How was your day? #381

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Bonnie we crossed. Have fun! Hope the fog clears! LOL

somewhere, PA

I'm waiting for the electrician (the guy that owns the subcon doing plumbing & electric) to finalize the lighting plan. Said he'd be here around 11am. Its after 11:30. I may just to a little more preparation - I hadn't moved the tape around after we shifted the plan. (Which we found we could do after opening up the wall behind the cabinets last month). tap tap tap. I'm not good at waiting lol

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Tam if I had time I would Tap Tap Tap with you!

Verona, ON

Vicki I would love to have your company while I boiled down. Heck you are all welcome to come. It is quite a process to watch - lots of hurry up to wait at each stage and then a flurry of activity only to sit and wait again and again. I love it though - I'm outside basically but warm because of the fire. Believe me no matter what you pay for a jug of maple syrup it is worth every cent just for the labour that went into making it. Not sure how much I will have to do - if Ron gets started early I will only be there about 5 or 6 hours instead of the usual 8 - 10 hours. Ron is 80 and I have a feeling this will be his last year. His son is supposedly going to take over but trying to plan holidays with co-operating weather is a challenge.

Going to go finish the book Push by Sapphire. This is the book the movie Precious was based on. It is quite graphic and certainly gives you a glimpse into another side of life. Going to start Hemmingway's Boat next. I had got the book for DH last year but it arrived too late for him to be able to read it nor at that point did he want me to read it to him. I had started it after Warren's passing but put it away. Don't remember a thing I read so it will be like a brand new book for me. Did any of you read The Paris Wife? I loved that book.

Hope you have a great lunch BonnieB at your new neighbours'. I grew up not too far from a Mennonite and also an Amish community. Very interesting to see the differences between their cultures. Even the old school and the "modern" Mennonite have quite distinct differences. Some of the modern Mennonites drove cars but all of the chrome was painted black. There was not 1 shiny surface on those cars.


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

been busy, washed a few dishes, a few loads of laundry now need to go make up the beds

sandy and andre

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

perfect day for working in the yard. got the flower beds around the house cleaned, plus did some raking 'out back'. Cats got some 'air time', and are now sleeping peacefully.

somewhere, PA

I need to get some time to work in the garden! But as I saw all that needed to be done while doing a survey of the beds tonight I realize I just wont' have the time. I need to focus on the house for now.

We knocked out a much better lighting design. I'm pi&&ed it took this long but am happy we got it done. So the electrician is going to get the details worked out & I'll get an updated quote next week. I think its going to be a lot less expensive and much better. So YEAH.

Gary & I went to the cabinet maker to see our cab's and pick out a few items. Oh they are looking good. He clearly knows what he is doing. They are going to be fab! I took some pic's so will post later.

Dianne - I haven't read any of those books.


somewhere, PA

Here's a few pictures from my trip to the cabinet maker & one from the ride home.

1 - cabinets for wall ovens/microwave & dish pantry
2 - Gary inspecting the carcasses
3 - corner cabinet next to wall oven with cookie sheet & tray storage
4 - same cabinet with the smaller wall cabinet with open shelves
5 - peacocks at a farm not from us!

Thumbnail by Tammy Thumbnail by Tammy Thumbnail by Tammy Thumbnail by Tammy Thumbnail by Tammy
Lyndonville, NY

Those cabinets are going to look great! Lots of work in them for sure. Love the peacocks.

Long day here.

Shannon has a line of appointments set up. April 8th for a Cardio/Echo/Stress test

April 15 for an ENT specialist at Strong...needs tonsils out or biopsy of them

Aptil 24 with Oncology/Hematology to get her blood issues figured out.

Scary that they think the chest pain and not feeling well is little blood clots throughout her system, but that is speculation.
They want her kept on blood thinners and are getting her in "first available appointment" which is April 8th...but is on cancellation list.
BUT do not count on it as they are very rare.

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somewhere, PA

((((( Debbie ))))) and ((((((( Shannon )))))))) way too much to deal with there.


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good evening, it has been a long day, but a good one. Did some things around the house this morning, and then off to the new neighbors for lunch. It was really good. Had chicken, dressing green bean casserole and yeast rolls which are to die for! The daughter is the baker, and those rolls were about softball size and absolutely delicious. Lemon pie for dessert. Amazingly they had the house mostly in order, and that is moving in last weekend. I would still be digging in boxes for things. They sure are speedy workers. DH is taking them to an adjoining county tomorrow to look at land for others from Northern Ohio who will eventually move to this area.

Then later this afternoon, DS cleans our church and he has worked every day this week, and was running behind schedule, so I went to church with him and helped him clean. Was there about 2 hours, and then ran him to the grocery, home, jumped in the shower dressed and had 15 minutes to get back to church for a Good Friday/communion service. Small crowd but was good.

Debbie, I am glad that Shannon has those appointment, and I sure hope there are some cancellations so that she can get in earlier, but April is right around the corner. I will be keeping all of you in my prayers. I respect your privacy so will not put her name on the prayer list, but list it as a prayer concern for a friend, if that is okay with you.

Tammy, those cabinets are going to be gorgeous. I am probably not as excited as you, but sure am getting the remodeling high through your work. The only thing I wouldn't like is all the mess and dust generated in a project like that.

Sandy, you have been busy today too. Housework is so thankless, you do it one day, and unlike other jobs, you have it to do all over again in just a few days.

Elsie, what did you do today? I bet chloe is glad that you had a day off so that she could help you with all your chores.

Terese, I am hoping that come the first of the week I will be able to go out and get some garden clean up done. I do some cleaning in the fall, but usually leave some dried foliage to act as mulch in the winter time. Namely the daylily beds. I was looking for my daffodils, crocus snow drops and other spring flowering bulbs, and do not see much foliage. I am betting that those pesky ground squirrels had a large, long lasting buffet in that flower bed. Makes me sad, as I had some beautiful specimens. Wonder if I replanted this fall and covered it with chicken wire if that would keep them out of it? May have to get out the rifle and do some shooting this summer. I love wildlife, but not if they are destroying my hard work.

Dianne, wish I was closer, as I surely would come keep you company while you are on watch at the sap cooking. It sounds much like making sorghum, long process, and honestly I am not a fan, but used to have a neighbor who did that every fall, and on the day/night (long time) admission was a pan of freshed baked biscuits. DH loves the molasses, so I would always furnish biscuits and we would go, he being the only one to actually eat any of the product. Probably the same with the syrup. We have a neighbor who comes to canada fishing every year, and he always comes by and we give him enough tomatoes to last him and his buddies a week to take with them. In return he usually brings us some real maple syrup. Last year, I think the price tag was still attached, and it was maybe $30 for a gallon! But it surely was good. Haven't read any of the books you mentioned, but with warmer weather on the way, I probably won't get to do much reading, as most of my time is spent in the gardens.

Melva, looked at my tomato seeds, and the only thing I have that you may be interested in is Cherokee Purple. The rest of what I ordered is hybrid seed, Roma, Celebrity and a GreenFried. Let me know if you need any of the above. I need to repenish my stash, as some are older, and probably would not germinate.

Vicki, hope that you have time this weekend to at least say hello to your relatives. It is a shame that you will not have time to visit with them. It seems that the equitable thing to do would be to split the holidays so that if somebody had to work one holiday they would get the next one off. Probably doesn't work that way, but it sure would beat having to work all the holidays.

Well, I am tired, it has been a long day, and tomorrow is going to be another busy day, so heading to bed.

Lyndonville, NY

BonnieB, thank you so much. And "prayers for a young gal named Shannon" is just fine! I have no objections to anything like that.
My problem with MIL was that she gave out detailed history (as the sender wrote in the note about her blood clots and such) and name...and home address.
That was what was upsetting.

Prayers and good thoughts always appreciated.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Tammy, your cabinets are going to look great. That is wonderful that you got the lighting figured out. Love the peacocks.

Debbie, that is a lot of stuff to deal with. I sure hope they come up with some answers for Shannon.

BonnieB, it sounds like you had a nice meal at the neighbors.

There has been a show on CNN on Sunday evenings with Dr Gupta. I have watched the last two Sundays and they have some very interesting stories. The last one was a doctor at UCLA who is hooking up technical experts with medicine. There is a cover you put on your smartphone that when you hold it will show you your ekg and send it to your doctor. And this doctor is working with BMW to have sensors in the steering wheel to read your temperature and heart rate. The car will cool or heat depending on the reading. And the car will play your selection of soothing music if your heart rate is too high. some really interesting information. I decided I need a BMW steering wheel at my desk at work.

Lyndonville, NY

Elsie, i saw that! My friend who lives in CT has severe heart issues. He can "plug into his phone" or a device he has at home, and the
heart reading go straight to his doctor at Yale New Haven.

Shannons doctor actually had several "apps" on his phone he used to examine her.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Elsie, if you are able to order one of the steering wheels, minus the car, please let me know. However, on second thought the price would probably still be way more than I could scrape together! I have decided that we all need a pressure valve just like a pressure cooker, when our stress levels get to a certain point, that valve would open, and we could let off steam, without throwing a fit or being nasty to others. Now wouldn't that be great! If you could actually see the steam coming from someone's head, then you could avoid that person all together.

Debbie, our church's main organization has decided that names listed on a prayer list is an invasion of privacy. They ask that before we mention any names, that we have the express permission from that person or their family to share a name. Works for me, and anyway, God knows who I am thinking of, even if a name is not mentioned. Thanks for the permission. I always have my personal prayer list, but if I intend to put someone on the prayer list at church, I do ask permission.

Bonnie, here is hoping that you stop by the ALF was short, to the point and without any drama. Was your DM always the drama queen when you were growing up, or is it something that she has acquired in her older years? I don't know if I could live with drama every day.

Well, off to bed.

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

My visit to the ALF lasted only one hour. My first duty was to try to locate a Dr, Gable whom DM wanted to change to for cardiology. She met him when she was in hospital in February. The head nurse checked her file. Dr. Gable is not only not a cardiologist, he is not an MD. He is a DO. There was a pot plant on the floor that the cat had knocked from the windowsill. Dirt was everywhere. After I pointed it out, she called for her aide to come clean up the mess. I talked with her a little then went to take care of the litter box and cats. Meanwhile, the aide came in and immediately started talking about "All the ugly things you were saying about Bonnie yesterday"l The aide says to me , I 'm not going to tell you what she said about you. DM fussed at the aide for telling tales out of school.

The aide left, I finished with the box and I gave her her Easter Git. I reminded her of her appointment with the cardio on Tues. She said okay, but I will see you tomorrow when I come to your house. I told her she said she wasn’t coming to my house so I made other plans. She said, “oh well, I’ll eat here.”

I just this minute got a phone call from the ALF. DM fell in her living room. She has “messed up” both of her knees and has a large hematoma on her collarbone. I am going to wait a couple of hours until I call the ER for an evaluation. They will probably release her. I wonder if I will need round the clock help for her again?


Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Oh Bonnie, I hope DM is okay. Is she supposed to use a walker or cane?

I am hoping to get some errands done - returns of shoes. My knee really is bothering me so I hope it eases up and lets me go.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

morning eveyone

sandy and andre

Balotesti, Romania(Zone 5a)

Good morning everyone!
Sandy, thank you for the lovely calendar. It just arrived and I'm so excited about it...your photos are so beautiful! But I'm afraid Nicholas will have it. He says he likes it to every photo so I can't resist!LOL Thank you again for your work and your lovely thought!
I have been following your posts, but couldn't post. Have been babysitting Nicholas for the last 3 days!
Above all, I'm having a cold and haven't been feeling very well...had to wear a mask so I won't give it to Nicholas. Of course he wanted one too!LOL But I'm taking antibiotics and I'm much better now. My throat was killing me and yesterday I lost my voice too, but I've got it back today partially thanks to a spray I'm using. Andreea and Petre are coming back today so my shift is over.
Talk to you later. Hugs and prayers to all who are needing it.


somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

BonnieB - I just read an article on the comeback of Sorghum making in Mother Earth News. I've never had it but the article said that its a way to have a sweetner you can make yourself with your own crops in much of the US. The dinner at your new neighbor sounded delicious! I'm not sure what dressing green bean casserole is though.

Loretta - I told DH about your need for a BMW steering wheel for your desk at work. We both got a chuckle out of that story. I sure hope your knee cooperates with your plan for running errands.

Debbie - interesting that a doctor is using those apps too.

Sandy - how are you doing? We usually see you here early.

My agenda is removing wall paper from the dining room. I did about 10% of all that needs to be done. So it'll be a long day. I also need to get out to get groceries & pick up some tick stuff for the kitties.


somewhere, PA

Cross posted w/Sandy & Adina and realized I forgot to comment to Bonnie!

Sandy - glad you are on the mend. How funny that Nicholas wanted to wear a mask too. Feel better soon!

Bonnie - I hope the indirect feedback from the aide helps your DM realize see's being selfish. Glad you were there to check out the "Cardiologist" for her! BTW - an Osteopathic doctor is not much different these days from an MD. My PCP is an OD. They are fully licensed in all 50 states plus a number of other countries and the curriculum studied is not a lot different than MDs, though the intention is that they take a more holistic perspective.

I need one more cup of coffee and then I will get moving.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning, it is very foggy here this morning, so hope that the sun appears and burns it off soon.

Tammy, I evidently forgot to put a comma between dressing and green bean casserole. Here we call stuffing dressing. So hope I didn't confuse you too much!

Cooking is on my agenda today. We are having a pot luck lunch tomorrow at church, and I am cooking the ham. Will also make some green beans and a cake. DGD is supposed to be here sometime this morning to have a friend of ours look at her car. Much on the agenda, so probably won't get back here until evening.

Bonnie, so sorry to hear about your DM talking to the aides about you, Just childish behavior, but it still hurts. (((hugs)))

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

2 of the last doctors i've seen have been D.O.'s.

so i did look it up to find the difference...

here is a snippet....


D.O.s receive extra training in the musculoskeletal system, which make up the muscles and bones of a person.

The main difference between the two types of physicians is that D.O.s have been specially trained to perform osteopthic manipulations on patients. They view the patient as a "total person" and focus on preventative care. They view the whole body rather than treat specific symptoms or illness. D.O.s use Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) in their practice. This involves the use of their hands to diagnose injury and illness and to encourage your body's natural ability to heal. Osteopathic medicine is a fast-growing segment of the United States healthcare field.

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Morning! Raining here! Well that will get rid of some of the snow!

Feeling a bit wonky this morning. Hope to pop in later.

Verona, ON

Morning everyone! Vicki's rain is on its way here for tomorrow. It is absolutely gorgeous outside right now. Diesel and I have been out most of the morning.

BonnieB if that Maple Syrup was $30/gal those men got a great buy. So glad you enjoyed your lunch with your new neighbours yesterday. When the Mennonites have a Baking Booth at the market, shows or fairs the lines to buy their rolls and sticky buns is very long. They all sell out and of course they never have their booth open on a Sunday.

Oh Vicki I hope you feel better soon as I am assuming you have to go into work today. Do you ever get a morning shift or don't you care? When I was at the store the 1 cashier never wanted to come in before 11 am but was always willing to stay till closing.Me on the other hand would have gladly opened the store at 6 am to get out of there sooner.

(((Bonnie))) you're damned if you do and damned if you don't with your mam so I am glad you made a plan and stuck to it. Who was it at ALF that said your mam was doing so well she didn't need her walker anymore? Obviously they have never saw her in action in her own environment.

Hope this will be a calming day for you Debbie!

Melva what are you up to this weekend? Was Phil off work for Good Friday?

Elsie the ham sounds so good. I looked at 1 and it was huge - no small ones there. I could never eat and then freeze to reheat all that was left over in a month of Sundays. I used to make Ham Loaf which used up a lot of the left over ham and those chunks you always end up with no matter how good the carver is.

Did you read late last night Sandy?


Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Terese, thans for the info on DO's.

Dianne, it is a beautiful day here too.

I did get to one store - then pooped out. Walmart has those cloth shoes like Skechers for only $19.99. I bought some bulbs to start. Two ferns to try in the shady part of the yard. And I got a potato planter. It will be interesting to see if it works. It comes with peat moss and potatoes and the planter with holes fits into another planter. When you want some potatoes you lift the one planter out of the other - take the potatoes and put it back in the other planter. I think I may try to plant foods in the front yard in pots on something to discourage nibbling.

somewhere, PA

I'm on lunch break. I started with the most difficult place for stripping paper - the corner dividing where I wanted it to stay & where it needed to come down. Now I've got the dining room - two walls & the bottom of the stairs. Tomorrow I am going to visit my friend/husband of my good friend who passed last month. Matt. I'm going to show him how to prune his wives' roses & hydrangeas. I'm just happy to have an excuse to invite myself over to see how he's doing.

Loretta - sounds interesting on the potato grower thingie. Not sure I understood it all though. lol

BonnieB - ah.. they call stuffing "dressing" here in the mennonite areas. Still not sure what green bean casserole would be though. :-)

Dianne - Do you have a huge pot to boil down the sap in? I bet Diesel will enjoy being out with you!

Vicki - hope you do feel better soon! We've got a glorious sunny day here but your rain is supposed to get here tomorrow. I just hope its later in the day so we can do the pruning!

Terese - my doctor has never done any manipulation on me. I think that most are significantly more "mainstream" that the description you found suggests. (Or that's my impression anyway). I do like that they focus more on the whole body/ holistic approach.


Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Feeling better. Just about on my way out the door. Still raining.

DH saw the sandhill cranes last night!

Lyndonville, NY

Green bean casserole is one of our favorites. Green beans mixed with cream of mushroom soup and topped with french onions, baked at about 350 for 30 minutes or so.

I have been cleaning non-stop. Second mopping of the dining room floor. Everything is out of there and in the living room. DH has all coats of "color" on the bedroom walls, ran out of paint for the need to go over to Home Store and get another gallon.

ALso found the rug totally ruined. That is out to the road and
floor being cleaned. DH wants to paint it...and just use area rug. With DD's health issues...I think this is the best bet to seal it...and make for easy cleaning with
the nasty cats. Her new bedspread was her Easter gift, besides a little bit of candy. I sent her out with Brittany for a bit, she needs out of the house besides to
a doctors. They are taking Kylie Rae to see the Easter Bunny.

Would love to see Sandhill that what I sent pictures of in the pond this past fall?


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Well, I finished cooking, and DGD came with a friend to get her car worked on. So while they are waiting, we went out and she trimmed two rose bushes, and then we cleaned out the daylily patch. All the nasty stems and stalks, so things are looking better.

I make that coconut cake that I think is so very good, and the danged cake fell all to pieces. I stuck it back together with the icing, so even though it doesn't look great, it will still be good. Every time I try to make a cake to take somewhere, that is what happens. Wonder what I do so differently?

Debbie, I am glad that Shannon feels well enough to get out and about this afternoon. That will do her a world of good.

Tammy, Debbie described the green bean casserole well. It is good, and some people include it in their Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. Easy to put together, and can go in the oven, freeing up space on the cooktop.

Elsie, wish you could take some shoes back for me. I have some that just sit in the closet, and have maybe been worn 3 times or so. May have a huge yard sale and just put them in it. Got lots of clothes, tops and jeans that I have outgrown. No use hanging on to any of it, because I don't think I am going to lose enough weight to fit in them again.

Thanks terese for the explanation. I don't know that we have many around our area. But maybe I have just not noticed it.

Well, back outside to do a little more clean up, and then it will shortly be time to start some supper. We are having steak, baked potato and salad, with some nice crusty garlic bread.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

MMM BonnieB, dinner sounds delicious again. I have decided that if the shoe isn't really comfortable it's going back. I can't afford to keep them. My shoes sold well at my yard sale.

Here is the link to the taterpot. You can't really see well in the photo - there are two pots - one inside the other. I guess the object is to harvest the potatoes without pulling the plant.

somewhere, PA

OH I've had green beans that way!

Loretta - that looks interesting! You'll have to give us a review at the end of the summer. WE're going to try a few different ways to grow potatoes at the school: grow bags, hale bales & in the ground.

Debbie - glad DD got out today.

BonnieB - I love coconut cake. Could you post your recipe? (not that I can bake it now but I'd be curious none-the-less.

Vicki - Do you have tomorrow off at least? I can't imagine they'd be open on Easter Sunday?

I never knew stripping wall paper was so tiring! My back, shoulder & hands are twingy! I did not get it all done but its a really good start. I also cleaned out a small desk that will need to move from its current location. I had all my photos, cards, family photos and memoribelia etc in it. All organized now and in a box in the closet. I will offer the desk back to my DSIL. She needed money 30yrs ago so I bought it from her. Its just gorgeous but its a family item so should go back to her if I don't need it any more.


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

I am back, DM and I went on a nice drive, have some pictures but need to edit them

Dianne not as late last night, did spend a lot of time adding authors to my list on Open Library, so when I need to find some thing to read I can!!!

Andre get to love up on the 2 girls who are visiting across the street and he is a happpy boy

Sandy and Andre

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

I didn't stripp wallpaper today, but I am way past tired! Did work outside and the girls ended up doing 3 of my flower beds. That is pulling weeds and cleaning them out. So guess I am really further along than some folks on that count. Should have put down the Preen, as it is supposed to rain tonight.

DGD and her friend left about 6, and I still had supper to cook. I grilled steak, baked potato, salad and garlic bread. Was good but almost too tired to eat. I had to clean up the kitchen, make the church bulletins and take a shower.

Tammy, the coconut cake is really more than just a coconut cake. It has sugar, sour cream, coconut, pecans, crushed pineapple and marischino cherries that goes between the layers, then you take 2 cups of that and add cool whip to finish icing it, plus covering it in coconut. It has to be refigerated, but is so rich and way past delicious. Too tired to post the recipe tonight, but will do it in the next couple of days.

Sandy, glad Andre has some new human flesh to love on today! He is a riot.

Dianne, are you through watching the syrup? I bet you had a good day outside with the fire going.

Elsie, glad you got rid of some of your shoes at the yard sale. Some of mine are just like brand new, only been worn 2 or 3 times. I just can't give up thinking that eventually they will feel comfortable and I can wear them. I think my problems with my feet come from wearing high heels for 30 plus years, every day. I had a job where suits or nice dresses and heels were the dress code. Wasn't allowed to wear pants suits until the early 90's, then they had to be tailored.

Well, I am heading to bed. My eye lids just won't stay up.

somewhere, PA

BonnieB - no rush. I forgot to post that a friend of mine sells her lightly used shoes on eBay. She says if they are high end shoes, they typically sell pretty well.

I'm off to bed too. Good night folks.


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

good night everyone

Sandy and Andre

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Good Morning.... Happy Easter.

Hope everyone has a great day.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Good Morning everyone

Happy Easter

Sandy and Andre

Thumbnail by wren107
Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning, Happy Easter to all.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Good Morning. Happy Easter!!

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