Sad Pansy

Ancaster/Hamilton, ON(Zone 5b)

You,re pansy does look sad. I would be too living in the snow! Will we ever have spring?
Did you hear how someone in the states is trying to sue their groundhog because he was so off on the weather prediction this year!
Zone 6a

Rosemont, ON(Zone 4a)

If I had a pansy, it would be eaten by deer. They're really hungry now, and are devouring everything in my rock garden except for the rocks and gravel. When I open the back door and step outside to shoo them off, they just stand there with strings of Phlox subulata hanging from their mouths, looking at me with those big, dark, soulful eyes and making me feel heartless.

Not only the Deer are hungry.

This Guy likes to lick the BBQ.

Thumbnail by ginger749
Ancaster/Hamilton, ON(Zone 5b)

That looks like my husband getting licked (the man, not the moose!)

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