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Arlington, TX

This is first adenium I have grown from seed. It spent last summer indoors and is tall and spindly. I plan on reporting and moving it outside. Would it be killed if I pruned the stems back at this age? It defunately needs some fertilizer to bulk up this season. I am disapoonted in the flower color but it is my first seedling and I want it to survive.

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Baja California, Mexico(Zone 11)

Not sure that fertilizer necessarily works to bulk up the plant, though it certainly does no harm in moderation. The main thing is to provide strong light if you want the plant to grow compact. You can definitely cut the stem, maybe prune just one for starters to be on the safe side.

Arlington, TX

I think a good amount of fertilizer in the summer does wonders for these plants. Since I have been giving them more in the summer their bases have really increased in size. Your probably right, cutting just one of the branches would be safer.

Decatur, GA

I would definitely prune both stems when it goes outside. I agree about the fertilizer too.

Arlington, TX

I haven't really done a lot of heavy pruning on my other plants. I hate to stress it too much when its young.

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