Some kind of wild lettuce (lactuca)

Rijeka, Croatia

Hello all! First message here!

And I need identification!

This looks like some form of wild lettuce, but I belive it is not, due to "hairy" flower base... it started growing on itself on my window in a jar, it is now 30-40 cm high, has two yellow flowers, but I belive it will have more, if you can help me, I'd be thankful!!!

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Seattle, WA

Sonchus oleraceus?

Rijeka, Croatia

on wikipedia's picture, it looks like that, but the leaf isn't really like on wiki picture... but you're probably right......?

Seattle, WA

I think there is a variation on the leaf shape and I am usually wrong.

Rijeka, Croatia

Too bad it will rain few more days so the flower won't open fully, I'd like to take a pic then to be sure. I can eat a leaf though, but I'm afraid :)

Seattle, WA

The flowers are insignificant for the purpose of id because it looks like dandelion type of flowers-hypochaeris or taraxacum. You should google images search to see a better fit.

I think it is highly probable that it is indeed a Sonchus oleraceus and if so, it is edible.

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