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somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

I bet there will be some happy folks today at Bonnie's church, enjoying the food you made yesterday.

Here's a few before & after collages (or maybe before & "in progress") from yesterday. Wall paper removal.
1st is foyer entrance to the bathroom. We're swapping the closet door from inside the bathroom to the foyer.
2nd is at the bottom of the stairs/entry to the foyer.
3rd is the end of the dining room - door on the right will be moved and a wall built to create a small pantry (laundry room extension)


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Verona, ON

Happy Birthday Bonnie! Hope your day is everything you want it to be and more. Your Potluck at the church sounds lovely. My parents' church used to have them often when I lived at home and my what a wonderful variety of food. Gave everyone a chance to try something they might not prepare at home.

Enjoy your day everyone. Off to the Sugar Shack. Remember that song????
D and D

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

BonnieB Happy Birthday


somewhere, PA

Happy Birthday BonnieB!

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Lyndonville, NY

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Birthday BonnieB! Enjoy your meal at church, sounds so so good!

Dianne, I remember that song and it is now on "replay" in my mind! lol

Tam, the wallpaper that is the flowers in long lines....I think that is the same one I had in my girls room when they were growing up.
I loved it! So hard pulling all that off, but great to see the rewards of all your work.

I think just the 3 of us is changing.


somewhere, PA

Debbie - I'm hoping I can still find more of that wallpaper - I put it up in 2000 and still like it. The other is 30yrs old and is getting dingy looking so I'm happy to have an excuse to remove it. Enjoy your day!

Dianne - interesting article about how maple sugar processing is going high-tech here in the states:


Lyndonville, NY

Tam, I think I got mine online at Sherwin Williams

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Good morning. I don't know what I wrote that gave you the impression that my mom was no loner using her walker, but that is not true, She does use the walker,

She has a fractured collarbone on the right side and a very badly injured knee on the left side.. Any type of movement is painful.

The agency was able to find sitters to stay with her over night and when I am not there.

I just spoke with DM. She sounded cross as two sticks. I imagine she does not like the sitter who is with her now, I am going to shower and then go to the ALF to see how she is doing today.

Here is a plate I purchased from Miss Connie who owns the consignment shop. Does anyone know what this piece might be worth? It is 14 inches in diameter,


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New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Here is another photo of the plate which is cranberry glass.

Happy Birthday, Bonnie B. Hope the Easter Bunny brought you lots of chocolate.

Happy Easter Sunday everyone. Don't bite the ears off of the chocolate bunnies.

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Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

I ate the ears off the bunny last night at work!

Happy Birthday BonnieB!

Happy Easter everyone. No special dinner here today. We are open regular hours. Aren't we just lucky! Yesterday I was behind the register for 3 1/2 hours. Pretty much straight because as soon as I left I had to go right back. Plus the puter crashed and would not reboot. I had a line of customers at that point. Good thing most of them had been through this before. Plus a girl that worked at another store said their's went down also. So it was the system. Just a very fun day!

DS just left and I really need to get a few things done before leaving for work.

Bonnie beautiful plate. The reg. picture does not do it justice. The close up WOW!

You all have a great day for me.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Happy Birthday BonnieB!! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Tammy, that is an awful lot of work. I bet you are sore.

Debbie, enjoy your Easter.

Bonnie, that is a beautiful plate - it looks 3 dimensional to me. DM's injuries sound very painful to me.

Verona, ON

Well I am home already - no say boiling down today for me. I arrivd at the shack just as a major family squabble erupted and I am not getting in the middle of that. Doubt they will boil down at all today.

Tam some of the larger operations here are very high tech. Most of the locals cannot afford all the equipment involved nor are they interested. I have a feeling the 'old' way of tapping will remain here in Verona for a long time. My friends still use their horses to haul the pails of sap out of the bush. I just love the whole feeling you get from this process. The pot they boil down in is more like a huge witches' cauldron.

So sorry your mam has more injuries Bonnie. Undoubtedely you will bear the brunt of her pain and anger from falling.

Going to go watch Life of Pi.....

Lyndonville, NY

Bonnie is there any names or numbers on the bottom side of the plate to help identify it?
It is beautiful!

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

No marks whatsoever on the plate, Deb. The center is recessed.

Dianne the horses pulling the containers of sap from the bush to the cauldrons paints such a beautiful image on my brain. Who would want all the modern equipment? Sorry the family disagreement spoiled your day.

Ah, Vicki, you naughty girl. Did those chocolate bunny ears taste delicious?? :~)

I am off the shower and getting dressed for the day. I have a yellow outfit to wear. I am going to look like a giant stuffed Easter chicken. Judy is having we homeless waifs over for Easter dinner around 4:30 today. I am taking broccoli with cheese sauce and toasted almonds. I think I am catching a blasted cold. Just what I need!!

Here's a guy who is saying, "Please don't go off and leave me here again today."


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Lyndonville, NY

Oh Stetson, I want to kiss you on that beautiful pink nose!

Have a good day Bonnie, I won't tell anyone your a Easter Peep!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Thanks for the Birthday wishes, so far the day has been great, and I see no reason why it won't continue to be so.

Bonnie that is a gorgeous plate. I don't know it's worth, but maybe my neighbor could give me an idea. She is supposed to come by late this afternoon. She buys and sells it, so she should know.

Debbie, hope that your quiet Easter Sunday is just what your mind and spirit needs. Don't brood on the fact that there is only three, praise God that it that number!

Tammy, you did do lots of work, and I am sure that looking on line will help you find the paper that you want to replace.

Dianne, oh, family squabbles are nothing to be messed with. If you had stayed it may have dragged on and on and you may not have been in a position to go then. Just be thankful for your escape.

Sandy hope your day is going well.

Elsie, so what are you doing today? When will your DM & DF be home from Florida? My DTS came back last Wednesday. She is trying to adjust to the temps! Doe take a few days.

Vicki, doggone it, it aint supposed to be that way that you have to work on Easter. I would be pouting if I were you.

Lunch at church was good, although it was heavy on desserts and not many veggies. Sometimes it goes like that, and you just make the best of it. The ham I cooked was very good. It was a brand I had never had, and I was a bit nervous about it. We have leftovers, if anybody wants a ham sandwich.

Lyndonville, NY

The Professor & Darla...looking sooo innocent.
The Professor (Spencer) and his "bad hair day" rocking the pony tail.

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Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

I wrote a post, and poof! it disappeared...I hate that!
I wished Bonnie B a good day for her birthday, and everyone else a grand Easter.
Phil took Good Friday off so he could go and try out his new target..he went again but he might get rained out. Here is a funny (to me)
while getting ready for the party last week, Haley brought her little sister, Gracie to help...we were all in the kitchen where Phil was standing behind Gracie...Haley told her to watch out for Phil because he was right behind her, so Gracie looked at Phil, and he said, "dont worry, I wont hurt you" I thought it was funny...
Here is a video clip one of my cousins posted on facebook...makes me homesick for the ocean...!/photo.php?v=10151309560531755&set=vb.170639811754&type=2&theater

Balotesti, Romania(Zone 5a)

Happy Easter guys!

Happy Birthday BonnieB! I'm glad to hear your day is wonderful!

Debbie, what cute pictures!

Bonnie, what a wonderful plate! Enjoy your dinner and take care with that cold.

Tam, I enjoy watching your kitchen updates. What are your plans for today?

Vicki, not fun going to work on Easter! Good to hear your DS was visiting. I'll be working on our Easter too...yuck!

My kids left today, so I'm enjoying some peace and quiet...too much quiet I might say!LOL Andreea has a bad cold and she can't take anything but honey and lemon. Makes me so worried!

Everyone have a blessed and happy day!


somewhere, PA

I'm so glad you had a nice birthday BonnieB. And about the extra desserts... sounds like a perfect excuse to enjoy an extra helping of dessert. :-)

Debbie - love that pony tail on Spencer! Both pics are adorable and what a gorgeous bouquet too!

Bonnie - you could browse eBay to see if you could find something similar to your plate. Its absolutely gorgeous! Sorry about your DM. She sure does take a lot of pounding and still seems to bounce back. Remarkable constitution.

I visited my friend Matt. Its his wife that passed away last month. I wanted to see how he was doing and give him a little support. There's a deep sadness there and I wished I could do more. He said his daughter really perks up when women are around. She's just a wonderful kid & we did have a nice chat. We pruned some shrubs (the reason for my visit) and chatted a few hours. He's still cleaning up from Sandy - lives in a NJ suburb of NYC. A huge tree took out their garage so he's been cleaning all the debris and has the garage removed. I wish he lived closer.

I stripped some more wall paper. I am sure looking forward to that job being done! I'll spackle up all the nail holes and such and then its on to paint! Its not easy to pick 'cause DH does not like green or blue green. I think I'll get a few colors to trial while the construction is underway.


Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Dh and I did not have any plans today.... both kids were working, Dh in the shop, so I decided to clean flower beds all day. ... the nitty gritty, on hands and knees sort of cleaning, weeding, pulling grass... plus a lot of raking... I was already sore from my work out yesterday [first day back on the Total Gym] so after I came in at 4pm, i took some Motrin and took a hot shower. Had a roast in the crock, so all i had to do was make gravy.

I have the sort of grass that grows from "running" roots... so i dig and pull, and there is usually grass on each end... it's a horrible grass as it gets everywhere you don't want it.

I can not believe I got all the beds cleaned today. I think I'm just going to sprinkle some flower seeds and hope for the best. I wont be home enough this year to plant anything.

Happy Birthday BonnieB.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Even though I did not spend the day with family [other than DH] it was a good productive day.

Mary [finacee] is coming over tonight, -- we are going to go over some wedding invites and we may bake a cake for tomorrow, [that snickers Poke cake that has been bouncing around Facebook for a while now] plus she's going shopping with me tomorrow. DH and I also have that wake tomorrow.

Debbie -- love the images of your crew. that pony tail is precious.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good evening. Been watching basketball. Although we are not University of Louisville fans usually, since our University of Kentucky wasn't even good enough this year to get an invitation to the NCAA, we feel we have to support the Kentucky teams. Louisville men's team won today, and so did the women's team too, beat last years champs. So did enjoy watching that.

Terese, seems like we are in the same boat. My outside work yesterday has my aching in places that I didn't know was possible. But I have a big smile on my face as the flower beds are done and ready for some new things this year.

Melva sorry for your lost post. I looked at Phil's target. Amazes me that everything sport wise has gone high tech and little resembles what I remember.

Tammy,not only did I have an extra dessert, I have about 1/4 of the cake I brought home. I sure hope DH finishes it.

Debbie, so cute the Professor and Darla. Love his pony tail. You need to get him a pony tail holder put some pizzaz in his appearance.

Vicki sure hope that you survived work today. Was wondering, did you bite the ears off all the chocolate bunnies in the store? Will they mark the prices down now that Easter is over. Might better buy a couple to put in your emergency stash of chocolate.

Bonnie, my neighbor didn't come over, but I described the plate to her, and she said that she would look it up in one of her books. She thinks it is an anniversary piece, and if so, probably a pretty good price on it.

Well, gonna head to bed shortly. I slept well last night and hope to have a repeat of it.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

My friend sent me photos of their Easter. Her son is 2 1/2 - he is laying on the table gnawing on the ear of the chocolate bunny that is almost as tall as he is. Then she posted a picture of a chocolate bunny with his face eaten away. Creepy. I am hoping her son didn't eat all that chocolate.

My ham turned out very well. I mixed a can of pineapple - wish I had used two cans - with the packet to make the hame glaze in the bottom of the pan. Then I added the ham. I basted the ham and took some of the pineapple chunks out and put them on top of the ham. The browned pineapple is really good. The dry glaze mixture adds a sweet and spicy flavor.

I read a neat idea to cook hot dogs for a large crowd. You stand them upright in the slow cooker and cook on low for 4 hours - then hold them in the slow cooker. I would assume you use crumpled tin foil in the are that isn't filled with hot dogs. The poster said they taste like hots from a stand that cooks them on the rollers.

Lyndonville, NY

Bonnie, I have been searching for your dish.

I think you have something called Bohemian glass, Cranberry & gold turn of the century era.

Look at these two sites: Look down on the 15th or 16th row, the three plates together

Well heck, every time I look it is on a different row....but there are several similar. Similar art here

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Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Elsie, I saw that somewhere. I don't do hotdogs often, but maybe for an outdoor picnic that would be great.

Lyndonville, NY

Elsie, that sounds like a very nice day. I did see that with the hotdogs and slow cooker on a show....can't remember which.
I can see my DH doing that and covering with sauerkraut!

Quiet day here. DH worked on the bedroom all day, I cooked and cleaned all day. Some alarm went off about 4:30 because
my scalloped potatoes dripped I knew dinner was done. No one wanted to sit at the table...just too big and empty,
so we all ate in the living room on the couch watching a movies,

Carrie & Andy came for dessert about 5:30ish. We had picked up an apple pie at the bakery yesterday so had that.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Good morning everyone

Sandy and Andre

Thumbnail by wren107
Verona, ON

Morning all!

Rainy and the temp is dropping as I sit here. Supposed to be cold here today with rain/snow mix. Oh joy! One could hope the WLs are pulling an April Fool's joke with their forecast.

Back later.

somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

Loretta - the carmelized pineapple sounds delicious! And the ham too.

Debbie - funny how you adjust to the number of people at the table. When my dad left and it was 4 at the table, it seemed so sad & small. And then my sister went to Ca and it was just the three of us. Now - its just Gary & I (though we eat almost exclusively on the couch.) I bet it'll be nice ot have the house all clean today.

BonnieB - I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday & cake!

We're ready for the contractors. I vacuumed the good rug in the living room & rolled it up. DH helped me move it out of the way and then we moved the rug that was at the entrance way into the living room. Today they deconstruct the closet, bathroom & laundry room (or start this today).

Have a good day everyone!

somewhere, PA

Good Morning Sandy! Nice pic.

Dianne - Its gloomy here - foggy & drizzly but at least no snow. Sounds like a nice day to read there.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning. Bright sunshine here, with a brisk breeze blowing. Supposed to be in the 60's so sounds like a really good day to work outside. We will see. The house needs some pickup, so will probably do that first, then outside.

Thanks guys for all your birthday wishes. It was the best birthday in several years. Remember not to fall for the April fool's jokes today!

Lyndonville, NY

Love the picture Sandy!

Shannon is off to the doctors for her blood draw and Vit. B shot, then she starts back at Target late afternoon. Just 2 days this week and short
shifts of 5 hours.

I woke up and the front door was wide open. The wind is doing a number on us again. I have to go rescue the garbage cans
that are going down the road!!

somewhere, PA

Debbie - I came downstairs for a break a couple hours ago and our front door was wide open!


Verona, ON

Well I just came in from outside and the garden door to the deck was wide open. An epidemic! Here I will blame the wind. I usually lock all the doors on a windy day for that very reason.

Actually the wind is strong enough the lights are flickering so I am going to power down.

Hope to be back later if the power stays on.

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

My door has not blown open...not windy here and the temperature is in the 70's I am going outside to tend to the plants.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Rain here, rain there, but I think it is missing me. No wind

Sandy and a sleeping Andre(on my foot)

Lyndonville, NY

I had Izzys' head on my foot and it fell asleep. Dang girl was sleeping and had her new bone in her mouth, moved my foot and she growled.

Verona, ON

Very strong, howling, cold wind here all day. Diesel is wound up like a top. Stormy used to get like that when the wind was bad. It didn't help Diesel that the coyotes were in rare form several times last night - once we both bolted up in bed and sort of looked at each other like what was happening out there.

Have new Doodle Art which I am enjoying immensely. These ones are of a size I can do them almost anywhere I am sitting. I noticed they had a new issue too - Zombies. DIdn't really look at it but will go back when I order the Pirates big poster for a friend and see it. The shipping is the same whether it is 1 or 3 so perhaps will take advantage of that and order the Zombies one.

Sandy how is your knee feeling today?

Aw poor Miss Izzy she probably thought it was Huck trying to sneak in and take her new bone. Hope things go well for SHannon at work tonight. The poor kid has to be plum tired out - and you too Debbie going to all of these appointments.

Elsie, Tam - I am going to assume you both worked today. And Miss Vicki I am going to assume you finally had a day off?

Bonnie I hope you got to go to the dinner planned with your friends, or did you end up staying at ALF?

BonnieB I am so glad you had a great BD. I have never expected much in terms of celebration for mine because it is so close to Christmas - that was 1 of the reasons DH married me on my BD. He said then we had to have some sort of celebration because it was 2 occasion. Personally I think the ability to claim me as a dependent for the whole year was more of an

Need to scrounge up something to eat soon. Cereal sounds good to me tonight.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

I must say that was a great April Fools joke to open all of your doors. hehehe

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