SOLVED: New home with nice but unknown trees...

Shenandoah, TX

I moved about 6 months ago and friends/family that come over have no idea what kind of tree this is. I'd like to get more but I haven't seen any in local nurseries. The home is older so it may be that they are hard to find now. The tree has smooth trunk, puts out many suckers, doesn't smell great when cut and is relatively soft wood and evergreen. It put bud spikes out a month or more ago but nothing has opened up. I was thinking maybe some type of laurel but have no idea. Thanks for any help!!!

Forgot to mention I'm in the Houston area.

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Groveland, FL

vuburnum odoratissum.

Shenandoah, TX

nel, that's it! Thanks so much. I'm going to try to see if a local nursery can order a few for me and will also try to root some cuttings. Wasn't sure I'd find out what this is!

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