CLOSED: Just wondering what kind of spider this is..

Victoria, Canada

I recently found this guy lurking near a small window in my basement. He is larger (for me anyway and about the size of a toonie) and doesn't seem to go too far away from there but he stays rather high up so it is a little difficult to get a good picture. I thought at first it was a wolf spider since I know we get a few here (BC Canada) but I didn't think that they live in webs.. but I have attached a picture. If anyone could please help me with what type this is that would be awesome thanks.

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Minot, ND

One possibility is a house spider in the genus Tegenaria, but these usually make a sheet web with a tunnel0like retreat built in -
See if you can take a clearer image...

Victoria, Canada

At the moment This is the best picture I can get. He seems to like the shadier part of the window rather than be in the light. Also is it possible that he might have taken to a previously made web? We tend to have quite a bit of spiders in our house at times so the basement has quite a few cobwebs.
I will definitely try to get a picture of him when he if in front of the window so I can be on equal level with him.

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Minot, ND

It does appear to be in the family Agelenidae, which includes the genus Tegenaria as well as grass spiders. Neither are dangerous to humans.

Victoria, Canada

Thank you. as long as it poses no threat to my family and I.. That was my main concern.

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