How was your day? #381

somewhere, PA

Wow what a busy day! I finally found time to work on a spreadsheet that will generate a much needed schedule & quantity info. I could not have done it last year as I didn't have enough understanding of the problem nor the skills to do the "programming" in excel. There's a lot of work left to do but it feels good to have such a good start!

Vicki - I'm so sorry about the work situation. That just isn't fair! I don't suppose there's any way to wrangle a raise or combat pay or something? Not that money would address the real issue of losing the time to enjoy your family & friends! Will you have Easter off at least? I'm not sure about colors yet but am thinking of a blue/grey color for the living room that will pick up a small amount of this color in my living room rug. The area above the beam in the kitchen I think I will paint a dark chocolate brown to allow it to blend in with the wood. I'm toying with the idea of carrying the chocolate brown onto the closet (just the part facing the kitchen) and the area surrounding the door. The dining room - I haven't thought about much yet

Loretta - I am sure glad Teddy made it to work! He's really been slacking. Too bad you can't put one of those grumpy complainers on the phone with Teddy - that would turn them around!

Bonnie - interesting idea about picking up the colors outside. The dining room windows are low to the ground so its mostly green that you see when looking out. Its pretty dark since the windows are pretty small and it faces mostly north so I was thinking of something bright & cheery. I adore red. Maybe I could go with a chair-rail type split so the bottom might be red and the upper part a cream color. Hmmm... need to do some thinking on this.

Vicki - forgot to say you need to get photo's of that little pom! I bet he's a darling!

BonnieB - At least that Amish family has ea other! I remember when I drove to Houston Tx when I was 20 yrs old for a summer job. It was a three day drive and I was all on my own. The company arranged for an apartment but I didn't know a soul there. I was quite shy and didn't really make any friends - just a few folks at work who were friendly but nothing outside work. The next summer I went to East Fishkill NY by myself. Didn't know anyone but that was easier 'cause the company arranged housing for their summer students to live in student housing at a local college. I made friends with my room-mates and we had a blast. I moved to Allentown by myself w/o knowing anyone as well. But I made some lifelong friends and kept up relationships with college friends who had landed in the east coast as well.

Sandy - so are you going to try a supplement form on tumeric? Sure hope the gel helps your knee too!

~~ Melva. Are you all recovered? Did you find a way to use those leftovers? Maybe an after party party? :-)

Dianne, Debbie, Terese, Adina ... I hope you are having a good day too?

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

I gave away the cake and some of the vegetables..I am cringing at the idea of having a second party..
My knee is bothering me too, must be the weather.

somewhere, PA

Melva - give yourself a huge pat on the back for giving the rest of the cake away!!!
Maybe you should try the tumeric too? The human knee just seems to be one
of our weaker parts of the anatomy!

Here's a before & after collage of the downstairs bathroom


Thumbnail by Tammy
Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Tammy, I like the first picture better! I am redoing my small bathroom this year, and am going with purple and celery green. I got started by buying some rugs today. It won't be much different than what I have now, I have purple and pink. Doesn't sound really pretty, but it is. The first time I painted that bathroom, went with a pink, and OMGosh, it was Peptol Bismol pink. Couldn't stand it, so went and got white paint and thinned it down, till it was a pale pink. I can live with that!

Melva, I think everybody's joint's will hurt until we get some good warm weather for more than a day at a time. Our temps today were in the 50's but who knows if we will get more of that or if we will go back in the deep freeze. Wish I could have had a piece of that cake. I am making a coconut cake for this weekend, will try to remember to take a picture of it.

Dianne, what you been up to today?

Elsie, I bet Teddy was cute as the easter bunny. Did he have a costume on? I am glad you got to spend a few minutes with him, they are therapy in of themselves.

Called my neighbor tonight to wish her a belated birthday and found out that she went to Dallas to take care of an elderly aunt. She normally goes in the fall, so I am assuming that there may be problems with her aunt. She is due back tomorrow late afternoon.

Nothing planned for tomorrow, so may tear the utility room apart, clean it good and have that spring cleaned, at least it will be a start.

somewhere, PA

BonnieB - Yeah - I kinda like the before better too. But it will be reassembled in a couple months. Just the shower will go (which ironically is the only element of the bath still standing now.

Off to bed. I'm reading Apocalypse Z. I am so into the Zombie craze! Anyone else a Walking Dead head?


Lyndonville, NY

Shannon is sick as anything, blood & doctors and driving all day....another doctor tomorrow
I just give in.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Oh, Debbie, I am sending bunches of prayers and good thoughts your way. This is the time you need to call Shane and let him know how sick his sister is, and maybe with an ounce of compassion, he will hightail it home.

Lyndonville, NY

He knows, he called today. He is actually sick with respiratory infection.
He has been texting for updates every few days when she was in hospital.

Go to the ENT tomorrow, blood thinners are not doing what supposed too, They
can't make any further adjustments on that right the antibiotics can cause
blood thinning also. SO, six days antibiotic Avelox

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Debbie, I am keeping you all in my prayers.

Lyndonville, NY

Thank you, much appreciated.

I keep remembering a young boy who relapsed in some "odd" places (testes) and
other issues DD has had with lymph glands going necrotic...with no reason, and this just scares
me so badly.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

morning everyone


tam yes

I have discovered that it takes about 8 hours for a pain pill to take effect for me. Plus there is know what I should take part in any of the water classes. I worked out on my own yesterday and the knee does not hurt as bad.

Sandy and Andre

somewhere, PA

Good Morning

Debbie - I'll be thinking positive thoughts that she rallies soon. That is just so scarey for all of you.


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning, the sun is shining, but it is very chilly outside. No plans for today, except some laundry and cleaning. A thankless job.

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Morning! Scrambled eggs for breakfast. Now I am ordering some semps named after the lord of the rings series. Yep! doing something for myself.

Hugs and strength coming your way Deb. Share with Shannon.

BonnieB I know what you mean. Cleaning is on my list today. Well for a couple of hours.

Thanks for the replies. No one else to go in. She had her port put in yesterday and couldn't drive after being put under. The girl that was suppose to work with me went in to emergency with chest pains. The other girl couldn't work as she had to get up at 4am to drive for her daughters doctor appointment. So with only 5 employees it doesn't leave very many choices but to go in.

I must say I was really cranky. Really cranky. The parking lot was full when I drove in. She had a long line of customers waiting. So I got right in my drawer and we got that mess cleaned up. Then 2 ladies came and asked if we were both open. I said no and told the other to get out of her drawer. Not very nicely neither. Then I messed up a return and my drawer was off last night. See what happens when you aren't suppose to be there. Hopefully today goes better.

Tam will try to get pictures of him. He's black so it won't be easy and I have to ask if she can bring him in again. Loved your sink. Can hardly wait to see the new and improved bathroom!

I am going back to my shopping. As you all know the morning is flying by.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

we just found out this morning that a friend of DH's, and he'd a guy that grew up not far from me when i was a kid.... died last night... took his own life. Jim just talked to him Tuesday night too..... I don't get it. I can't even imagine what his wife and kids are going thru.

on a side note... today is "girls spa day" again.

I'll be back later...

Lyndonville, NY

Just found out the UPS man is might be a good start to the day.

They are having a "send off" breakfast for Shannon at DH's work. Brought in doughnuts for them,
juice & coffee. DH said everyone is sad to see her go....and told her she is welcome back any time.
So that is ONE positive.

2nd cup of breakfast yet.

Terese, sorry for your loss of the friend. You never know what causes someone to do that, can't walk
in their shoes....just support the family.

Vicki, I hope your day goes better. Would love to see the puppy picture if he comes back in. Maybe "mom" could
take one for you on her phone?

I have to call my doc on this new medicine...I have gained 15 lbs and my hands are so swollen it is uncomfortable.
Says on there it is a side effect. Lovely.


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Terese so sorry about your friend. Never ceases to amaze me what thoughts can go through a person's mind. Will keep the family in my thoughts and prayers. I envy you the spa day. My day is so glamorous so far, cleaning and laundry.

Debbie, oh wow, that is a nasty side effect. If the meds will be taken for a short while, maybe the only solution is to take it than go on a really strict diet when it is over. Great that Shannon is going to be given the opportunity to come back to work. Hope she gets some answers fast and that she can get to feeling better.

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Oh Deb if not one thing it is another. Hope they have some answers for you. That was nice they gave Shannon a sendoff and a welcome back anytime. That will mean a lot to her.

Terese so sorry about the friend. How they can seem so normal with just normal problems one day and then that. Poor wife and kids.

Brownies are baking. Added chip and pecans and marshmallows. Taking some to work. I think we need a pick me up. Any one else want some?

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

Darn it! I would love a brownie..(or two)
Debbie, Shannon is in my thoughts..(and you too!)

Lyndonville, NY

I had a McDonalds apple pie and a vanilla milkshake Melva, I will share with you.

Tonsils need to come out..possible necrotic lymph nodes in neck. Referred to Strong Hospital ENT.

Also seeing a cardiologist at 10:00 tomorrow morning.


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)



Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Tammy, I like the old sink too. I bet you could get some $$ for it.

Vicki, that makes sense about work. I picked up the latest Food TV magazine at the grocery store - it has a section on french toast.

Terese, I am so sorry about your DH's friend. I don't understand it either.

Bonnie, how is Judy doing? I hope better. And how are you doing?

Debbie, I'm sorry that you have to go through all of this. I hope whatever the docs do - DD feels better. I hope you feel better too. I like your lunch.

Another wild day at work. I think the full moon is hanging on. I had a woman call - her husband had passed away over a year ago and she was still getting his magazine. She was so mad that she had called so many times and she had talked to me last year. She even got a refund from us. Well - no on had ever called about the subscription so it wasn't cancelled. So I said since you got your refund I will just cancel the magazine. She said fine. So I called my rep at the subscription place and I said cancel it and don't refund anything. I actually asked her to have it sent to me for new shoes. I think the woman had a number of magazines to deal with and confused ours with another title. Oh well.

TG it is almost Good Friday - we have the day off.

I went to Marshall's after work and bought new sneakers and Crocs. As I was walking out there was a pink wrapped chocolate bar that said EMERGENCY CHOCOLATE. If there had not been a line - I would have gotten it. hehe

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Debbie, so sorry that you and Shannon are having to go through this. Hopefully the tonsils coming out will make her feel better, or it should eliminate the sore throats she has been having. Will be keeping you in my prayers for the best outcomes.

Elsie, people are really crazy aren't they? I am glad that most of the time you can go with the flow, and let it sort of roll off your back. Yesterday, I ran into a friend that I used to go to school with in the grocery store. We met up by the counter where cheese, butter, etc. And we were just standing talking. She was going one way, I was going another. Well this man riding one of the motorized carts came up and said excuse me. We both moved our shopping carts down and out of the way. And he just went off, saying if you all want to talk there is a whole parking lot where you can do that, can't you see I am handicapped and I don't need all this crap just to get my groceries. I said very pleasantly, I was having a good day until your outburst, I hope your day gets better from here on. He rode away still mouthing. My friend and I just stood there open mouthed! Some people just are crabby and want to make every body's life miserable. We did sort of giggle about it after he was out of earshot. Funny about the emergency chocolate.

Vicki, so sorry that you had to go into work, and to take brownies after that. I would have been so ticked that I wouldn't have made anybody anything.

Melva, maybe Debbie and Vicki can share with you, so you get your sweet tooth satisfied.

I cleaned and did laundry all day. It was a 3 pain pill day, back just breaking, but knew that it had to be done. I finished about 3:00, and DH came in and asked if I wanted to go out for my birthday, so got a shower and off we went. We went to a new Logan's Roadhouse and it was very very good. Had to stop to get some dog food, and then home, where I took my DS to the grocery, took Mr. B for a ride, then called and talked to both of my sisters. DTS and her DH got home last night about 12:00 from Florida. She said that she was busy all day getting unpacked, food and clothes, and then sorting mail. So guess every body had a rough day.

Dianne, Bonnie, don't make me come after you. Both of you check in and tell us what you have been doing.

I am so tired that I think I am heading to bed right now. I didn't sit down all day, and I am whipped.

somewhere, PA

Terese - sorry about the loss of your friend. Spa day sounds nice

Debbie - how wonderful for your DD to have such a nice send off. That will have to help her get through these problems. So sorry about the side effects of the meds. 15lbs is a lot of extra fluids!

Vicki - the "new & improved bath" will actually be "smaller & the same (fixtures)". lol I was really cranky the other day myself. I hate feeling that way! Your situation with the store just brings home how difficult it must be to run a "mom & pop" business. No way to take time off.

Loretta - we're 95% sure we'll be able to reuse the sink. The contractor suggested I pick something out as a backup in case it didn't fit. Think of me tomorrow as I toil away at work while you are enjoying a day of peaceful bliss (or whatever you have planned). :-)

Who had the brownies? I love brownies. How do I get in on those? Ah - it was Vicki. Vicki maybe I'll come to your work to help out so I can get in on those brownies. :-)

~~ to everyone I missed.

Good night

somewhere, PA

crossed w/you BonnieB. When's your birthday?

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

My birthday is Sunday, March 31st. Since our weekend is going to be super busy, DH wanted to go out tonight, so we wouldn't have to squeeze it in with all the Easter activities.

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Hello everyone.

Oh, (((((Debbie))))) how much more can you possibly take? Oh Come Angel Band Come and Around Them Stand. This family needs all the prayers, love and support we can send their way. Deb, please do not let your appointments, doctors orders, etc. pertaining to your own health issues fall by the wayside. You are just as, if not more, important as your children. Take care of yourself, too. I am going to make a Novena for you.

Tam, I don't know how you feel about yellow, but if you are thinking of bright colors, I recently had a friend show me a sample of a beautiful shade of yellow that she used in her Ohio kitchen. It is Home Depot's Corn Chowder.

BonnieB purple and celery sound like a very pretty color combination to me. It makes me think of Old English Lavendar .

Terese so sorry to hear of the passing of your friend. It is so difficult to lose someone in our own age group.

Vicki you go ahead and complain all you want no one here will blame you that's for sure. What an awful pill to swallow. That store has no idea how lucky they are to have you working there. I am so sorry you have to work while your family is here. That stinks!

Loretta you are right about the full moon. Crazy stuff going on around here, too, Especially the drivers. Isn't it amazing how much better you felt just holding Teddy for a brief moment? That is exactly what our Mr.B is doing at the nursing home. Enjoy the long weekend. Are you going to your brother's on Sunday?

Melva I once believed one of those "hostess with the mostess" women on TV and had back-to-back large parties at my home. You know, the theory was, "The house is clean; the food is prepared; the tables are decorated." Well, let me tell you, I never did that again. I was absolutely d-e-a-d the night of and the morning after the second party. AND I was 30 years younger!

Judy is almost fully recovered. My eyes still bother me and my distance vision has been affected. I am hoping this is only temporary due to the fact that conjunctivitis is not completely eradicated. Will have my Dr. look at my eyes on Thursday. Best of all Swiper seems to be responding favorably to the Prednisone and Valium. He is using the litter box for everything and his stool seems to normally formed. I still did not put the cleaned living room rug down though. I had the delivery guys put it in a spare bedroom where I could lock it up. I want to be certain Swiper is completely healed before I put it down again.

Going to pay a visit to the ALF tomorrow to take care of the cats/litter box and take DM her Easter present. Hope she gets the drift. If she asks about Sunday I am going to tell her since she said she did not want to come here, I made other plans.


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Good morning everyone
read to much yesterday found some books on there you can borrow and read and I read a few--to many, have a headache back later

Sandy and Andre

Verona, ON

Morning everyone. Another dull , rainy off and on all day forecast. Hey, its not snow so I am not complaining.

On Wed. afternoon Steve and I cut, and stacked right by the house a full bush cord of wood right ready to burn so I have no heat worries now. All we did was go after wood that Warren and I had dragged up the hill a couple of years ago when Hydro was in clearing their lines plus what Diesel and I brought out to the edge of the lane. There is still probably 4 full bush cords out there waiting to be cut and split but it would be easier with the 4 wheeler and trailer. Think we will probably do more on Mon. Steve will come with Thor and his DD so Diesel will be happy. Diesel was excellent around the chainsaw. Once he saw it wasn't coming after him he just stayed close to me. That made me very happy.

Terese I am so sorry to read about your friend. I have a hard time understanding suicide and what drives people to take such drastic measures. One never really knows what is going on in someone's mind or life do they?

Tam Bonnie is spot on the money about keeping track of everything for the remodel. You are a very organized person so this will be a snap for you. Like Bonnie when we built I kept absolutely everything on paper that had to do with the build, including notes of phone conversations. This proved to be invaluable even a year after the house was finished. All of the pics I took of the pipes for the infloor heating setup before the cement was poured was a huge help when there was a problem early on. When 1 of our contractors was audited a couple years after the build I was able to furnish paperwork even he did not keep on file, which in the end saved him some extra $$$s of taxes. That made me smile!

Loretta that full moon effect is still lingering. I know it is .... was thinking to myself I was glad I wasn't working yesterday after I saw the behaviour of a couple of people in the grocery store. Boy Bonnie that fella had a bee under his bonnet.

Think I am going to spend Easter Sunday boiling down sap. Friends of mine who still tap what was our old sugar bush have a family gathering. I offered to boil down - sure hope it is like riding a bicycle and you don't forget 'cause I haven't done it in years.

((((Debbie and Shannon)))) I just don't know what else to say other than I am sending positive thoughts and holding you close to my heart.

Diesel, Streak and Sassy are here staring at me with that woeful feed me now look so off I go.

Verona, ON

We xed Sandy but I know all too well that read too much headache. But I am sure you and I are much alike in that you just cant stop once you get into a book. How is your knee this morning?

somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

I woke up thinking about the configuration of the little addition to the laundry room. It will be our new pantry.

Bonnie - I hate to say it took a long time for my brother to heal from his eye condition like yours. I'm glad you are getting them checked again & especially good to hear they are clearing. I think you should arrange something fun after your visit to the ALF. Just in case...

Dianne - will you boil it down on your cooktop or do you have someplace for a huge container? I gather the sap reduces in volume by a huge amount. I'm so curious to hear how it all works.

Sandy - I'm getting tired because I've had my nose in a book too late each night all week. Thankfully no headache! I just finished "Apocalypse Z" and see there are more books in the series. I love the main character 'cause he does everything he can to keep his cat alive and with him through the horrors of post-apocalypse times.

BonnieB - There is about a total of 2sqft of wall in the new kitchen. And its all at the top of the wall cabinets facing into the living room and above the beam. So kitchen color isn't really very important - it'll just be same as another area. The entire first floor is essentially one big open space with the kitchen in the middle. Enjoy your BD dinner!

Gotta get another cuppa coffee.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

I'm thinking we need an emergency chocolate bunny.

Bonnie, I hope your eyes improve after your dr's visit. Good for Judy!

BonnieB, that is nice of DH to take you out early for your birthday.

I am cooking a ham for Easter. Chloe and I will be here at home. I am hoping to get some cleaning done here this weekend. It looks like a nice sunny day today.

I planted three herbs in a new planter and only two of them came up. And of course I don't know which is which this early. I didn't mark them. DUH

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning, slept for 9 hours last night. boy I sure needed it. Very unusual for me to do that, but glad I was able to. That cleaning and laundry just did me in. I am trying to work up my stamina before garden season arrives.

Going to a neighbor's for lunch, and then I have an appointment at 2:00, and will go with DS to clean the church after that. Service at church at 6pm tonight.

Verona, ON

Tam you boil down or at least we all do here over a wood fire in a sap house. Some people have no shelter except for a lean to. Its a hurry up to wait process so will be taking a book. The amount of sap you need to make syrup is incredible. You have to be careful in the final stages not to get the liquid too hot or it will have a burnt aftertaste to it. The sap ran, stopped and then after a few days started to run again. Often when that happens the syrup is not of the best quality. I haven't had any of it yet to pass judgement. It is a labour intensive job when you do it the old way and that's the way we do it.

Vicki I hope you are off today. It depends on where you are in the province whether it is a Stat holiday today or not. At the local grocery where I used to work it is open as it is considered to be in a tourist area.The store does close Easter Sunday though.All the govt offices, schools and banks will be closed on Monday too. Retail stores will be open.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

The laptop is being worked on,thank heaven for the tablet.
I read 3 or 4 books yesterday, was after midnight when I get to sleep

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Morning! Sending brownies to all that want some. They turned out good. So enjoy!

Plus if you are on FB with me Jen posted a picture of Lucky! Deb saw him. Can you believe she doesn't like puppy breath?

Dianne would love to boil syrup with you. Never done it but we would have fun talking!

Bonnie that is a good plan with your mom.

BonnieB dinner sounded really good and what a treat after all that cleaning!

Elsie what time will the ham be ready? I have to work so I just might make a pork roast. Haven't decided yet.

Sandy I get that headache if I am very active then spend a day sitting around. Then it is hard to get rid of.

Deb I think that milkshake might of gone good with the brownies! Hope that fixes Shannons problems. Hang in there and know we have your back. Sending hugs and strength! Some days thinking of you guys while I am working sure helps.

I have to go and have breakfast.

Oh there is ham and pea soup for lunch or supper!

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Vicki would love to have some of that soup.
Well laptop is fixed again, no virus just slowitis

Sandy and Andre

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Have accomplished all that I needed to do this morning. Just waiting for DH to show up so we can go to the neighbor's house. This is the Amish family that just moved in. She is a brave woman to just have moved and then invited us over. I am sure that it will be good.

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Good morning. I slept from 2AM until 4AM. Went back to bed around 6AM and slept until 10:15AM. That's pretty good for me. I am going to grab a shower, start a load of wash and head for the ALF.

Dianne wish I could be with there to assist you with the boiling of the sap. The old customs and traditions are being forgotten. Now that you have all the wood stacked near the house maybe it will stop snowing and warm up a little.

Brownies and chocolate bunnies? Where? When? No Easter basket for me. My son did send me a beautiful Easter lilly, though, My brain is still in a fog and I am running out of time. Have to get moving. I will respond to your posts later today.

(((((Debbie & Shannon)))))


Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

BonnieB I wouldn't of done it either! Maybe in a couple of months.

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