less than an inch. should melt quickly since it will be in the 40's next week.

I think I remembered everything....

gonna get ready for bed.....

~~ Waves to all others

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