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Can someone identify this please?

Chelmsford , United Kingdom


I'm not usually one to get concerned about spiders on the most part, but today I came across some spiders that were just horrible and when I think back I get goosebumps!

Basically, I work for BT and needed to work in an underground joint. Hardly any daylight down there and who knows when the last time the lid was taken off.

As soon as I opened it I instantly saw about 10-15 spiders in the small space (I see spiders all the time down there but not these ones!). All looked the same as the one in the photograph. Biggest spiders I've seen in the UK.

Basically had a black body with black (almost skeletal/bony) legs - as though you could see their knuckles/joints, as it were? Best way I can think of describing it. I'm colourblind, but looked like they had a orange/green "butt"? Don't know the correct terminology!

I have tried Googling some pictures, and the closest I have got is a Tube-Web Spider?

So I have three questions:

1. Are they poisonous?
2. Why haven't I seen these before, considering I have worked in the underground joints countless times and never seen them before?
3. And most importantly, do they get in the house?



Thumbnail by Chrusby Thumbnail by Chrusby Thumbnail by Chrusby
Minot, ND

Probably Meta menardi - This is a very typical place to find them -
Like most spiders, they have venom glands, but they are harmless to humans.

Chelmsford , United Kingdom

That looks like the one, they looked absolutely terrible! Still gives me goosebumps - ha ha!

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