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Found in bathroom, clearish white-ish bug

Deer Park, TX

Today I found 2 of these in my bathroom. One was on the counter and the other was in a sink. I got a better look at the one on the counter. It almost looked like a tiny snail. I put a clear lid over it, but didn't get a picture as my cat knocked it on the floor. Inside the lid, it kind of looked like a slimy, ameba type thing. Something was in the middle, but my magnifying glass wasn't strong enough to see details.

I took pictures of the one in the sink, but they're not very clear. My camera needs a battery, so I took pictures with my phone. If you have any idea of what these are, please let me know. I had seen some a few months ago, but didn't think about asking.

If I see another one before I get a battery, I'll try to borrow a camera to take better pictures. Thanks for any help you give.

Thumbnail by yellow2mato Thumbnail by yellow2mato Thumbnail by yellow2mato
Minot, ND

Can't see any detail that would enable an i.d. - definitely need a clearer image.

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