Scented Pelargoniums (Geraniums)

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

I ordered three scented Pelargoniums last fall right before it turned too cold to order plants. They were tiny. I put them near a window and watered occasionally. They struggled all winter long, and two died. I have two "Old Garden Rose" scented Perlargoniums and one "Rose" scented geranium. In my opinion, neither of them smell like rose, at lease, not the kind of roses I have. They have a real "sharp" scent something like vinegar or lemon or mint. I don't mean they smell like the latter mentioned-it is just a pungent smell-not what I expected from a plant that was suppose to have a "rose" fragrance.

So. Here's my questions:
1. Do your scented "rose" pelarg. smell like rose??
2. Do you have a favorite scented pelargonium that smells really nice? I am thinking about getting a lemon scented one - or something else. The two Pelars. that died were Lavender and Patchouli.

I am not necessarily unhappy with my rose scented geraniums-just not what I expected. I ordered my plants from Hobbs Farm by the way and their service was outstanding. I wrote to them, after I rec'd my rose geranium, and said it didn't smell like rose and she sent me another two plants of rose geraniums - ea. one different so I could tell the difference. They would take money when I offered to pay for the two extra geraniums.

Another question.

I am ready to finally re-pot my remaining three pelars. into larger pots. I have waited all winter as I did not want to pot them up until spring to give them a better start. During the winter months, they have grown spindly and leggy. They grew quite tall- about 12 inches with stems the diameter of a drinking straw: 1/3 inch maybe. Many leaves have fallen off, and there's quite a bit of long stem w no leaves.
1. Can I plant this plant deeper into the soil like you can tomatoes and let roots grow from where the leaves were attached?
2. Or, should I cut them back. If I cut them back, there will be just stems-no leaves.
3. Or, will the plant perhaps perk up and grow leaves along the stems?
4. Or, do you have another suggestion?

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