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How was your day? #381

somewhere, PA

The little chicks born on the coldest day of the winter are getting all grown up!

Please feel free to jump in and tell us how your day was today!


Thumbnail by Tammy
somewhere, PA

And those photo's I promised of the chickens...

Thumbnail by Tammy Thumbnail by Tammy
somewhere, PA

And signs of spring emerging in the warmer areas of the property...

Thumbnail by Tammy Thumbnail by Tammy Thumbnail by Tammy Thumbnail by Tammy
Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

thanks for the new thread

sandy and andre

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Tam, thanks for the new thread. Love the photos of the chicks and plants.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Tam, thanks for the new thread. I just posted on the old one, so nothing new to say here.

Lyndonville, NY

Love the pictures, and the chicks! Flowers sure are hope for spring! I hope this storm moving in misses you

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Wow! Lots of conversation today between my warm shower and now.

Let's see it seems Loretta did now win the lottery, but we are so much richer for knowing her.

Melva gave a wonderful party enjoyed by all those who attended because they wanted her to know like the lyrics of one of my favorite popular songs, "You're amazing just the way you are." Happy Birthday again, Melva.

Tammy is doing the wallpaper tango. Dianne I bet you could get there in time to help. There is a l-o-t of wallpaper. Tammy doesn't it feel good to get rid of all that stuff? That's what I did before the estate sale. Once you get into that mindset it becomes easier and easier to part with stuff. But be careful. You can get rid of stuff, but you have to keep things, Everyone knows things are more important than stuff. Men always have more stuff than things. Women definitely have many more things than stuff. Love those pictures of the chickens. They are beautiful.

Kris thanks for the tip on the liquid prednisone. I will definitely inquire. I have tried the compounded flavored pills for Stash when he was ill. He wouldn't eat them.

Dianne I am so relieved to hear that your temp has dropped below 100. Whew, that was one mean bug you had, lady. All the germs are building up a resistance to the drugs used to combat them. It is getting to be a scary situation.

I spent from midday until about 7:00 with Judy who has not been feeling well the last couple of days, but had vague and changing symptoms. Friday night is was pain across her back in the kidney region. Last night it was off and on stabbing pain in her ear. Today she has something mean and ugly on her rear end. I have never seen a boil before so I don't know if that is what it is. It is a large pink area about the size of a 50 cent coin, kinda raised up, with a dark red center about the size of a pencil eraser in the center that looked like it might, just might, be showing a tiny dot of white in the red. She soaked in warm water and Epsom salts after I left and applied warm compresses and said it was blossoming. I tried to get her to allow me to sleep at her house tonight, but she would not hear of it. I WILL take her to her doctor or an urgent care clinic tomorrow.

Going to put myself to bed now. Goodnight.


Verona, ON

Love the chicken pics Tam! Thanks so much for the new thread.

Bonnie that sure sounds ike a boil. DH was plauged by them so I have had lots of experience. Treatement can range from a simple compress of epsom salts in a hot cloth to medical intervention. Now that one hurts - Warren was not a wimp but sure did express his pain after those procedures. One doc was not so kind and cut Warren's inner thigh without any freezing or anethestic. Warren called me at work in a panic,as he managed to drive himself home, get in the house but couldn't drag himself upstairs. Anyway lots of hot soaks with epsom salts is great but the compress comprised of a hot cloth stuffed with epsom salts really works well.Poor Judy! Hope it comes to a head soon, according to DH the relief is instantaneous.

Tam are you in line for this storm? When I looked at the WC all of Penn was covered in red. Looks like Debbie and I might be given a pass. We'll take it, right Deb?

Going to have some toast and explore the possibility of going back to bed for awhile.


somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

Oh I loved your post Bonnie. Sure brought a smile to my face. Yep. I have 5+ boxes of stuff ready to take to Goodwill but am very careful to keep my things. Its such a good thing I cleared out the library, closet & attic over the holidays 'cause now there is space for all the boxes of my important things. Poor Judy! I was thinking maybe a spider bite but I know nothing about what causes a boil.

Dianne - funny thing about the snow. I popped out of bed and looked out the window. NO SNOW! I told DH those weather liars got it wrong. Grabbed a quick shower and found snow coming down when I got out. Its snowing very hard - we already have about 1/2" in just 30min. Those little chickens are not coming out today.

Debbie - I'm holding on to the thought that the bloom will last longer in the snow. So spring will just get have a longer start than normal.

Loretta - what Bonnie said. :-) I hope you have some carrots with you today.

BonnieB - I've already forgotten... when will your DH pick up JohnJohn?

~~~ to Vicki, Melva, Adina, Terese, Sandy & everyone else!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning, the WL were right on target. We have snow and it is still coming down. Not a problem as far as I am concerned, I had no plans for travel anywhere.

Bonnie, I thought I was the only one who had distinguised the stuff from things! Maybe it is a universal policy that all females know. DH only has stuff, and it is evident when you walk into the garage.

Elsie, hope your travel into work today is safe and that you have tucked a couple of carrots into your lunch box for Teddy.

Tammy, what a disappointment to have one clear view of the weather to only find it changed in the time it took for you to shower. I second your idea that the snow will just preserve the blooms, making for a longer prettier spring show of flowers.

Off to finish my coffee and read the paper that my DH just fetched.

Tammy, we will monitor the snow storm in Indiana, and when we are sure that we won't get stuck there, go pick up JohnJohn. He is safe with DH's Amish friend, so we know now that he is well taken care of.

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Morning! No snow here but it sure is windy again. Must be blowing all that bad weather south. The jeep was moving around on the one road driving home last night.

Tam thanks for the new start and the great chick pictures! Did you get mostly hens out of that last hatching? Saw the kitchen pictures on FB.

Deb how are things going? What are the plans for today? So hope there is no snow if you are traveling any where. Were you able to get ahold of DS on his BD?

Bonnie no boil experience here. What a painful place for her to have one.

Elsie may this be a great and wonderful Monday for you. I have to work today also and Wednesday is a full moon! The crazies will be coming out!

It was so light out last night I could of taken a walk. But was too tired. Yesterday I did laundry and dishes and cleaned up some of the kitchen. Today will work on more for an hour or so. Relax and then go to work. Sounds like a fun day.

Boss goes for her pet scan today. Thursday is her first treatment. Her Doctor has no sense of humor! Which she says is what will get her thru this!

Bought Cinna Burst bread the other day and will make French Toast this morning! I think it will work pretty good! Will let you know.

Have tried the vac yet as DH is always in the house when I am home. I am so tired of that as I don't get anything done! Like I am going to work and him sitting there watching!

somewhere, PA

I've never heard of Cinna Burst bread - must be a cinnamon bread?

Vicki - I don't know who's a hen & who's a roo yet. 15yrs with chickens and I'm still the last to know. When the roo's start fighting or crowing, then I know. lol


Lyndonville, NY

Good morning,

Bonnie, be very careful with Judy and her "back side" as boils and MRSA infections are very similar in appearance, especially if she has had
other things brewing in her system.

Dianne, sure hope this passes us by. DH talked to DS yesterday...they got 18 inches snow in Denver. He hung up before I could talk, was going to
call back, but I knew that wouldn't happen.

I am leaving shortly to pick Shannon up from work. We do not want her driving much right now, so she went into work with 5 1/2 hours and I
pick her up at 11:30 (their lunch break) and bring home. She has blood draws today to check thinner levels, and of all things....her swollen/sore throat
is back. She has an appointment on Thursday with ENT doc, who was DSs doc when a little guy. Also going to continue fighting for an appt. with Hem/Onc
team at Strong whom seem to be hard to get ahold of.

Need to drink my coffee quick and out the front door.....Wishing I was with Tam to pull some of that paper off!!! Our entire house was wallpaper when moved in, including the ceiling in the entrance way up to the 18 foot ceiling at top of stairs. This was all to cover up fire damage, papered right over it!

Waving to all.,...Vicki, I am having toast!

Debbie (who wonders if Elsie has booked a cruise and is spending her millions)

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Good Morning everyone, have been to the gym already

Bonnie Debbie is right that is how MRSA can start, and from what you told us it could be. So please make her go to the doctor first thing this morning!!!! PLEASE

It has turned cold here again today, was up to 84 yesterday. I hate this up and down

sandy and andre

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Deb guess he just can't face you yet. But it sure hurts. Hugs to you.

Sandy I keep thinking you guys in the different time zone have gotten so much done sooo early! Then I remember different time zone! LOL

Tam yes a cinnamon bread. Was very good!

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

yes we are a hour(?) ahead of you, plus I wake up very early.

going to find some socks!!!!

Sandy and Andre

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

yes... one hour ahead of Vicki and I

speaking of wall paper... I watch HGTV when i ride the bike in the basement [too dang cold to walk outside]
and they seem to wall paper everything. I was just watching this show -- that i'd never seen before.... this one design couple in NY

but they were wall papering this entire apartment, and hideous wall paper at that... one was white or cream with boxed shapes all over it... very dizzying. what ever happened to bold colors?

Tam and Elsie... thinking of you both today as i watch flurries and know you are getting SNOW. we are supposed to be 40's all week.

somewhere, PA

Its a winter wonderland outside now. Snow covering all surfaces - very pretty for a winter day. Not so pretty for a spring day. lol

I'm half thinking of wall paper for some area's but its just so much easier on both application & removal to just paint, I may go that way. Some wall paper is just so pretty!


Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Have never wallpapered and don't plan on starting anytime soon no matter how pretty it is. Have watched enough shows on how to remove it! LOL But if someone else wants it fine for them.

somewhere, PA

Vicki - the first wall paper I ever did was in a bathroom that had exactly one piece that was straight on all four sides. Most pieces had cut outs for radiators/toilet/sink/ceiling beams etc. Was a crazy place to learn! Its hardly perfect but its the upstairs bath so only friends staying over (and Gary & I) see it. I may take it down and paint. But only after I recover from the current reno!


Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Only wall paper I have is a boarder in the powder room. I rag rolled in there, and didnt do the best job where it met the ceiling.... so i used the boarder to cover it up. But i loved the colors ... Wedgwood and rose.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Did anyone see the short video clip of a cat taking a JRT for a walk?
The cat had the leash in it's mouth, and the JRT just followed along.

could not help think of Mr B.

found the link

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!! The glasses have been found. They where pulled out of the toilet pipe by the plumber!!!!!


Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Now if we can figure out how the towel get in there?????


Verona, ON

Wow is right Terese. The fun never ends at your place Sandy! Surely Andre cannot be blamed for these 2 occurrences?

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

no, he can not. I think we have a gremlin.

S and A

Verona, ON

lol and is the gremlin's name Doris?

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

More like Mom.


Verona, ON

Isn't Doris your mom's name? Or havae I been calling her by the wrong name all this time?

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

It is Pat or Patricia

Sandy and Andre

Verona, ON

All this time I thought it was Doris. lol

Lyndonville, NY

I think Doris is Bonnie's Mom...I am having brain issues.

Verona, ON

It turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous afternoon. Diesel and I spent a goodly part of it outside. The sun felt wonderful! Still not Sandy's 84* but I will take it. How about you Debbie, did you get some sun this afternoon?

BonnieB still snowing or has it turned to rain? Hope you had a good book to read.

Tam you ready to tackle wall paper tonight or have you packed and run off with Loretta on her cruise to celebrate her lottery win?

How did Shannon make out with her blood draw? Is she fairly easy to get blood from? I can't remember. Darn that sore throat anyway - it has really settled in to that girl's system. Will she have to have her blood draw 2 or 3 times a week? Mine was 3 the whole time I was on coumadin. Fortunately for the blood draw person it was in May.June ,July, August so there were no problems on the lane. Is the leafy, green veggies going to be a problem with her? For me it was awful - my favourite veggie is asparagrus (sp?) and it was peak season for it. Poor DH felt like he had to hide in the other room when he ate his -- he said the look of longing on my face was just too much to bear and still enjoy his food.

Terese how are your muscles feeling today? Did you hurt as much as you thought you might?

Vicki have you tried your new machine yet? Anxious to hear your report on the vaccum.

Well need to think of something for dinner. Any suggestions?

Balotesti, Romania(Zone 5a)

We have a snowstorm coming toward us too tonight. The school will be closed tomorrow, so I guess it's going to be pretty bad. I hope you won't get any more snow as you've had enough already.
The kids were here this week-end and will be leaving tomorrow if the weather is good. We cooked the fish today Made sour fish soup, BBQ fish and fried fish. It was so good! I also took the car to the car service shop for repairs. They are going to keep it there for a few days, so we had to take the bus for coming back home.
Tam thanks for the new thread. Great pics of the chickies and the flowers! What are the ones in the first picture? You asked why I took the fish so many days before cooking it...just to avoid the week-end crowd, especially at the fish store because everyone in Romania ate fish today. We're celebrating the Good News which the Angel brought to Mary, that she was going to have baby Jesus. We're on the religious fasting period before Easter and on such special occasions we're allowed to eat fish, but only on this day.
Posting some pics with the raw fish and one with Nicholas.
Waving to all, sorry if I can't comment, I'm too tired.


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Thumbnail by adinamiti Thumbnail by adinamiti Thumbnail by adinamiti
Balotesti, Romania(Zone 5a)

Dianne, a potatoe salad with onions, sweet peppers and olives?

Thumbnail by adinamiti
Lyndonville, NY

Adina, happy Holiday to you...enjoy your festivities...and be VERY careful in the snow storm. Nicholas looks so big, growing up!

Dianne, she just finished her shots, and has reached a "stable level" they will get it checked Mondays now. Might know
more tomorrow about that. NO she is a very hard stick, and there is talk of putting a 'port" in if she has to continue with any treatment.
Her veins are almost non-existent.

Shane couldn't call and talk yesterday, but he had no problem texting for "money for food" this morning. I was so so angry! Yes, tough love
is coming

Oops hit too soon. We had sun this morning and early afternoon, then clouded over. They say this storm should miss us, sure hope so!

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Verona, ON

Oh Debbie my anger meter just hit the roof for you!

Lyndonville, NY

Yes, mine has been at boiling point for days...and this just added. One of those your "danged if you do, danged if you don't"

The news said....that winning Lotto ticked in NJ was sold at a liquor store. We still haven't seen Loretta. Hmmm....hows the wine? O:)

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