How was your day? #381

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Bonnie, I sure hope Judy feels better soon.

Debbie, I don't know how you do it. Take a picture of your dinner and email it to him. Too bad you weren't here to enjoy it with us.

Vicki, I've thought of trying to make french toast with cinnamon raisin bagels.

Well, no lottery and no Teddy. Just another Monday. It snowed quite a bit at work. This morning they said this storm was going to hit us tonight.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

It was only 66 today and for the next few days it will be a record low for us

Sandy and Andre

somewhere, PA

I knew I should be drinking more! I could have picked up the winning ticket if I'd just spent more time in liquor stores!

Adina - Iris histrioides Katharine Hodgkin is the first flower. Its a rock garden iris and one of the first to bloom

Dianne - come on down for saute'd cabbage & onion w/roasted tomato sauce & ground beef. I made a big pot.

Debbie - he definitely is making it difficult to love isn't he! I think you guys are too busy to send money and maybe even to text for a while. Right?

I've typed three emails to my contractor w/o sending and just know I should wait before sending. I am just ticked by crap at work and little stuff with the costs of the projects are starting to really p*%% me off. So I'm gonna go pull off some wall paper to calm down. Then I'll talk to DH. Its nothing like the problems so many of you face. I'm just grumpy I guess. lol


somewhere, PA

Loretta - that is a brilliant idea for Debbie!

Verona, ON

Loretta right on the money again.... brillant idea for Debbie.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

The devil in me would take a pic of a nice big cupcake with a lit candle. The next photo would be the cupcake paper on the plate after Paul and Debbie ate the cupcake. hehe

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good evening folks. Well it looks like elsie isn't gone on that cruise, yet. Why didn't you buy us all one, or let us go in with you? hehe.

Debbie, been there and done that, maybe you should reply that you need all your money to buy your high blood pressure meds and valium! Sure hope that Shannon can get the port or have an easy draw. It is torture for someone to have to dig around to find a vein.

Terese, someone over on Coffee...and posted that video this morning. They were saying how smart cats were, and I replied that if that JRT didn't want to have the cat lead him around there ain't enough cat claws in the country that would have held him!

Tammy, woah girl, it is really early in this project to be ticked off at the contractor. I hope that you can get past this and that if it takes a hissy fit, get it over with and maybe the contractor will walk a wide circle around you not wanting to upset you.

Dianne, glad that you and Diesel had a great day some of it spent outside. It snowed here on and off all day. It is too warm for much to stick to the ground, but you look out and it is blowing the snow sideways. I believe Bonnie's mom is Doris, but may be wrong. Oh, speaking of asparagus, it is almost time here for it. I bought a pound in the grocery last week, steamed it, and had it with some olive oil and garlic on it. Yum, I do like the hollandaise sauce too so the next time I buy it will do it that way.

Sandy, you are going to have to strip your DM of all clothes and accessories before you let her in the bathroom. Hehe, an expensive pair of glasses!

Adina, what kind of fish is that? I don't think we have any that look like that, and I see lots, as DH fishes all summer long. Will have to remember to post pictures of some of his he brings home. May have to get your BBQ fish recipe, never have had it, and believe me we eat a lot of fish. Nicholas is so big. He will soon not even look like a little boy.

Bonnie, hope that Judy is feeling much better. Don't know much about MRSA, but as others have said, do be careful. There was an article in our paper either today or yesterday about some of the super bugs that are popping up in hospitals now. They say this latest one makes Cdif, look like the common cold.

Believe me when I go to the nursing home, I am always sanitizing my hands. When I get home, I usually shower and wash my hair, and take some Ziacam. Sure don't want to come down with anything that I carry home from there. One nursing home in our area is shut down to visitors because they have an outbreak of scabies.

Well, speaking of nursing homes, tomorrow is my day to go. Mr B will not go with me. He has acted all day like he is not feeling well. He hasn't eaten today, and earlier I felt of his ears and they were really warm.

DH just finished vacuuming the family room and down the hallway. He said this morning that he would do it, and he hadn't gotten around to it today,so tonight was good enough.

somewhere, PA

Does $60 for grout for a total of 25sqft of tile not sound ridiculous? Its the principle more than the money. I grumped about it and moved on (a couple weeks ago.)

I asked back in Jan for the lighting plan so I could verify the "allowance" for fixtures. I was told that it was a generous allowance. Nonetheless, I told them I did not want it to be left to the end and have no time to rework things. Well... I finally got the info I needed to start the process 2wks ago & got my first quote today. It was more than double the allowance. There's less than 2wks to order the materials. So I'm just ticked that it got left to the end and now there's little time to work it.

I channeled my frustration by finishing the wallpaper removal near the front door.

Good night all

Lyndonville, NY

That seems a large amount. Is it colored grout or something special...a mold free feature or special ingredient?

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

As I have to get up early and drag DM out of the bed at the horrible hour of 5am so we can get to the place she is having her cataract surgery by 7am I am going to call it a night.

Might not be able to get on here in the morning

Good night everyone

Sandy and Andre

Lyndonville, NY

Good luck Sandy, will be thinking of you and Miss Pat tomorrow! Safe travels

somewhere, PA

Good Morning.

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Morning! I do not add good as someone yelled at me once What's good about it? Plus all I did say was morning in the first place.

Quite the chat last evening. Wish I had been here for it. Like I said at work last night "work interfers with so much!"

Deb they have excellent ideas please share the photos you send him. Poor Shannon! Hugs to you all.

Tam have a good day at work. Sounds like too much for the grout. But I have no experience with it.

BonnieB have a good visit today.

Dianne sounds like a wonderful day yesterday. Hope you can repeat it today.

Adina great pictures. I haven't seen a fish like that either. But again not much experience with live fish. Hope they are wrong on that snow storm!

Elsie have enjoyed all the teasing you have endured the past couple of days!

I had better get my rump in gear as I MIGHT have company today! Some days I just don't want any and today is one of those as I had other plans for the day. How can you clean house when there are 2 people sitting around!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning, and I hope I don't get yelled at. The good part is because I woke up!

It snowed during the night with accumulation of about 3 inches, and is still snowing now. Not enough to keep me away from the nursing home, just enough to make it nasty outside.

Mr. B didn't feel well yesterday and he put himself to bed last night at least an hour before I got ready to go. He is still in bed. He is so funny, but feel sorry for him, so will let him sleep in, since he is puny!

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Morning, I am sitting in this cold waiting room. Why do they keep these places so bloody cold


Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Morning Sandy and BonnieB no yelling from me!

Breakfast was a hotdog. Don't yell at me. There's chili for lunch and the hotdog needed to be eaten.

Verona, ON

Thinking of you Sandy and hope things go well as you get your mam up and to the doc's.

Enjoy your visit to the NH Bonnie. I am positive Mr B will be very disappointed to miss out on this jaunt. Hope he just has a case of the doggie flu.

Yum AdIna! I would love to come to dinner at your home sometime. You make everything looks as good as it tastes . Did the snow storm arrive?

Diesel and I do hope to get back outside this afternoon to work on the wood. Steve is hoping today is the day he can came rather than Thurs. I really want this wood situation sorted out. This cutting of the wood stacked around the property will help start the massive Spring tidy up plans I have in mind. As much as I love the Bulb Garden that DH built for me a few years ago it has to be moved. The plow likes to dump snow near there and the actual wooden outline of the garden is getting in the way of the plow driver. Also of the hundreds of bulbs we planted in there ony a few are still coming up each year. The chippies and squirels have won that battle. I will move the 1 Lily Tree and the 3 gorgeous Irises that have managed to survive there to another spot.It will also give Diesel and I a lovely area to sit out on the east side of the house under a gorgeous old tree that provides lots of shade. My mind is just racing with ideas for revamping areas this spring but my common sense say 'Whoa Nellie, take it 1 step at a time. Finish 1 project before you start another.'

The Canada Geese seem to know something we don't here in Verona. They are circling the house several times of the day and night and have started to settle down into Mosquito Creek . Their clamour has Diesel just shaking his head - of course he wasn't here during mating season last year and has no idea how noisy it gets down there.Complete full moon tonight and the coyotes have been out celebrating for the last 2 nights. Seems to be party time for them from about 1 - 3 am. Diesel has just about perfected his call back to them. It has been actually quite funny watching and listening to him develop this voice.

Good comeback for Debbie to use on Shane BonnieB. Old enough to travel out of state, old enough to find ways to feed himself.Sounds like he wants his cake and to eat it too doesn't it? Like the idea of the Ramen noodle diet.Debbie you need to do and respond to Shane in the manner that is best for you and Paul. You have had far too much on your plate to worry about Shane's plea for food money. How do you know it would be for food anyway? If his DGF is working surely she is not eating in front of Shane and not sharing with him.If you have second thoughts you can send him Gift Certificates to certain Grocery stores. We had them at the IGA and concerned parents sent them off all the time. Plus we allowed the people who sent the GC to print right on the certificate if it wasn't already there NOT TO BE USED for cigarettes. lottery tickets, liquor or beer.. Also the stores usually ask and expect the person to spend as much of that GC on items in their store as possible. A common trick is to buy something like a Beef Jerky with a $20 GC and get the rest back in change. Just a thought Debbie if your tender heart weakens and you worry Shane really isn't getting enough to eat.

How much more wallpaper to go Tam?

Need to go as I have a cat hollering for something. Its been a steady call for the last 5 min so I had best check it out. Make sure you all do something nice for yourself today ladies.


Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

I just tried out the vacumm and it works better than my old one! So far very happy.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

we are home , mom is fine and has gone back to bed to catch up on her sleep. I took Andre out and throw the ball for him. And I think I am going back to sleep also

S and A

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Good morning.

I took Judy to her doctor yesterday afternoon. She is on antibiotics for her "thing" - boil or abscess. It had drained overnight. The doc mentioned MRSA and gave precautions.

Yes, Doris is my mother. Calling her a gremlin would be a compliment. Don't get me started. Today I am taking her to an appointment with her cardiologist whose office is one half a block from my condo. The ALF van does not travel this far. Mind you, this doc sees patients at other locations within the ALF van area. In fact, they have taken her to another location. Oh well, I will straighten it out today. Then we will have lunch out. I think I will have her here on Easter Sunday. The restaurants are so crowded and it is so hard on both of us to navigate from car to restaurant and back to car. She likes to sit outside and view the water and she has not seen the boys since December.

Debbie, do not send Shane the money. Tough love time is here. Hope Shannon can ease back into work without any setbacks.

Tammy it is easy to understand your frustrations with the reno project. You have already had to make so many changes and compromises to your original design, plus adjusting the budget due to those changes, it seems there had to be a breaking point where you had to boil over. I think the lighting was the breaking point. You are a person who completes a task or assignment in the allotted time. It is very frustrating to deal with people who do not operate the same way.

Oops! Have to stop to get dressed. They are delivering my living room rug sometime within the next 90 minutes.


Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Bonnie -- the thought of Easter Sunday on your patio over looking the ocean .... just warms my heart [it's so cold here] and I miss the ocean. I pray your mother behaves for you.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Back from the nursing home, and Mr B was glad enough to see me that he finally got out of bed. Wanted me to throw a ball for him, which he fetched a total of 3 times, then he quit and lay down again.

Bonnie, good plan on having your DM for Easter. It is complicated to get anywhere and get in, only to have to reverse and do it all over again. Hope that she behaves and it is a pleasant day for the both of you.

Vicki, whoopee, the vacuum is a keeper. I can't get overly excited about a vacuum, because they only mean work!

Sandy, glad that your DM is back home and has decided to catch up on her sleep. Maybe Andre will behave so that you can too.

Debbie, I would do as Dianne said, send a grocery coupon with the notations that she outlined. I can't stand the thought of anybody going hungry, but make sure the money is used for it's intended purpose.

Dianne, you have so many plans running through your mind about what you are going to do. I also have a few, but it requires some cooperation from my DH and that is the sticking point here. Isn't it funny when the dogs first try out their voices? Some have to practice a long while to get something that sounds appropriate.

Off to do something about finding something in the freezer that will make a meal tonight. Sigh, i really get in a rut, and would welcome any suggestions.

Melva, did you go into a deep funk after the party? Come on out and play, it is only a number anyway.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Well it has been a fun day---NOT. Up way to early, sitting a freezer(waiting room), came home and yes we have another mouse or rat in the attic, went out and get the rat poison from the safe storage place and the step stool, lost control of the long step stool and broke another glass window in the back door. In the 59 years we have lived in this house only once before was one of the panels broke and now with in a few months I have broken 2. At least this time no one get hurt or needed stitches. Door will be replaced next month.

I need to take DM to the eye doctor for her ofter surgery check up and as my joint doctor is in the same building I make appointment to see him. The old knee hurts.

Sandy and Andre

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

How busy you have all been.

Bonnie, I would like to be on your balcony too. I hope Judy heals up quickly and with no issues.

Sandy, I'm glad you weren't hurt when you broke the glass. I hope your DM has a good long nap.

Tammy, do you have a contractor on this job? I wonder what he/she has to say. It seems to warrant some questions for sure.

Debbie, how is Shannon?

BonnieB, it seems MR B is feeling better.

Dianne, it sounds like you have some great plans for the gardens.

Vicki, good for your new vacuum. I hope you are not working too hard.

I think I would rather be on that cruise than at work. It sure is stressful.

No Teddy again. He got a haircut today so maybe he will come in tomorrow.

somewhere, PA

I lived on ramen noodles the first year in my first house. I spent every spare penny on the mortgage & any excess went to plants!

Vicki - yeah on the new vacuum!

Bonnie - you are right. I was more upset by the delays in the lighting vs the costs. Good luck w/your mom for Easter. Did Judy see any fun YouTube videos recently?

BonnieB - l bet the extra sleep did MrB a lot of good!

Dianne - when you pull up the iris, inspect them for small holes. We get iris borers here and I have to pull them and soak for a few hours in dilute chlorox solution. The worms come out and then the rhyzomes are set out in the sun to dry before planting. OH - I assume you are feeling better to be outside working so today? Hmmm?

Terese - soaking up the sun on a sunny beach sure does sound good.

Loretta - it was my contractor that I was frustrated with. Its his sub-con that delayed the lighting plan. But it was the estimator/project "development manager" who added $60 for grout. I told him today that since they knew the tile would need to be grouted & my selection made no difference to the cost that it was ridiculous that I have to pay for it. I am paying them an ENORMOUS amount of money and $60 was just insulting to me. So they are pulling it off my tile allowance sheet.

I went over the list of materials for the lighting and found four errors/omissions. Those will get corrected. I told the contractor I am not taking responsibility for verifying all the little piece parts needed to put together the lighting system. He agreed. I also gave him a few items that he needs to back out and give me credit for. I expect it will take a few days to work through this all and get me a new lighting plan & cost sheet. I know its going to be more since they missed items I want/need. But it'll be very nice when its all done.

The plumber came today and took out the heat in the majority of the first floor and pulled the toilet & sink from the bath. Oh joy!

Busy busy day at work.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Tammy, I am cringing for you. The real demolition has started. I hope that they are ahead of schedule and that they have it all back together quicker than they first estimated. Good for you, seems like the homeowner pays double sometimes for things that the contractors forgot to include. Don't back down, bet they respect that you are an engineer, and know just as much, or probably more than they do about what it takes to get the job done.

Elsie, now that is depravation, keeping Teddy from the employees two days in a row. I was at the nursing home today and a strange dog came out from the nurses station, and I asked one of the nurses if they had more than one resident dog. Seems one of the employees had brought her dog to work with her. It was a mutt, but a very pretty fluffy dog named Buddy. Terese you might ask your Buddy if they are kin! Anyway he had to sniff me all over, and I guess I passed the sniff test, because he wanted some scritches.

Sandy, did your DM go back today or is it tomorrow for the check? I hope that you can get an appointment for you knee. Is it the same one that you just had worked on?

Dianne, are you going to dig up iris and relocate them this year? When will you be doing it? I will probably let mine bloom, then dig and divide after they bloom. I sure have some pretty ones.

Vicki, did the iris I sent you bloom last year? Is it the yellow you wanted or did it turn out to be something else? They are old fashioned, but I love them. Between them, my daffodils and day lilies, I usually have something in bloom most of the spring/summer.

Bonnie hope that Judy feels better after having that place lanced, or treated.

Debbie, did you hear from Shane again? Just wondering what you told him about sending money for food.

We just had an Amish family move down the road from us about 4 miles. DH went down and introduced himself on Sunday, and then the man wanted him to take him to the zoning board meeting last night. Seems they are going to build and open a store, like a general store. He came home tonight and said that he had stopped by, and they needed a coal stove, and DH knew where to find one, so took him to pick that up. They have invited us for dinner (noon meal) on Friday, so looking forward to it. I haven't met them, but evidently they fell in love with DH and called him a God send. We have a church service on Friday night, so will invite them to come to church with us. The closest settlement where they have church is over 50 miles away, so they may go with us some until they get a church established.

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Tammy, Judy Loved viewing the video of that adorable movie star. Thank you. Kudos to you for standing up to that contractor and having him remove those charges. They now know, if they hadn't noticed before, that are dealing with a super sharp, detail oriented client who isn't going to sit back and accept whatever they throw at her. You go girl! We are women. Hear us roar! When I built my home in Sandestin I carried all my files around in a 19" rolling suitcase. Every decision I made, large or small, I asked for a copy of the item from the spec sheet and a photo, be it a light switch or the Jacuzzi tub. I also took photos of my flooring, tiles, and granite selections. I took a lot of ribbing about my little suitcase, but there was never any doubt about my selections and never any question that I could not answer.

Judy is such a lazy body I just picked up and delivered to her this afternoon at 2:00 the antibiotic that the doctor prescribed for her since yesterday at 5:00PM. I also dressed the area for her with Rx salve and sterile bandage. She is going to ask another friend who lives closer to change the dressing tomorrow morning.

BonnieB why didn't Mr. B go to the nursing home today? Are your new Amish neighbors living the true Amish life without electricity, etc? I hope she is a good cook. It was so nice of your DH to help them find their way around. I didn't know they would attend your church service or any other denomination for that matter.

Elsie the office must seem pretty dull without Teddy. Sure hope he comes in tomorrow. Does he have a winter coat? How are your hands feeling?

Sandy I cannot get over the fact that Pat's glasses were in the toilet. Although I can imagine several ways how they might have ended up there.

(((((Debbie))))) such a hard situation with Shane. It is so easy for us to give advice. We did not birth the child. Your head tells you one thing, but your heart finds it hard to follow your head. I forget, Did he graduate high school last year? Do you know the people he is travelling with?

There won't ne any Easter meal on my balcony Sunday. DM said she is not coming. She wants to stay at the ALF. She is cutting her nose to spite her face. We had a B-I-G fight today on the way back to the ALF all because I refuse to take her to Walmart for her nails and pedicure. I told her I would take her to a place in a strip mall where we can drive up to the door and walk right in to the salon - like we did two weeks ago. She could hardly walk ten feet from the car into a restaurant and from the car into Judy's house today. At Wlamart it is a long walk from the parking lot into the bldg and then to the nail salon. The last two times we went there, I pushed her in that great big Walmart wheel chair with the shopping cart on the front. It must weight over 20 pounds. Then add her 115 pounds and I just cannot do it. Plus the thing is very cumbersome and difficult to maneuver. It has a terrible locking mechanism that I do not have enough strength to operate. She said I am always telling her what she cannot do. I said she should accept the limitations of her age. I said I had her in the Cadillac of places with her two cats and all she could do was complain and ask for more instead of bring thankful for what she has. She said she wished she could die tonight. I said if she could arrange it to go right ahead. It wasn't anything I could do for her. She said she liked Walmart because they were cheap, I said no they are not cheap because you get something special added to each nail a the cost of $1 per nail for a total of $28. You cannot do that anymore. I cannot afford all those extras. She said you have it. I said I do not. She said well then just throw me out on the street. I said that was ridiculous talk. It was a baby talking not a woman. She said so I'm an A-hole, I said yes, That, too. She started up again when we go to her rooms. She threw another tantrum and said she did not want to come to my house Sunday. She wanted to stay at the ALF. I sure hope she enjoys herself, because her arse will be staying here. I am going to make plans with my friends instead of working my arse off. Can you believe all that was caused because she cannot have her way to go to Walmart for her nails?????? I will have to go back on Friday or Saturday to put a new holding container in the litter box. I took it apart and washed it down with Clorox wipes today. Thanks for letting me vent. Maybe I can sleep now.



Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Good morning everyone


Bonnieb yes we go to DM's eye doctor this morning and then we go to my doctor and yes it is the same knee, the pain is really bad. I know I can not have the surgery right now but maybe he can tell me some thing I can do to help the pain

waving at everyone

sandy and andre

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning. There is a bright orb hanging in the eastern sky this morning. What, I haven't seen it for a good while.

Bonnie, I am so sorry that you are having to go through this with your DM. You did the right thing though. I wish that she would get some overnight insight into the financial situation and decide that she has to cut back on some luxury items. I know that is not going to happen, so you just stand your ground and maybe she will finally "get it".

Sandy, sorry that the repaired knee is giving you problems. Do you think that you did too much too early? It may not have anything to do with it, but please take it easy and maybe it will settle down to a tolerable level of discomfort.

Today is grocery day, so need to start making some moves to get ready to go. Mr. B is still in bed, although he seemed to be feeling much better last night.

Bonnie I don't take Mr. B every week, only plan on doing that about once a month. The Amish are reluctant to attend any other church, but it seems that until they can make arrangements to travel that distance, anything will do for them.

somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

Sandy - Someone sent me an article recently about how tumeric has been proven to help bad knees. I think you may have to take it as a supplement to get the quantity needed but if you like it, just add it to your food. What can it hurt? I find I only like it on eggs so I put 1T in ea omelet. A lot but its supposed to have all sorts of healing properties. I hope all goes well for you both at your appointments.

Bonnie - Just can't imagine facing those brutal battles as often as you do! She's just so lucky to have all that she does. I actually like my contractor but I think I was being too nice. You were very wise with your suitcase! Thank goodness for the internet - I have everything in writing. Oh this house is so weird devoid of all decoration & 80% of the furniture. It echos. We need to roll up a couple rugs and then it will be ridiculous.

Dianne - forgot to say I finished stripping the wall paper from above the beam in the kitchen, the closet and the wall with the door to the deck. Next I am tackling the dining room. I realize it needs to go. I'm feeling a little excited to have a change from the paper that's been there for the 15yrs we've been here. But also a little intimidated at the idea I need to pick out the new colors everywhere in the first floor. It'll be good. I need to replace the dining room rug 'cause the one there is too big for the smaller space (and its been pee'd on a few times).

Gotta get another cuppa coffee.

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Morning! Another day of cleaning on the schedule. Today it is the kitchen and maybe bathroom. Or maybe the bathroom and the kitchen.

Bonnie I think you are dealing with your mom just fine. She needs to wake up a bit. Why do they insist on thinking we are still young and in good health and can handle all these things? You just do what you need for yourself. Your health matters also.

Tam any idea what color or colors you might go with? I was vacuuming the walls in one spot yesterday and they are kind of dirty. But I really like the color and would like to stay with it. Was thinking of painting the kitchen the same color as you look from one into the other. That is a lot of paper stripping you have gotten done.

Sandy good luck at the Doctor. Maybe it is just all the weather changes making it hurt. Gosh if it was only that simple!

BonnieB have fun shopping. I should go somewhere. But then I would spend money. When I have a bit more time I think I will go to the GH. I think I need a fix! The iris bloomed and it was yellow. Just one flower. I had to move it again. But hoping it will bloom this year so I can get a picture. Hope I marked it good. I was moving and marking so many plants last fall I don't remember what all I did! Still some that need a permanent home.

I am really pleased with the new vacuum. Don't know how well some of the new fangled things on it will hold up but only time will tell.

Elsie I hope Teddy is there today. We really need something to smile about at work some days.

My co-worker brought in her new puppy and is he a little cutie! Teacup pom and something else. Just a black little fluff ball with brown paws and black toes and a bit of white. His name is Lucky!

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Tam thanks I added it to my next Amazon order

Dm is doing good. But for the knee it is waiting, in a couple of weeks I can have the gel injections, we hope that this time it will work as the knee has been cleaned up. We will also be trying a new pain pill.

Sandy and Andre

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Vicki crossed posted with you


New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Tammy it would be wonderful to paint the living room area with all the window walls a color that would blend with the view through the windows so as not to break the eye. Red is always a good color for the dining room. It stimulates the appetite. Or you play off of pale tints from your oriental rugs and drapes. That would be elegant and soothing and visually expand the space.

Sandy waiting to hear that the appointments went well today and that both you and Pat received good news from your doctors.

BonnieB today is paper work day for me. Unfortunately, I can hardly keep my eyes opened. It was 3:00 AM before I finally settled last night. I went to bed, but could not fall asleep.

Does anyone play Angry Birds? I need a tutorial.



Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Bonnie DM's report is good and for me it is wait. In a couple of weeks I can have more of the "jelly" injected into my knee-now that the knee is cleaned up it may help this time.

sandy and andre

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Back from the grocery and good to be home. Nice lady that Amish one that went with me. I would think it is scary to move off and leave friends and family and move where you didn't know a single person.

Sandy, hope that the injections will work this time and give you a more extended time of ease.

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Got called into work. So not a good time for me. But gotta do it.

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

My turn to crab a bit. I am so mad at being called in. It really can't be helped as she had her port put in today and nobody told her it was surgery and she shouldn't work. She had every intention of coming in. I am also only getting 3 days next week off instead of 4 and none of them are when my sister and family will be here. I know this is nothing like the rest of you. But it seems I try to have a bit of a life and it goes up in smoke! I really could cry but will go and clean something. Then get ready for work.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Awwww Vicki so sorry that happened to you that way. It is difficult to plan any activities when you are "on call" and being the dutiful employee that you are, it wouldn't occur to you to say, sorry, I can't. Feel free to come here and vent, we all do, and it is therapeutic, especially when the ones who really need to hear it don't and we don't jeopardize relationships and work places. ((hugs))

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Vicki, are you the only person who can go in? What if you weren't home - what would she do? It does seem that you get the short end every time. do the others get their time off cancelled and come in on their days off?

Bonnie, maybe you should put your hand out and ask her for money when she asks for those things. Just kidding.

Sandy, I hope your knee starts to feel better. Mine has been screaming - maybe it is the weather.

BonnieB, that was nice to take the woman shopping. The family has found some good friends.

Tammy, I am going to bet your hard work is going to pay off big time.

That full moon had people just nuts today. Work is just like a three ring circus. Teddy the Passover bunny was at work today. He was groomed yesterday and he was full of himself. I got to hold him for a few minutes and I felt so much better.

I got new back tires yesterday - it was way over due.

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