Has anyone seen this before.

toms river, NJ

Small piece of adenium broke off. Stuck it in pot where other things were being rooted.
Adenium has developed what appears to be plantlets at top.
Have removed one and planted it already - there are still two more.
You can see roots on remaining two in photo.
Any info re similar experience appreciated.

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Arlington, TX

I have seen this on other plants but never on an adenium.

Decatur, GA

The leaves look to thick and fleshy to be an adenium. Whats the other vining plant in the picture?

toms river, NJ


Think you are correct (not an adenium).
The cutting that has the plantlets came as a hitchhicker with a rescue/clearance adenium from Walmart (photo attached).
Cutting looked like it had broken from the adenium so I assumed it was.
Will just have to wait and see what it grows into.
As for the other plants in the photo:
ficus benjamina variegata
begonia richardsiana seedling (at base of ficus)
The ficus has since been repotted in bonsai style (photo attached)
Thanks for your observation and comment.

Thumbnail by dggardenerguy Thumbnail by dggardenerguy
Decatur, GA

Your adenium looks fine. It should do nicely on the porch in the sun when the weather warms up. Just be careful not to put it in full sun right away - start it out in filtered bright light for awhile, then into the sun.

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