Sowing Argemone Polyanthemos, Sphaeralcea Ambigua


Does anyone have any tips? I scarified the Argemone seed and placed in moist stratification(paper towels) in the fridge in a plastic baggie for 5-6 days then placed them in bright light in a hot room and they did not appear to germinate. I also purchased a New Mexico wildflower mix, soaked the seed, placed in moist papertowels in baggies and they germinated in about 3 days. The packaged mix contained Argemone pleiacantha Greene and they appeared to germinate although, it is hard to identify the seedlings as alot of the seed shells detached from the live tissue. I moved the tiny seedlings from the paper towel into seed starting cells. Does anyone have any pictures of wildflower seedlings? Particularly Argemone Polyanthmos and Argemone pleiacantha Greene. This is my first time germinating wildflower seeds and I'm fasinated. I'd post pictures but I don't have a good quality camera, plus there's over a dozen of them. Also, is there a better way to germinate the Sphaeralcea? I soaked them in boiling water for 4 hours before sowing half of them in seed starting cells, and the other half in the paper towel/plastic baggie method.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3b)

Five or six days in a fridge does nothing towards stratification for species that need it. I'd recommend you follow the instructions for both genera in the Alplains catalogue:


Ok, thanks for the link. I'm going to put the Argemone back in the fridge for a few weeks just in case. I'm a little confused however that I'm finding different opinions/information about cold stratification requirements for Argemone. Alplains states their variation of Argemone(hispida) is superior to the common variation I have(polyanthemos) and it requires 6 weeks cold stratification after soaking water to germinate. The instructions that came with the seed states 4-5 days cool moist stratification, and the USDA, NRCS, plants database says no cold stratification needed. So, I'll sow an area outside after soaking the seed in water to see if it germinates by the summer here, or if it comes up next spring. Also, I'm not seeing specific outdoor temperatures needed for cold stratification. Our lows here in Lucerne Valley have been 40-46 does anyone know if this is cold enough still?

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Sphaeralcea Ambigua(orange) GERMINATED!!!! YAAYyyyyyyy!! from 3/25 in moist paper towel/ziplock. I'm sooo thrilled! 5 seeds germinated and were placed in seed starting medium, hopefully they survive. They are in soiless medium, should I put them in actual potting soil? Or will they produce thier own nurishment until the true leaves form?


Argemone Polyanthemos may have germinated in the seed starting mix Im not sure because I got them mixed up in the labeling process. I'll have to wait until the plant develops to identify it. However, the Argemone Polyanthemos seeds that I sowed outside after just placing them in the fridge 5-6 days(that was the instructions printed on the packaged from the provider) did germinate. I sort of forgot they were there and I just noticed them sprouted there the other day. They are about an inch tall and have not formed true leaves yet.

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