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Cortland, NY

DollarSeed was started in 2010 with the sole purpose of helping home gardeners save money on garden seeds. Each package of our regular seeds are just $1.00 each, and are guaranteed fresh every year. We only sell heirloom, open pollinated and organic varieties, so if you are seeking GMO seeds, you won't find them at our stores. Come check out our brand new site, and see how many seeds you can get in each package. Yup, not only do we sell them cheap, but sell plenty in each package, and that is driving our competition nuts. They would sell you the same seeds for a whole lot more, and not tell you how many you're gonna get for the price. Our brand new site is in recognition of one of our customers who commented here on Dave's Garden. He said we looked cheap, and it felt like a scam. We listened, and are paying some top notch people to make our image much more user friendly and definitely more professional. If you haven't visited us before, now is a great time to see who we are and what we do!

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