Bowenia serrulata accident

noonamah, Australia

I've had this Bowenia serrulata for a couple of years now and it's grown really well. It 's near a tallish tree stump/trunk (dead) that had stacks of clay on it from termites building their tunnels. And growing on the stump was a large Vanilla Orchid. One day a large lump of clay decided to fall from a great height and hit the Bowenia breaking off the top of the underground caudex together with all the fronds. I was a bit fearful that the plant might be lost. The top shrivelled up over a few days. But then 2 shoots appeared from the ground, coming from the caudex down below. These are now still fast growing fronds. Looks like the caudex was really healthy with plenty of energy reserves. Interesting thing though is that the 2 fronds have come up simultaneously. That suggests to me that the caudex is producing 2 new plants. I'm not game to try separating them though.

Thumbnail by tropicbreeze

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