What's on Your Spring Wish List?

New Bern, NC(Zone 8a)

Along with lots of other stuff on my wish list, I had Black Magic Taro and a bay plant (not California). Today there was a Master Gardeners' sale in New Bern and I bought two small black taros. My plan is to put one in each of two big pots on the front porch, and planted with something pink, something lime green, and a little white. This porch is pretty sunny, and in the late afternoon the sun really beats in there. Hope it won't be too hot for the taros there.

Although not on my list, I also got at the sale two orange ginger lily bulbs, for the area around our small pond, planted near the dwarf edible pomegranate (also orange) with catmint on the ground. Of course we've yet to eat anything off that pomegranate :)

Now I need a bay for culinary use, and I understand it needs to be from somewhere in my general area, not Florida, so it's hardier. Tryon Palace is having it's plant sale April 12 - hoping there will be one there.

What's on your Wish List? Entlie

Grantsboro, NC(Zone 8b)

I want warm weather as my office is freezing and outdoors is cold also.
Lavina- who is just down the county from Entlie
Waving at u

My pansys are finally looking great they were aweful looking all winter.
I gotta replant just about every thing.

Holly Ridge, NC(Zone 8a)

I'm looking to have something magical remove the grass from the new rose bed I wan to plant.... and plenty of rain this year.

Charlotte, NC(Zone 7b)

My spring wish is that the birds don't eat the peas this year!

Some warm weather would be nice, too.

New Bern, NC(Zone 8a)

Oh I planted peas early, and I didn't even think about birds. So far, so good. Lavina, nice to hear from you. Went by your area on our boat a couple of weeks ago.

Summerville, SC(Zone 8a)

My spring wish is that all the squirrels decide to pack up and move to Barbados or join an end of the world cult and eat kool aid acorns or something.

Sumter, SC(Zone 8a)

I'm hoping they join an end of the world cult, MmeX, hook up with the mother ship, and take my @$#%& ground voles with them.-))

Kure Beach, NC(Zone 9a)

Our Master Gardener sale is next weekend and since I just completed the course, I'm volunteering. ;) Can't wait! They put the plant list online, so I already have my plant list ready and waiting.
I have a friend who moved into an old home with a huge backyard that used to be gorgeous. It has been neglected for at least 10 years, so we're working on getting it back in shape. So far I have found 4 dead trees hidden under overgrown wisteria, smilax and yellow honeysuckle.
My Spring wishlist includes hoping my friend continues to buy the plants I tell her to and let me have my way with her yard!
All the debris in the front of this picture (green and brown) are vines we cut down. The tree to the right is almost completely dead from being covered up with vines.

Thumbnail by Beach_Barbie
Summerville, SC(Zone 8a)

Bringing an overgrown mature garden back to life is certainly a challenge! Looks like you've got a good start!

Donna I can tolerate the moles and voles to some degree .. it's those !&^*$( squirrels that make me so mad I could spit.

New Bern, NC(Zone 8a)

What a project, Barbie! I had a phone call from a friend who is helping an elderly woman clear out her home so she can move to assisted living. She has garages full of pots, potted plants, trellises, garden art, and what have you. I am getting a sneak peek on Saturday. Can't wait!

(Zone 9a)

Lucky Entlie, hope you find a treasure or two.

Barb, who knows what could be coming up under all that mess you have cleaned out. With spring so late (if ever) this year, plants will be popping up for weeks yet. You might find some very special surprises.

I think for spring I would like, well, spring! Here's to more moderate temperatures although the coolers ones have kept the flowers on the azaleas and camellias colorful for much longer than usual.

New Bern, NC(Zone 8a)

My treasure hunt was fun. Turns out this woman's garden was one I had often admired when driving by. Beautiful hedges, pathways and hidden areas, complimented by two camellia trees planted as one, about 20 feet tall and in full bloom. How beautiful. I bought six interlocking low trellises and two small pieces of garden art. However I may have to go back for a beautiful rock or two, or some slate. Also for spring I would like no more weeds in my lawn!

Kure Beach, NC(Zone 9a)

Entile, how wonderful!
In my friends yard, I have discovered a lot of areas that used to be focal points, complete with stone edging and up-lighting. The azaleas, which the entire backyard is rimmed with, are in full bloom. I'm going over there on Monday so will take pictures and hopefully I'll remember to post them.

Holly Ridge, NC(Zone 8a)


Is this the plant sale at the aboretum in Wilmington?


Kure Beach, NC(Zone 9a)

Mike, yes it is. Thursday through Sunday. www.gardeningnhc.org

Johns Island, SC

Beach Barbie, it looks like you've got a virtual goldmine to work with there, with all the mature growth! I hope your friend listens to you---all the "bones" are in place! Hard to tell from one picture, but it looks like they've got a "water-view" that could be "framed"/enhanced" by underplantings...Good luck with it! SHARE THE RESULTS!...

Kure Beach, NC(Zone 9a)

You're right, it won't take much to get it looking good year-round once we get it cleaned out. ,
She does have a stream along the back of the property, but there is also a walking path between to apartments and a bus stop, so we're working on what evergreens we can plant there to provide privacy.
I'll keep y'all up to date.;)

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