SOLVED: identify this tree pls

Boynton Beach, FL

central florida. thx for any info

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Groveland, FL


Boynton Beach, FL

it is definitely carrotwood, but i wonder why these seeds/fruits are green, and why every picture i see online they are orange?

this one stays green and they drop to the ground. every picture i see online they are orange and they end up splitting open while still on the tree?

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Melfa, VA(Zone 8a)

maybe they have an insect larva in them and it is causing them to die and fall before they mature? What do they look like inside after they have fallen?

Boynton Beach, FL

hi again. i ended up seeing other carrotwood trees in the county and they in fact had the seeds ripened orange. and now this tree in the corner lot the seeds are ripening to orange.

so this is solved. just seemed strange i have a hard time finding anything online saying that they start out green then ripen to orange and could never really find a good pix of the tree when they are green.

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