Brugmansia - Autumn 2013

NW Sydney NSW, Australia

We came from here:

Pic: seedling DM3

Thumbnail by WayneCarter
NW Sydney NSW, Australia

Looking forward to new seedlings coming into bloom. Hopefully buds will hold on and we will all be rewarded for our efforts!
We have four fat buds on Edna's 'Joil' x 'Double Dark Rosetta' Pod no:2. A couple of weeks yet to wait.

Sydney, Australia

Exquisite ! ...the face of an Angel ! ❥♪♫.☆*♥◔◡◔♥*

Joli x Double Dark Rosetta should be another WOW too, good luck with it !


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Chrissy that pic comparison is good and you can see the difference between them.
Wayne again can't wait till Joli x. Comes throw for you it will have us on the edge of our seats slip now on the floor haha
Congrats on all DM series

Chrissy, I do have a number of people looking after my place while I'm away and asked them to take pics where and when possible of my new blooms, as I will not be seeing them for the first time tears tears

Clifton Springs, Australia

Doesn't Wayne's DM3 look luscious.....
It certainly is a great time of the year, we have some more warm weather coming up, so that should see a few more buds opening....

I have a Dorthea x Adeline just waving it's 6 petal tips at me, but it won't come any further...too cold now.
Alan's lovely Dorthea x Sam is coming up for it's 3rd flush.....funny how some give 2 or 3 flushes and others like my 3 Joli x Charlestons, all white doubles that only flush once in autumn...

If they only flush in Autumn next year, they will have to go....not enough room for anything that isn't a multi flusher....shame but I want at least 2 flushes from them and even though they are pretty, they aren't anything different...maybe I'll keep one...

NW Sydney NSW, Australia

Thanks Dianne. Keep your fingers crossed that it is a keeper! :)

Chrissy, that is the same plant, I sent you cuttings from the parent OA x BB. A bit darker here. A good plant! If it has the whopper and repeat bloom of OA we will be on to a good thing.

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Merino, Australia

Lovely blooms, Wayne.
I am not expecting to see anything much here for a while.
Every time I get buds, the weather changes and they fall off. I am not even looking for any now.
Its cold and windy here. More like winter so the brugs are sulking.
Have a great time Shaun, you will get nice surprises when you see pics of your flowers on your return.

Sydney, Australia

The nights are cooling, but the days are warm. After a cruel Summer I hope Winter will be kind.

Meanwhile enjoy what is left of Autumn (loving it !) and like everyone else waiting for buds and hoping they open before it gets too cold.
More deep red sangs from Ludger popping up, gosh I gave up on them at first, perhaps they like the cooler nights now.
Guess if they survive it will be a race to grow them out before the warm weather comes back. quite a challenge here.

Enjoy your Wednesday everyone !


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Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Hi guys bali calling!
Have been here 4 day coloured up well have been exhausting traveled to a few temples over bali north & south
I have also managed to find Datura metel . i assume it is but not sure species
There are brugmansia here in bali which I hope to find flowering?
I did notice 2 plants quite small and stunted and very weak about 2 foot tall and very much uncared for.
I will get a pic of them to show you what they look like
Temp32oC during day 26oC at night

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Sounds as though you are having a great time, Shaun....keep it up, holidays go very quickly....I hope that the friends you left to look after your plants are taking those will be lovely coming back to new flowers...

Everything here is about to flush, though it looks as though I'm going to have quite a few whites....
The Dorthea x Adeline is a white double and it looks as though a noid will be a white double too....
Dorthea x Sam has been scenting up the evenings, it's a lovely honey perfume....GHA is flowering for the first time this year and the aurea scent is most welcome.
FFA is flowering, but of course too tall to sniff, still the cutting that I took last year is about to flower anyway and that's just the right size..
Here are the 2 newbies
I .......D x A.
2.......noid as yet...haven't dug for the tag.
4.......D x S.


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Merino, Australia

You are lucky Dianne. All those pretty flowers.
I would love a double white that stays white ( unlike knightii)
I see buds coming here but if the weather turns hot again, they may fall off.

Clementine, Sweet Jaffa and Senorita Rosada have little buds.
Buds also on DRC and DP'n'G.
GHA has been flowering and also BB.
Dianne, there is a Y on Topsy.

The brugs in the ground out in the new brug area are all looking really good with giant leaves. I am hoping to see them Y and flower a lot quicker now. I have all the small brugs in pots, out there in too.

I put a few of the brugs I had more than one of out into the ground in the iris area 2 years ago and even though they have had to go it alone with hardly any water or fertiliser. they are still going.
Now the cooler weather is coming they are looking much better.
They are out in the open and survived last winter, so it will be interesting to see if they ever flower.
I have a cutting of GHA out there with them and it never stops flowering. I think it prefers to be out there. I put a variety in ...a flava, another coldie and a few warmie seedlings.
I also have the sister plant to Senorita Rosada, so am hoping she is as pretty as SR.

Shaun, hope you are having an great time. I know I would be looking at all the gardens up there.
Such a pity we cant get live plants but its always nice to look around at them all.
Hope your home brugs are coming on well.

Better get back out in the sun..More weeds to pull out

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

well it dose look a bit slow here at the moment but im home form bali as some know and this is what was here to welcome me
this is the aureas
pic1 [Colchester Rd]
pic2 [Barkley st]
pic3 [Colchester Rd]
pic4 [Grandma's Garden]
pic5 [MelBot](2)

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Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

pic1 Clementine
pic2 Custard Beauty
pic3 DPG
pic4 Iced Lemon
pic5 Ivoire

I am very impressed with Iced Lemon and how small she is very cute and dainty should be a good companion with Snow Cone which ill cross them with but im also going to cross it with Knightii to see what may come of it?

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Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

pic1 Knightii [Dandy]
pic2 Knightii [SA]
pic3 Old Apricot (1286)
pic4 Maya
pic5 Munchausen

Thumbnail by SolMan Thumbnail by SolMan Thumbnail by SolMan Thumbnail by SolMan Thumbnail by SolMan
Merino, Australia

All looking very lovely Shaun.. A lovely welcome home for you.

I have lots of buds coming on and am just waiting to see if they all hang on and open.
Some havent flowered before so it is going to be a nice autumn here for me.
I will be posting pics as they open.

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

pic1 suaveolens x.aurea[Colchester Rd] now that it has a bloom i can ID it as Pink Panther

pic2 Pink Sweetie
pic3 aurea [Diggers]

pic4,5 both of a new cross that bloomed while i was in Bali it is White Ruff x.? 91111. i love how thick/wide the tube is of this on and the long corola tips i will be putting this aside to keep for 12 more months the decide what i should do with it

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Sydney, Australia

Hi Shaun Love these pictures you must be tickled pink !

Must be a bit of a shock adjusting to the temperature ^_^
Getting cold here are you ?

What are you most excited about in the Brug Alley ?

I hope we get to see lots of buds opening for everyone ...I suspect early Frosts to come though.

thanks for the lovely pictures.


Sydney, Australia

Oh what fun ...never done it before ! it worked :)

It's only short because I was freaking out that I would kill the puter LOL !!


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Chrissy the temp change is not that hard to get over its the dreaded lurggie i got on the plane coming back its like a flu/cold/my head Gil also got it so we are feeling a bit sorry for our selves at the moment but looking after ourselves also. we should come good in a week or so!

The most exciting thing about my ally was 2 things 1: was Clementine as i thought it was aurea{Macedon] so i could not under stand why it was a double & 2: Pink Sweetie i knew that pic any were i got it sent to me in Bali as the guys looking after my place took pics for me she did my babies well.

I am now waiting on the fragrance on both of those 2 plants and i have no real idae about them the fragrance was very weak when i got home so i have to wait till next bloom

i was also very surprised about how small Iced Lemon was compaired to Knightii about 1/3 so its a real little treasure

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Chrissy congrats on your youtube pic slide very nice. It was not so dificult was it?

Sydney, Australia

I am surprised at the colour of Pink Sweetie, quite a different colour than when it bloomed up North for cestrum. Mine is yet to flower , it will be interesting to see what difference there is. It's quite amazing to see the differences as they bloom in different conditions, also in the following year. Some brugs don't look the same in the second year. They mostly keep getting better and better.
Hope your head cold clears up, take care of yourselves. Lots of hot salty soups.


Clifton Springs, Australia

Well done Chrissy, now that you've made one the 2nd is easy.

Cairns, Australia

Well done, lovely

Sydney, Australia

We had some heavy rain today so that should trigger a last Autumn Flush here Hopefully !

Video for the day in case you didn't see it ^_^

and another good one I found


Sydney, Australia

Oh gosh look at this Aurea one ...beautiful !

we can look at these lovely videos in Winter when we are dying for our blooms to come back again.



Sydney, Australia

Wayne and Allan ...Congratulations on your lovely Brugs, now in the Brugmansia Hybridizers Data base.
Thanks again !

Everyone is thrilled !If you are ever looking in cestrum, your beautiful Knightii cross should go into the data base too.
The data base is only about seed results, so anyone looking in should post those pretty or plain ones in there.
If anyone needs some help just sing out ^_^

Happy Brugging !


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

hi GUYS its been very slow here in DG but im sure that because of the weather and not the plants
this is one i have been watching for 10 months and i hope is a good one for the future love the cross and the foliage is to DIE 4 just like 'Freckles' it has a lime green or dark green variegate well im hoping any ways
this cross is
Phanomenal X.Doosie [Mike Pettit feb/2012],

Thumbnail by SolMan Thumbnail by SolMan Thumbnail by SolMan
Merino, Australia

Shaun the leaves are so pretty. I hope they stay that way for you.
I love variegates in all plants . The green on green does look lovely.
My AxelRose is looking good among the plain greens here.

I have lots of buds that seem to be staying on and getting quite large. I hope to see flowers in about a week.

My coldies are looking very nice and getting tall now.
I am hoping to see buds as some have Ys.

pic 1... the coldies and the small warmie babies out with the big boys.

pic the open shdaehouse.. tall one at the back is Mango Cornet ( full of buds)
Maya is in there behind a cutting of one of the aureas ,
the darker green on the left is my Tabby x Bergprinzessen

pic 3... some of the warmies under the ash tree.


Thumbnail by 77sunset Thumbnail by 77sunset Thumbnail by 77sunset
Clifton Springs, Australia

That's a lovely variegation, Shaun...good luck with it, a Doosie look alike would go very well with those colours...

Jean, your Tabby is twice the size of mine, they all look happy out there....


Sydney, Australia

Those Brugs are all looking good !

Shaun Great little V.Seedling there, good luck with it ^_^

Jean those plants look happy. Wave an axe at them, that might get them to bloom for you before the frost gets here.

It stormed and poured last night, bringing the cooler temps with it. Rain predicted for the week here.
That may bring a late flush here before the frost, lets keep our fingers crossed for those late flushes, fingers crossed for everyone.


Cairns, Australia

Hi Shuan, here is D/white x noid, Colchester rd seed planted16/4/12, came out white 2 day's went to pale yellow, it is now 3 or 4 day's on, its not a good picture, next flush will be ??? we will see what it gives, simula size to red hot pink.p.s long teeth like Munchauseh

Thumbnail by Gena1234 Thumbnail by Gena1234
Sydney, Australia

Nice Petal Tips Gena ...Congratulations to You and Shaun ! ^_^, any scent ?


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Gena that a really nice looking bloom there i can see what you mean by the shape & Petal tips similar to that of Munchausen/Red Hot pink
I hope that it pics up a bit more color for you in its next flush

Clifton Springs, Australia

That looks very nice Gena, is your weather still hot?
It might get to be a bit deeper lemon in the cooler times....or next flush
Love those petal tips, isn't it exciting when your seedlings flower....

Cairns, Australia

The scent so far is soft. yes still hot in the day, nights and early mornings are cooler so nice. it is exciting.

Cairns, Australia

There is more color today, and there is another bloom half out which is coming out pale lemon for the start, love these plants you never now, mystery of life.

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

I'm so glad that this is doing you a treat and comming up trumps
I hope it gives you what your hoping for in a single noid.
Gena the seed is either a (suaveolens x.aurea)x.noid or suaveolens x.noid both from Colchester road but no D/white
I think it's a (suaveolens x.aurea)x.noid which has been ID as Red hot pink so you can see similar traits

Sydney, Australia

I love that it bloomed so quickly for you Gina !

Great Excitement I know ^_^

Shaun it must be a thrill to see the new baby Brug you think it is Suaveolens x red Hot Pink ?


Cairns, Australia

You are wright Shuan, Colchester rd was not on the label, just through it was for same time as Tantra x noid same date ( wanting for it to bloom ) and I just forgot to write it down, it did have D/white x noid Shuan 16/4/12. so the thing is not to add more then what is on the label.

Merino, Australia

Hello all...
Finally, I have some pictures.
My brugs are all going mad . I have buds opening on Mango Cornet.. Dwarf Pink 'n'Green... ButterBomb...Clementine...Topsy...Tantra....knightii....aurea (Lucas) ....Maurices Frosty Pink x aurea....
Fire Fighter lovely Senorita Rosada also very lovely Sweet Jaffa... and of course GHA..
I also have one of the coldies from England opening buds..
My best surprise will be one of my own crosses for the very first time...Sweet Jaffa x GHA...

Shaun, also your pretty DRC , who is looking so very smart this time . .. a clear white , lovely tendrils and a much bigger flower than the first effort back in Feb.

The brugs are all loving the cooler weather and , I think, the fertliser mix I give them.

Pics are DRC, as he is the first to open fully..

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