How was your day? #381

Lyndonville, NY

And it isn't stopping Elsie, it is snowing now! Wind and snow

somewhere, PA

I spent the day with my nose in spreadsheets. My head is spinning!

We actually have construction going on here! Woo Hoo! The pantry add-on to the laundry room is now framed in.

I'm including the head-on pic from yesterday for a reminder. The new dining room will be about 13.5'x9' (was 18'x9') and we'll have a nice amount of space for pantry items. The last shot shows the new door way (framed) at the planned 90deg from original entry to laundry room.

Our door was open 'cause it doesn't always latch properly and I suspect the workers didn't latch it completely when they went outside today.

Sure hope you keep power Dianne! We're finally feeling like spring here.

Debbie - sounds like Izzy needed some time with her person.
Sandy - sounds like Andre needed some time with his person too.


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Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good evening. Spent all day being busy, with various things. Laundry, straightening the house, working in the green house, and cooking. Anyway nothing ultra productive, but busy anyway.

Debbie,sure hope Shannon isn't completely worn out when she finishes work.

Tammy, at least you have a construction start. That is always exciting.

Sandy, thanks for that beautiful picture this morning. A great way to start the day.

Elsie, did you have many April fool jokes floating around today?

Dianne, gosh guess the coyotes are mating and maybe those are squalls of delight from the females, or maybe pain? Hehe, don't have a clue about mating habits, but some of the sounds I hear sound really like screams of pain. Glad that Diesel is close by you for those nighttime serenades. Does he then want to go out and rip them apart?

It is wierd about the doors. Didn't have any problems with mine today! Maybe the ghosts are just working north of me right now.

Nursing home day tomorrow. Sure hope that the residents can lift my spirits. Sort of down, but only a temporary thing. Will be back on top in no time at all.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning, Wake up everybody, the sun is shining brightly at my house! This is nursing home day for me, so need to get started. Hope to do some outside work when I get home.

somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

BonnieB - I am delighted with the start of construction! They got here early today - I was in the shower but thankfully Gary was downstairs. There are about 6 guys here doing various stuff. Enjoy your visits! Is MrB coming along this trip?

Debbie - how did Shannon make out w/work?

I need to find a good photo to start a new thread. Give me a few moments folks...


somewhere, PA

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