What To Do Now??

Denver, CO

Due to situations beyond my control My roses did not get pruned in the fall so are now budding. I live in Denver CO. I need to know what the best way to cut them back for the spring would be?
Thanks In advance!

Richmond, TX

I don't actually prune my roses at all, but I think that you can go ahead and trim them now if you are not expecting any more serious freezes. Some folks wait until the forsythia blooms to be sure spring has sprung. I am sure other members will add to my questionable advice.

Madison, IL(Zone 6b)

Hello LadyAspen,
I'm no rose expert, so I go to the articles for help. If you search the articles for "roses", you'll find a ton of them. I especially like Paul Rodman's (paulgrow) articles "Growing Roses from A-Z" . He's located in Michigan & is an Advanced Master Gardener, and American Rose Society Consulting Rosarian. I've posted a response to one of his articles & he replied right away. Here's a link to Paul's article about wintering roses.


The last paragraph reads: "In the spring after the danger of freezing weather has passed, remove the winter protection and give them a good watering. When the forsythia blooms itís time to prune them and apply the rose fertilizer."

I hope that you find something helpful here. I actually printed all of Paul's rose articles, put them in a binder, & now have my own quick reference rose manual. Pics for remembering last Spring. : )

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